South African Farmer Killed, Wife Raped for Cellphones

Another white South African farmer has been killed and his wife raped in the northwestern part of the country, police have announced.

The murder, which took place on Sunday morning outside the town of Ventersdorp, saw two black intruders confront the 67-year-old farmer outside his house on the farm Sterkstroom.


They hit him over the head and dragged him into the house. There they raped and assaulted his 64-year-old wife. The black intruders took two cellphones and left the scene after tying her up.

The woman freed herself and escaped to summon help from a neighboring farm. By the time help arrived, her husband had died from his wounds. She is now recovering in hospital in Klerksdorp.

It is estimated that over three thousand white farmers have been murdered in an ongoing wave of violence directed at rural Afrikaner communities in South Africa since 1994. Many farmer organizations have claimed that political statements by some of the attackers indicate an intentional campaign to drive whites out of the country.

The black government has dismissed these claims, saying that the wave of murders is part of a larger crime problem within South Africa which experiences more than fifty murders every day.

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