South African Leftists Abandon Farm

The two South African leftists who opened their farm to hundreds of Central African invaders who had fled “xenophobic violence” in that country, have now completely abandoned their farm after an Indian-origin High Court judge refused to rule in their favor.

Andrew and Rae Wartnaby had offered the Africans shelter on their farm in July 2015, but, as reported earlier, their guests then just seized the land and refused to move.

After suffering violent threats from the “refugees,” the Wartnaby couple moved off the farm while they tried to resort to legal means to evict the Africans.

South African leftist Andrew Wartnaby explains to media in 2015 why he had let the Africans stay on his farm.

Now, however, Wartnaby said this week that he had completely abandoned his farm after his application to evict the 31 “refugees” was adjourned indefinitely by Judge Kate Pillay in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

“I regret having extended a humanly hand to help these people, not knowing that was endangering the lives of my family.

“These people, despite having been offered a place to stay while they were supposed to be sorting out their refugee status, have caused only drama on my farm,” Wartnaby said.

In July last year, Wartnaby took in about 140 blacks from central Africa on his 20-hectare farm. At the time, the “refugees” had been arrested for refusing to leave another state-run refugee camp to which they had fled after local Africans had attacked them in an outbreak of violence against “foreign” blacks.

Wartnaby had said he had offered to accommodate the refugees so they could be reunited with their children, until they could get back on their feet. However, a group of the refugees had turned against the farmer.

“No one seems to sympathize with us. All I did was out of the goodness of my heart, with my wife supporting me,” Wartnaby said.

Sheena Jonker, head mediator of Access to Justice, a not-for-profit organization which had been providing the refugees with legal and other support, said an agreement had been reached with most of the group but a few had “irrationally believed” they should be resettled in a third country.

As reported in the News24 news outlet, Wartnaby said he and his family are now living in fear for their lives due to threats made by the refugees still remaining on the farm who during violent protest action had prevented the family from leaving the property.

Wartnaby said he and his family—his wife Rae and eight children (including his biological and adopted children)—managed to “sneak” off the farm after the situation became “volatile” on April 14 and 15 last year when police had to be called in.

They escaped to a location which he refused to disclose as their lives were in danger, he said.

Wartnaby said since attempts to mediate the situation had failed, he was forced to approach the high court for help. “Currently the situation on the farm is not conducive to enable me to enjoy the fruits of my farm or provide for my family,” said Wartnaby.

Wartnaby said he and his family continued to be threatened and he was scared that the refugees would burn his farm and kill him and his family. Their actions constitute a serious threat to his constitutional rights to ownership of property and were unlawful, he said.

He submitted that it was likely that the illegal occupiers would invade his house. “They have become extremely violent and the police even had a tough time controlling their anger,” he said.

Judge Pillay gave no reason for her refusal to make a decision on the application, and Wartnaby has now been left high and dry because of his altruism.

In many ways, the Wartnaby experience expresses in microcosm white liberal attitudes and their inevitable consequences when dealing with illegal nonwhite invaders.

It also demonstrates once again that the current “refugee” invasion of Europe can only end in violence: either when Europeans force them to leave, or when the settled invaders turn on the liberals who have let them in.

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  1. Don't believe a word of your plausible story. They are South Africans & do understand the Blackman and what makes him tick.

    I'd bet my last dollar that the reason for his actions were based on expecting his "kind" actions to strike a cord of gratitude which would save him from future aggression.

    The blackman interprets kindness as a weakness and will drive him to take more by any means available.

  2. In a way I feel sorry for the guy and in particular for his family. What a high price they`re paying for their misplaced sympathy – or rather stupidity. The poor devils have certainly learnt their lesson the hard way but at least their own actions won`t affect anyone else. But let`s not mock and scoff at Wartnaby …… we`ll soon be reaping our own coming Karma all across Europe.
    The difference between Wartnaby`s actions and those of Merkel and her ilk is not just the sheer scale of the problem after inviting alien cultures (and religion) to suck us dry but that millions of us will be affected forever.
    What I find totally unconscionable and repellant is that in an odd way we`re being forced to accept the undemocratic decision of an unaccountable elite who rightly relied on us all to be so conditioned by now that we`d remain supine and just accept it. At least the Wartnaby family decided as a whole to invite the strangers whereas we were never consulted despite the fact that this draconian imposition will irrevocably and dramatically change Europe and its citizens over future generations to come. Karma indeed .

  3. Notice that it was a "Brahmin" Indian Invader judge, elitist member of the most racist caste system in the world, who made this totally corrupt, immoral, racist decision.

    Africans would do well to follow the splendid example of President Jomo Kenyatta, "Father of the Kenyan Nation", who famously said, "There are too many ticks on the lion's belly", just before kicking all the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis & other Indian Subcontinentals out of Kenya, because they were using bribery & nepotism to seize control of Kenya's government, administration, finances, legal and educational systems, trampling the Indigenous Africans underfoot.

