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SA President: “Black Unity” against Whites

South African president Jacob Zuma has called for “black unity” against whites in order to force whites off land in that country during 2017.

Making the call—to loud applause—during a speech last Friday in the parliament building in Cape Town (a physical building built during the era of white rule), Zuma called for support of a constitutional amendment to allow land expropriation without compensation.

A constitutional amendment of that extent would require a two-thirds majority in the parliament, something that would only be achievable by an alliance between the ANC and the viciously anti-white “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF) party, led by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema.

“We need to accept the reality that those who are in Parliament, where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the Constitution,” said Zuma.

Zuma made the call to “black unity” during the annual address to the “National House of Traditional Leaders”—a collection of tribal chiefs and “traditional” local leaders.

It is not the first time that Zuma has made this call. In 2014 and 2016 he announced changes to the land restitution system which re-opened the process (which originally had an expiration date by when claims had to be submitted), and called on the “traditional leaders” to make claims “on behalf of their communities.”

The latest call is Zuma’s most radical yet, and echoes an identical call made just three days earlier by EFF leader Malema.

“This is a motion that seeks to unite black people in South Africa and ordinarily—if leadership was provided—we shouldn’t be having this debate because the land should have been returned into the hands of the rightful owners,” said Malema in opening that debate.

“This is a matter that can unite black people. This is a matter that all of us should stand together and isolate white monopoly capital,” Malema said later.

“We have made it available to the ANC to implement exactly what the president said he wants to do and the ANC rejected it.”

The EFF has enough representation in parliament to allow the ANC to amend Section 25 of the Constitution—the property clause dealing with “land restitution and redistribution.”

In the earlier debate, Malema said, “We all know that the Dutch gangsters arrived here and took our land by force. The struggle has since been about the return of the land into the hands of rightful owners.”

Of course, the whole concept of “land restitution” in South Africa is nonsense on a number of levels.

Firstly, large parts of what is now South Africa were empty at the time of the European colonization of the interior—particularly in what became the Orange Free State and the Transvaal.

Secondly, those areas which were first occupied by blacks at the time of the initial European settlement of South Africa were never seized, and in fact were guaranteed for black possession and ownership in terms of the 1913 Land Act.

Nowadays, however, black supremacists and their apologists claim that all the rest of the country was “taken from blacks” even though the historical record is very clear that this never happened.

What did however happen was that the white settlers all started using nonwhite labor, and thereby artificially boosted the black population until the point was reached where the blacks soon outnumbered whites on the land and the cities.

This use of black labor—and its artificially induced black population growth—is the primary cause of the overrunning and destruction of white South Africa—and also the high murder rate among white farmers, who  continue to use nonwhite labor to this very day.


  1. MR President if it was not for the whites you took over a country with no infra structure.You were the leader who learned your young peoples and children to throw stones and burned down schools and kept children out of schools.
    You took over a well organised country with everything more and less in place
    but in the 20 years you and comrades broke down every department of the state.You as the leader show the example for your co leaders about corruption and misuse of state funds.
    If it isnot for the whites and white owned companies who pay taxes this land was bankrupt years ago.Whites is good to pay taxes help your people where floods or burning shacks occured withfood clothing and blankets eg.
    What did you and your colleques done nothing.You cannot complain of damages to univarsities or state school and buildings by burning it down and damage vehiclesbecause you learned them that and never rectify your peoples attitude towards respect for any body els if his black,white,pink,indian,immegrant or from which part of the population.
    You and the ANC took over agood state with more and less everything in order but you handled it like a vehicle just put petrol in but fogetting about repars and services and when it break down you just leave it there and buy a new one.That happened to mpst of the farms you gave to your people to farm on without knowledge.
    You cannot run a country with people who do not have the knowledge to do the right thing on the right time.You wait till the ship is half under water then you wake up to rescue it.
    Sorry I believe there is better people in our country to a super and secure country without corruption,murders,and crime,,it don’t matter what political party runs the show but how capable the leaders are.
    All members of parlement over 65 yrs must go on pension and give the young people with knowledge and respect for each other chance to lead the country.
    Your pensioners then can go back and sit on the terrace at home thst the woman work in the lands as the culture was before.
    Thank you

  2. Malema and Zuma, what are the grounds on which you base your claims to have ‘owned’ South Africa before the Dutch arrived in 1652? In that case then give the land to the rightful owners or first occupants, the Koi San and Koi Koi who were the first people to roam Southern Africa. Be careful, you are not dealing with a troop of monkeys, there are many South Africans, Black and White, who love the Status Quo where farmers (whom you target with your brutal violence) provide enough food for all to eat and fatten up. Your calls for ‘White Eradication’ will not be taken lightly by a group of proud and resilient Human Beings who have conquered many obstacles to the path of establishing a Great South Africa, the country which you were entrusted with in 1994. Do not ever under-estimate the people you want to wipe off this Continent. We will take on your strongest and not the young and old and weak like a bunch of cowardly dogs and as propagated by your cronies. We want a fair dispensation and outcome to your un-grounded claims of South African soil, so start talking to us rather than continuing on your destructive course. Just my humble (white) opinion…


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