South African Leftists Driven off Farm by “Refugees”

Two South African white liberals who opened their farm to hundreds of Central African invaders who had fled “xenophobic violence” in that country, have had to flee in fear for their lives after their adopted “refugees” took over their farm and physically drove them off.


According to a report in local media News24, the two leftists, Andrew and Rae Wartnaby, have been threatened with murder by the same people they had set out to help.

The drama began in July 2015 when the Wartnabys “opened their 20-hectare farm to 143 foreign nationals, including children,” who were displaced during “xenophobic attacks” by South African blacks upon other black illegal immigrants from central Africa.

South Africa—which still is living on the declining remnants of the white-created infrastructure and economy—is an attractive option for central Africans, as it is far more advanced than their own self-created hellholes. Hundreds of thousands have poured across the borders, and local blacks have been incited against them, under the impression that they are going to compete for the rapidly declining number of “jobs” which the white population can provide.


According to an article in News24 at the time, the Wartnabys said they were “heartbroken” when they heard that the local municipality was closing the single remaining “refugee” camp in the area.

“The couple’s hearts sank further when they heard that foreigners had been arrested and separated from their children on Friday after illegally occupying the camp,” the original News24 article continued.

After persuading the authorities not to prosecute the arrested blacks, the two leftists decided they had enough space on their farm to house the central Africans, mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

“We just have a heart for children,” Rae Wartnaby said. “I wanted to go to Durban and help, but God said to me that I should not get involved now. He said we must wait and he would need us in the end.”

The central Africans were given housing, food and clothing by the Wartnabys, helped by the “Gift of the Givers, the South African Council of Churches, Islamic Relief and various churches.”

The Wartnabys were widely praised in the South African media and described as “good Samaritans” and “angels” who were examples of how “tolerance” and “understanding” could work.

Now, five months later, the Wartnabys have had to flee their own farm. The ungrateful Africans have utterly destroyed the property and have also accused the Wartnabys of “not helping them to be relocated back home or to another country,”—in other words, not giving them enough money, passports, or the ability to go back home, as if this were their responsibility in the first place.

The Africans attacked their home in the early hours of the morning last week, and threated to kill Andrew. He told News24 that they had cut and broken down the fence around the house, and then, “in the early hours of the morning, at around 2 a.m., they came smashing on my windows and doors and saying that they will kill me because I work for the government and I am not helping them.”

He said that as he looked through a window, he saw the tent at the group’s camp engulfed in flames. “I immediately asked if everyone is okay but they kept shouting that tonight was my night and they will kill me. I haven’t slept since then.

“When we took everyone in, we said we would try and help, which we have. But they feel like it has been too long and we let them down. I have asked that group to leave my farm, but they refuse to and to be honest, I don’t know what is going to happen. All I know is that I don’t want to be murdered tonight,” said Andrew.

The Africans are still in control of the farm at time of writing, and the leftist whites, who might or might not have learned their lesson, are in hiding.

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        1. You’re welcome. I found that book while looking for another statement by Schweitzer. He wrote in his “African Notebook” of 1939 ” The disputed Schweitzer quote is as follows :
          “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There
          is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and
          know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the
          intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally
          with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life
          to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but
          I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and
          they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as
          their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will
          destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who
          would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this
          status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would
          help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as
          your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”
          The book I linked to has a very similar sentiment. If anyone can link to it I would love to see it spread around.

          “The truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly being preached around us,” Goethe told a friend in 1828. “And not by isolated individuals, but by the majority! In the newspapers and encyclopedias, in the schools and universities, everywhere error is dominant, securely and comfortably ensconced in public opinion which is on its side.”
          “Infamy” by John Toland page 257

          1. Dave, you are so right but the problem is you will classed a racist if you even think to mention that their IQ’s are not high enough to be able to manage themselves. The blacks have killed over 180,000 whites since the end of aparthied, much less than the few 1000’s of blacks that were killed by whites in a much longer time.

    1. Dumbasses. They should have minded their own business. The brought their predicament on themselves. Now they lost their home.

      1. I doubt if they’ve ‘lost their home’. One of the secrets of moral superiority is to have insurance, backup support, quiet fallbacks etc. They’ll have a house somewhere, a family home, or funds stashed away.

  1. So sad that truly kind but naive people like these only wake up when the harsh realities of `equality` kick in.
    How will European liberal do-gooders react when their luvvie bubbles start bursting big time when the hordes take full advantage of this `equality` free-for-all?
    More to the point ….. who to blame when the whole lunatic shebang goes a*se over t*t ?

