South Africa: Seizure of White Property to Get Official Go-Ahead

The South African Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee this week voted to proceed with a change to that country’s constitution which will remove all potential legal obstacles to the seizure of white property—on the basis that whites “stole” the land—even though well over 80 percent of the disputed land was unoccupied by blacks at the time of white colonization.

The final report of the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) report on the review of Section 25 of the Constitution was adopted by an absolute majority on Thursday.

The CRC was mandated by Parliament in March this year to establish if there was a need to amend the Constitution in order to empower the State to expropriate land without compensation.

The CRC’s conclusion, as contained in its report, was that the constitution did need to be amended to allow the white property to be sized without a legal challenge.

To date, those white-owned properties which have been seized, have been done so in order to force constitutional court actions to rule on the legal finalities of Section 25 of the constitution.

The new amendment, when it is passed by the parliament, will do away with the need to even question the legality of the seizures.

The report said that Section 25 of the Constitution must be amended to “make explicit that which is implicit in the Constitution” with regards to Expropriation of Land without Compensation “to address the historic wrongs caused by the arbitrary disposition of land.”

This final report will be tabled in parliament before the end of this year, and the amendment will follow in due course.

In reality, the vast majority of the land under dispute was uninhabited by blacks during the colonial period, as the historical record clearly shows.

The demand to seize white property is merely a symptom of the anti-white hatred which is fast becoming endemic in all Third World populations, who have been incited into believing that their inability to create any wealth—and white ability to create progress, wealth, and civilization—has only been possible due to “exploiting” nonwhites.

The true reason for economic, social, and economic disparities between races are twofold:

firstly, the inherent and unchangeable differences in IQ, which limit the ability to achieve and maintain standards; and

secondly, psychological racial differences which most obviously exhibit themselves in what is known as “social responsibility,” or the ability to display empathy and social cohesion.

These two factors together are the primary cause of high nonwhite crime rates, social delinquency, academic failure, higher imprisonment rates, and overall lower standards of civilizational development (as reflected in the fact that Second and Third World states are almost all disaster zones).

Rather than realistically looking for solutions to these problems (such as physical racial geographic separation and eugenics to help the Third World achieve its fullest potential), the anti-white haters would rather prefer to “blame” white people for all nonwhite ills.

Thus the demand in South Africa to seize white-owned property—because they truly believe that the black failure to create productive farms and First World infrastructure is because of “white racism.”

What is happening in South Africa serves as an instructive lesson for whites in America and Europe: this anti-white hatred and subjugation is the future which awaits them if the mass Third World invasion of those regions is not halted and reversed.

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  1. Negroes in the UK and elsewhere in the West also feel increasingly empowered and entitled to take (and undoubtedly destroy) everything civilized white man has ever created. They are getting more aggressive by the day. Will it take a civil war in Europe or the US before our people will come the aid of our kin in South Africa? It could have been paradise, but they should never have allowed negroes to live in South Africa. That’s what Swaziland was for.

    1. The sad fact is that most of the white population of western nations will ally themselves with the blacks and browns against white nationalists.

  2. How long before South Africa is a complete economic basket case because of this and how long before the West has to plough more money into the country and take in refugees from South Africa to accompany the millions already here tearing down Western society. Wherever you go in Europe now whether it is London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Vienna or Amsterdam you will find little remaining of the original people and third world immigrants everywhere. The only reminder in a lot of Western Europe’s big cities of the Europeans is the architecture.

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