South Africa: White Genocide Continues with 15 Murders this Month

There have been at least 15 farm murders in South Africa since February 1, 2017, the minority civil rights group AfriForum has announced as it held a wreath-laying ceremony in the town of Middelburg where British national Sue Howarth was tortured to death in the latest such attack by blacks on whites in that country.

Sue Howarh in hospital before the life-support machines were turned off.

AfriForum personnel, members of the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa (TAU SA), and many community members attended the wreath-laying ceremony, an AfriForum press statement said.

“People are being tortured and murdered and we want to know when Government will start prioritizing these violent crimes,” said Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at AfriForum.

According to Hillel Coetzer, AfriForum’s spokesperson, the wreath-laying ceremony also serves as commemoration for those people who were victims of farm murders over the past two months. It also places the spotlight on Government’s failure to actively intercede.

AfriForum personnel,TLU-SA, and members of the white community of Middelburg during the wreath laying ceremony.

Howarth died in the hospital after a black gang burned her with a blowtorch before shooting her and stuffing a plastic bag down her throat in the Mpumalanga Province in what used to be the eastern Transvaal.

According to a report in the South African News24 news service, Howarth, 64, and her husband Robert Lynn, 66, were asleep in their farmhouse near the trout fishing village of Dullstroom around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning when the blacks attacked.

Johan Pieterse, the manager of the security company that found the couple, said that the “attackers broke into the house through a window and demanded cash. There was no money in the house so they used a blowtorch on them. Mr. Lynn was stabbed in his stomach, hands, and neck. Mrs. Howarth was burned on her face.”

The black gang forced the couple into their pickup truck before driving them away from the farm toward the neighboring town, where Lynn was shot in the neck and dumped in the bush with a black plastic bag tied over his head.

When the attackers drove off, Lynn stumbled toward the road between the small towns of Belfast and Stoffberg, where he found Howarth, unconscious with a bag shoved down her throat.

A passerby found the couple and stopped to help. A security officer arrived soon after and cut the bag off Howarth’s head. “Our officer called an ambulance and the police,” Pieterse said.

The couple were taken to a hospital in the town of Middelburg, where Howarth was treated for multiple skull fractures. Both victims had burn wounds.

Howarth, who was known as “The English Girl” by her friends in Dullstroom, never regained consciousness. Her life support was switched off on Tuesday. Lynn was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

Police found the couple’s pickup truck abandoned in Middelburg on Tuesday morning, and have announced that they are looking for three black males.

The attack comes a week after British grandparents Roger and Christine Solik—who moved from Wales to South Africa in 1981—were killed in a robbery by another black gang at their countryside estate in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

Chrisine and Roger Solik.

Police are still hunting for the killers who broke into the couple’s house before tying them up and dumping them in a river. Christine, 57, was found dead in a river 45 miles from her home, and the body of Parkinson’s sufferer, Roger, 66, was discovered the next day.

Last week Monday, a family of four was shot and killed on their farm in the town of Balfour, about two hours’ drive south of where Howarth was attacked. Gert Smuts, 78, his wife Paulina Smuts, 70, their son, and daughter-in-law, were killed in their home.

The ongoing slaughter of white people in South Africa passes unremarked upon by the establishment politicians in the West and the controlled mass media.

If, however, gangs of whites in South Africa were randomly attacking, torturing, and murdering blacks, there can be no doubt that these same politicians and controlled media would be up in arms over “white racism.”

But because the victims are white and the perpetrators are nonwhite, there is only a deafening silence—driven by the institutionalized anti-white racism inherent in the current establishment.

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  1. Sickening.

    Sickening in the pain suffered by those innocent whites tortured and killed; sickening is the legacy of pain left to their relatives; sickening that the SA government doesn’t seem to care about white deaths; and most sickening of all is the total news blackout of these racist crimes by the MSM in the West.

  2. They will not be happy until every last one of us is dead. Where are all the libtards in the West speaking out against these atrocities against us like they did against Apartheid??? Apartheid was not wrong. It was the only workable solution to live side-by-side with them. And you should see how they treat poor animals. It’s so bad. God help us.

      1. South Africans will not forget their God! It is easy to shout take up arms when you don’t know the situation. Some tried and are now rotting in jail. Certainly the time will come when there will be no more choices. It seems to me the white race faces world wide this choice to help himself. Who is going to do it first I am quite confident about it, but let us rather be more supportive to each other’s cause for survival.

  3. The whites should be given refugee status
    to all the white nations. Get them out of
    that hell hole. Why is this not given more

  4. Thank you once again, New Observer, for providing almost the only reports of the terrible suffering of Europeans in South Africa, ignored by the Globalist media. Without your vital links to the western world, their plight would remain unknown.

  5. Over and over I see these stories. It’s time for the whites to leave this hellhole. If they don’t they will just be sad statistics. I hope jimmy carter rots in Hell for destroying South Africa!

  6. The murder rate for February is already double the figure in the article. At present it is 30 “farm” murders for February. The MSM keep on speaking of “farm” murders but how do you kill a farm? In fact it is Boer or white murders, but that will underline the genocide so the deniers of reality refer to it as “farm” murders!

  7. Europe and England your turn is coming, help yourself and enjoy it. The world is governed by the so-called chosen people using their puppets in the various governments….

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