  2. How stupid can the liberals be. Thought they were immune to farm murders. The murderers don’t ask if you are left or right. If you’re white, they will kill you.

  3. RALMAO these idiots do not learn, it is a well know fact they only want, want, want…. They do not want to work they want the money you have, the property you have but are unwilling to work and get it for themselfs. No matter where you go in the world wherever you find them it is the same. They will just do enough not to starve and then sometimes even not that. They breed at a phenomenal rate spread disease and have no way of looking after these children and like usual expect others(whites) to pick up the slack. Those that actually get up and get something done get rich very quickly and than use that to step on those who have less, see no problem exploiting those who have less for personal gain. They believe exploitation starts at home and will take advantage of their own to advance themselves. I have tried I will never understand those who believe somebody else is responsible to give them a living instead of earning it. You get them in every society black white and asian but seems to be dominant in the black communities, why do they hate their own so much and other races even more, so prone to violence and group think? I have seen one standing in front of thousands and totally dominate them…. how ….Why?

  4. The idiot liberals of Germany and Europe will have to learn this lesson the hard way as well. Such a shame that innocent children and other normal people will suffer because of the eternal folly and stupidity of liberals.

    1. Be sure, there are mor than enough real germans who will strike back. They will kick the scum out!
      Because only for one reason: among all them blacks there is not a single refugee! Just rapists, drug-dealers and social system cheaters.

    2. I am German, living in Germany and don’t know anyone of my friends and family who stands behind these wrong decissions of Angela Merkel. Germans stand up in protests, but getting politically hunted by press, leftist media and politics, loosing their jobs if they are seen on protests or wearing the wrong t-shirt. That is how Germany is today!!!

      1. As a German, I completely agree to John. I’m glad, I left Germany (or what is left from it) in eastern direction, where people still ar self-aware. I hope they will stay unbending, though the ones in the background who initiated this disaster obviously want the whole Europe.

  5. LMAO what a delightful turn of events. This couldn’t have happened to a better people. You reap what you sow. I have zero sympathy for any of them.

  6. Wow, what a tragic outcome for a bunch of angels.
    This is a classic case of pathological altruism combined with cultural Marxist informed “sentiments” with the inevitable outcome.
    A toxic deadly concoction served up by the delusional communists.

  7. Sorry but I feel nothing for the two idiots.
    If in this day and age living in RSA any white person who is still stupid enough to do what they did.
    Then yes by all means blame it on God.
    You and your wife are nothing but traitorous pieces of white scum.
    How many white South Africans are living in poverty and not do you just go and help blacks, oh no you help foreigners.
    Go back to your farm you little idiot.
    Go be the sacrificial lamb.

    1. Good point about poor whites not getting help. There’s a similar mechanism in Europe; Jew-dominated parties (such as ‘Labour’ in Britain) make their collaborators support invaders, but not whites. Maybe they think they’re dark pets?

  8. farming in SA is THE most dangerous vocation in the world, even more so when u stupidly host 140 plus foreigners who hate whites!!! Duly deserved Mr&Mrs libtard…

  9. The 64 million dollar question is when are these Zimbabwe, South African massacres going to take place in Western Europe?

  10. A very sad story. And a paradigm in small of what is going to happen to the countries of Europe who ‘welcome ‘ so called ‘refugees’ into their midst.

  11. Uh…. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wait, let me catch my breath…. hahahahahahahahahahaha…
    Ok, I’m under control… oh no…. hahahahahhahahaha….

  12. Interesting that the male thinks he can talk with ‘God’. Adds some weight to the theory that Christianity weakens the necessary impulses to defence where needed.

  13. As a European, It makes me realise that violence is sometimes necessary to stop people.
    In fact this is why war has existed in the past.

    The fact is if these people were civilized peaceful people, they should be welcomed. But you have to be ruthless to protect your civilization.

    The belief that all civilizations are equal, is the biggest mistake in the history of humanity.
    And by the way this is not a racist comment, because in Africa for instance, there are “Good blacks” not just bad blacks. For example in some parts of East Africa, the people there are often more peaceful.

  14. Haha beste Grüße aus der BRD, ihr verdient, was ihr bekommen habt, ihr elenden linken Gutmenschen. – Best wishes from Germany, you deserve what you got, you leftist assholes.

    First you hand over your own Country to the blacks, who migrated to SA after the whites came (16. / 17. century), than the blacks destroy SA, drive out (or murder) the white people, creating slowly another Zimbabwe and now you get what you wanted, have fun. The same is happening in Germany and half of the Germans celebrate the invaders as near gods. So I started to celebrate every rape, murder, theft, … by Muslim and black invaders vs. German victim, otherwise they never learn and most likely never will. But for you Andrew and Rae, I will make an exception and include you. Your stupidity deserves that much.