    Tanzania & Uganda followed suit and kicked them all out, but instead of returning to build their own ancestral homelands of India into a great nation, they swarmed like locusts to Britain and did the exact same thing here, welcomed by the Marxist Traitors infiltrating our government.

  4. Bruce – Unfortunately as harsh as it comes across you are right. Amazingly just like in Germany and Sweden etc we still have complete idiots that just don't get it. And in fact if you try to coax them into questioning their actions they will attack you quite viciously whilst simultaneously meekly and voluntarily submitting to the machete wielding savages that wish to exterminate their families. No pity just more chlorine in the gene pool please.

  5. Poke Mon correct and it is really not as if all the evidence was not readily at hand to see exactly what the outcome would be. Unfortunately as the saying in Afrikaans goes "Daar is nie pille vir stupid nie" (There are no pills for stupidity) so there is no medicine for morons.

  6. Indeed Brent, It must be the inherent altruism combined with a relentless cultivation of a certain type of guilt from cradle to grave that has entrenched this phenomenon into white culture. Nowhere else on earth and in no other demographic do you see this lemming like race to self genocide. It is obvious that its no accident that every institution of learning has instead first and foremost become an institute of exclusively far left indoctrination. Then we need to look at the organisations that dictate policy and the individuals who hold influence there and make policy again no diversity (note the real meaning of the word) just wall-to-wall leftists supported by the various hyper influential leftist organisations CFR ADL RIFIA. Then the race to appoint ultra-leftists into top law and policy making positions and you really have to question the mental health of those whites who are not connected but run with it without a second glance.

  7. Ja Andrew, you voted in the '92 referendum, didn't you? You voted for this, and I'm sure you encouraged your daughters to take black boyfriends as well. Poor soul. You knew what you were doing, you knew what was coming. Now you complain because what? Because you're getting exactly what was predicted? Would be nice if you went and taught Europe a little about the dangers of 'migrants welcome'…

  8. Do not laugh at the Wartnaby family ; but realize what happened there is NOW happening in Europe.

    Still laughing because 'the big bad wolf' is not yet at your door ? Give it a few years.
    My home city streets, are no longer home for me, they become dirtier by the passing day.

  9. Well, the good news is, non-whites will " eliminate " those liberals, leftists, … The brain dead crowd, another words, for us. And, in effect " clean up " the white race.
    So, that's a plus …

  10. The problem Rer, is the lesson isn`t being learnt fast enough by whites in large enough numbers.. The sheer stupidity of white liberal numpties even when reality is staring them in the face is totally baffling.

  11. Good! Stupid white people in South Africa that still don't get the situation they're in shouldn't be pitied. Unbelievable they would even do something this stupid.

  12. Stupid leftist everywhere, it is the same in Germany. There are no refugees, there are only invaders. Sooner or later we will have a civil war in Germany. The whites will not start it but we will certainly end it. All those stupid, humanitarian leftists will have to come to terms with their stupidity and gain some survival instinct or they are going to die.

  13. So true.
    Africa is the eugenicists playground.
    And some still believe the propagandised thought that voting will somehow make this all magically disappear.

  14. What a fool,could it be that he shares the same genetic code as angela merkel?…or does she serve a different master?.Any way this dickhead deserves to be replaced along with his wife,goodluck to the kids not their fault there mum and dad are dickheads…..terry

  15. """"I regret having extended a humanly hand to help these people, not knowing that was endangering the lives of my family.""""

    Someone needs to help this guy get his head out of his arse. I'm wondering if his children represent the rainbow multi- kult family of his , hers and the multitude of adopted black chirrens.
    If so , may he keep spreading tolerance, and diversity, just watch out for that wielding machete. .lol

  16. I simply cannot stop laughing. The lefties actually make wonderful comedians. Don't you just love their stupidity?

  17. This situation is so frustrating. The traits inherent in whites seem to make them particularly susceptible to a pathological altruism given the right mix of distortions to their sense of reality by what I have come to see as the most crafty and evil (((group))) the world has ever known. Those of us who are awakened and struggle each day to drag other whites kicking and screaming to accept actual reality grow frustrated at each turn. At which point do you just leave those behind who (metaphorically speaking) insist on allowing zombies into their home with their own children believing they can be cured if only the proper environment can be crafted for them? We do what we do purely out of love for our own people, but at times it is difficult not to abandon all hope and leave them to burn in the coming fire. It is hard not to hate this part of us that is capable of selling our children's future for a fucking feeling of moral superiority, however nonsensical our perceptions of reality. What more can we do? If our people don't even want to live, how can we ever hope to save them? Truly frustrating.

  18. The point here is that the legal system (as with all white countries) is corrupt. Until (if ever) that changes, it is a mistake to behave in any altruistic manner. It's a lesson being learnt by whites all round the world.

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