South African Farmers Need to Adopt “Bywoner” Policies for Security

South African famers need to adopt the old “bywoner” policy of offering accommodation to needy Afrikaner families to assist them and also to boost farm security, the president of the International Afrikaner Society (IAS), TJ Ferreira, has said.


Mr Ferreira, a former mayor of Boksburg, the third largest city in South Africa, pointed out on his organization’s website that South African farmers are regularly assaulted, dehumanized and subjected to extreme forms of torture regularly by white-hating black criminals.

“Almost nothing is done to protect them, or change this state of affairs,” he said.

“This leaves them at the point where they need to take care of themselves—an impossible task as a single family.

“I wish to call on our farmers, to have a look at the past, the days of the “bywoner”, the days when farmers would allow other white families to live in a second dwelling on their farms,” Mr Ferreira said, referring to the time in the early twentieth century, when many Afrikaners, impoverished by the tribulations of the Second Anglo-Boer War and post-war anti-Afrikaner discrimination, were given refuge on agricultural holdings by fellow Afrikaners.

“We have thousands of poor whites living in hazardous conditions in squatter camps. Most of them will give anything for a place where they could live a normal life,” Mr Ferreira continued.

“Farmers need to give something in order to gain something—in this case their security and safety.

“Farmers must do what their forefathers did—invite some of those dispossessed families to join them on the farms.

“There, they can set up decent housing, and maybe even cut out an acre or two where they can do a little farming on their own,” he said.

“In return, this will go a long way to assisting the host farmer to creating a safer environment for himself. Numbers create safety, and with more bodies moving around on your homestead—people you know—the less the chance of surprise attacks and ambushes.

“In this way, farmers can help fellow Afrikaners and themselves at the same time. Ask yourself this: How many more farmers have to die before we wake up and protect ourselves?”

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  1. This is a very good and practical idea. The “adopted” tenant can also till some soil to grow produce and feed his family. Living away from squalor is an added bonus.

  2. Lankal terug hierdie voorstel gemaak, met plakkers in Brakpan gepraat en hulle voel ook dit sal n groot verskil in hulle lewens maak om iewers op n plaas vir boere te werk. Dit was al 5 jaar gelede. Dikwels daarna dit ook genoem , maar niks het tot nou toe ontwikkel nie. Hoe gouer hoe beter.

  3. Ek het twee families op my grond en kan nie meer saamstem met die sentiment van Mnr. Fereira nie. Dis tyd dat ons nasie na onsself begin omsien. Die stadsjapies besef nie die gevaar waarin ons onself bevind nie want hulle leef agter vals sekuriteit en hoe mure.

  4. My brother in law was a “bywoner” on a farm quite recently where he assisted the farmer and to had to take charge of a lot of responsibilities even assist him at the Bothaville Oesfees without any finiancial help from the farmer and unfortunatly got ill and was evicted by that very same farmer and died as poor man in the Tshepong Hospital in Klerksdorp, I guess it might work for some farmers but not for all of them.

  5. We did exactly that which you are now promoting and we just made our own lives hell, Those seemingly poor white people “who would give anything to live under better circumstances” took advantage of our kind heartedness. When they have settled in, they started with weekly lists of groceries meat and fresh veggies–things we could not afford even for ourselves. Furniture which we lent them was sold for liquor money. They came into our house–we had no privacy anymore, and we had a hard time getting rid or them. We would rather stay alone and be more alert, but once bitten twice shy.

    1. No one said you must be stupid Piet.
      You will have to be careful who you pick and get your agreements and understanding in Perfect order.

  6. Amen as christians when all else fails we must stand and defend even at our own front door. When we have begged , prayed, reasoned, voted, played politics, called for police and help then we must unite and defend with all common sense we can muster. We did it before and we will do it again should the need arise. South african Farmers, Boers and Afrikaners are in my heart and prayers daily without fail.

  7. This may work with close friends or family, maybe. But it sounds a bit like Lords and Peasants type of arrangement. Perhaps this type of mentality comes from living in a country with an African majority. You know….plenty of “boys” to do the hard or nasty work for a little bread. Ideally, all Whites should get out of Africa. But then again a person will do almost anything for a little safety and food. You can’t knock someone for trying to survive.

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