South Africa: Orania Schools Bursting at the Seams

The Afrikaner settlement of Orania in South Africa—a project which has mapped out a survival strategy for Europeans in regions overrun by the Third World—is going from strength to strength and this year has seen its school population rise to unprecedented numbers.

A Facebook post made by the Oraniabeweging (Orania Movement) proudly boasts of the record enrolment at the beginning of the 2018 school year, with one of the town’s two schools having to hurriedly build extra classrooms to accommodate the new pupils.

According to the Facebook post, the Orania Christelik Volkseie Onderwys (Christian Own People Education, CVO) opened “with the largest number of pupils in its history” this year.

“For the first time, the school has more than 240 pupils. The school now employs more than 30 people, and four new staff members have had to be employed.”

The school has, the report continued, experienced strong growth particularly in the junior primary phase—the youngest pupils—and many of the classes have for the first time reached such numbers that they have had be to divided into two.

During December 2017 and in the first two weeks of January 2018, the school has had to build a number of new classrooms on the school grounds, while the junior primary part of the school has had to be upgraded at a cost of more than R500,000.

Click on the images below for a gallery of the CVO School Orania’s opening day.

Another post by the Orania Movement announced that the second school in to the town, the Volkskool Orania (People’s School Orania), the oldest educational institution in the settlement, and which specializes in computer-based educational methods, also opened with record attendance.

The over 120 Volkskool Orania pupils based in Orania are joined by hundreds more around South Africa taking advantage of the long-distance online educational program offered by the school.

Pupils at the Volkskool Orania at that institution’s 2018 opening ceremony. They are separate from CVO Orania, using a computer based learning program, as opposed to the CVO school which uses traditional learning methodologies.

Parents of pupils at the Volkskool Orania receive a briefing from staff.

Volkskool Orania staff at a planning meeting for the 2018 academic year. From that organization’s Facebook page. 

Above: An Orania shopping center in the town.

The success of Orania carries many lessons for pro-European activists around the globe who seek the preservation and survival of their people. The most important of all these lessons are twofold:

– firstly, the rejection of all crude hateful speech, ideologies, and symbolism, and

– secondly, an understanding that only through the promotion of practical, hard work, and the launching of a genuine physical project—and not endless theoretical pontification—can any alternative actually be built.

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  1. Good for them. Seeing this makes me happy for them and sad for the rest of us. The last statement in this article is absolutely correct: we have to stop talking about our problems and start doing something about them in the real world—have a REAL plan. I’ve said the same thing for years and recently got a very snide reply to a comment I left on the National Observer by the site’s editor, no less. The site is very scholarly in its presentation of the demographic problems we face, but it’s still pontificating and suggesting nothing. Even academic hand-wringing is still powerlessness at the end of the day. The editor responded in a snarky way something like, “Well, if you have such a great plan, why don’t you share it with us? If not, you don’t have to come to this site.” My point was that the only way to develop a “great plan” is to start throwing ideas out there that bring people together in the real world, not the virtual one. I was tired of seeing the same type of article over and over again. Needless to day, I didn’t go back after that.

    Our answer might be pooling our finances and purchasing property where we can build a similar community in a rural part of the U.S. or out west. The community would be located on private property in the name of a Trust. As private property, we would have much more flexibility as to who participates in the project. We’d have to discuss other details, as the overarching government structure in SA is different than the U.S., and to remain within the law, our execution would look somewhat different.

  2. Thank you for posting this really encouraging article about the Orania Movement. I just looked up more information about it, and it really does seem to provide us in the West with a Survival Plan. Just as the Native Americans survived thanks to the vast land areas they were given by the European settlers, the European “white” minority worldwide needs to be given, or claim, their own “safe havens”, where they can raise their children in peace. Perhaps this is the way forward, by buying up adjoining land and farms in our own western nations to start new small towns.

    1. The anti-White government and brown majority will give us nothing. We will not be treated with same generosity with which we provided them and instead, will be turned on in an even more direct and possibly violent way, as in South Africa. The only land and infrastructure we will have is what we can pull together ourselves and pay for by ourselves. These things take decades to plan, which is why we need to come together now, and I’m not even sure we have that long anyway.

  3. Wow. I am really pleased to see all those beautiful white children in africa. Still the
    numbers should be much larger. No sh*thole
    in those photos. Trump would be happy also.

  4. This gives me hope, too. I hope the whites in this town are armed, even the teachers. If a white minority can hold out a town in a huge continent like Africa, what excuse do we have in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc?

  5. Ron why are you worried about a Population, worldwide , of 15 million well educated people who only want a their own country in which to live in peace.
    There are 1.5 billion Muslims breathing down our necks, probably around 900,000,00 Africans wanting to steal anything that’s not bolted down or too technical.
    You’re probably not too strong on numbers but please try!

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