    Multiculturalism = Genocide

    By the way, a nearly identical story just emerged in Germany:

    A leftist woman (no job and too much money from the husband) wanted to take care for a Syrian “refugee” (invader). Got him in her family’s house, payed for him and so on. She had volunteered for work in a “refugee” camp and was send to the Munich main train station in September, to cheer the invaders. Maybe you have seen it in TV / net. Then she met the man in the camp, he told her a nice story (now start to cry), all lies, that’s why she took him to her house. End of story, she finds out, that he is from Eritrea, his father never died in Syria, the rest of the family never fled to Turkey and he was kicked out of the house, back to the camp. He complained, that her daughter didn’t wanted to have sex with him, so that he would become a real family member and everything that belonged to the German family, would have been his. Now he is back in the camp, the brain-dead German woman, still working for invaders, is mocked by him all the time.

    1. Völlig richtig, Herr Junge! Wo immer man auf Ihre Kommentare trifft, ob in deutschen “Zeitungen für Debatte” oder hier, sie sind immer lesenswert.

      Completely right, Mr. Junge! Wherever I met a comment of yours, whether in German online-newspapers or here, it is always worth reading.

  15. Oh that’s great news! Maybe some libtards will wake tf up ! I don’t feel sorry for them..actually, i think every libtard should be forced to take in a Syrian family..since they want that kind of filth here ..

    1. Maybe so, but the U.S. has Merkel beat by a mile (or two) with obama and all the socialist/communists dressed in American-style clothing! The world is about to take a massive tumble.

      1. If you think the US has anything on Germany (or worse, Sweden), then you simply have no idea what is going on over here. Just for your information, had Obama been a politician in Sweden, he would have been considered ultra-far-right (I am actually not kidding at all). Your media (non-Fox) would have been seen as ultra-far-right as well. Sweden has two (2) actual communist parties in the “riksdag” and a third one is close to getting in. One of the communist parties is even in the government.

        The situation here is far worse than anything you can imagine, but you have to read alternative (or foreign) media to get the picture, because our media does nothing except spread lies and propaganda.

        Sweden (and most of Western Europe) will either fall (most likely) or there will be a civil war like nothing seen before on this planet (Europe hasn’t had a big war in a while, but if the Germans get going…well, we know what happens then, although this time it will be neccesary to survive).

    2. Maybe so, but the U.S. has Merkel beat by a mile (or two) with obama and all the s*ciali5t / c*om/unist5 dressed in American-style clothing! The world is about to take a massive tumble.

  16. My dad always said that a blackman thinks he’s got you when he sees your teeth! I agree 100%. Being helpful and kind to these people is detrimental. They become lazy and dependant on free handouts and dont progress above that level. The saying give a man a fish …….teach a man to fish…….does not work either. Why? He will sell the rod for booze, thats why!!!!

  17. These refugees are right. You guys keep praising Europeans who do not want refugees from other continents but still think there should be white people in Africa. Africa for Africans, all whites must leave our land

    1. The official king of South Africa’s Zulu tribe has announced that that country was economically, militarily, and socially better under white Afrikaner rule—and that history will judge blacks as only having destroyed everything that they had inherited from the white government. You guys couldn’t run a tap. You want everything on a plate but don’t want to work for it!

    2. Yes, Africa all for the Africans. And all the Africans for Africa!

      Please tell all your brethren scroungers in my country ASAP. And your sisters who start breeding as soon as they have reached Europe. (And if you are at it, just spend a little 15 minutes thinking of Nigeria… Somalia… and think about overbreeding and if it is such a good idea. I think it is no good idea for us to let you Africans take this habit to Europe, regarding the state of your countries.

    3. History is not your strong point, isn’t it? Whites do settle as long as Bantus in South Africa; both groups arrived in the 17th century. The real natives are actually the Khoi San people who are said to be the oldest people on earth. If you are serious about the homeland principle, all Bantu people have to evacuate most of Black Africa and move back to their original region at the Nigerian-Cameroonian border.

    4. Mtameri eventually South Africa will become backwards like Zimbabwe. Be patient. Cannibalism will soon be back on the menu.

  18. O has one year left to make sure this happens in America. It’s his ultimate goal along with banning guns. He knows he must ban those first. Look for executive fiats from his pen and phone on turbo charge in 2016.

  19. Pure altruism, defined by non-rational human sacrifice, not acting on ones own rational, self-interest, leading inevitably to life-negating consequences.

  20. lol buy a man false teeth, when you turn around he will use them to bite you. There are two sides to each story though, were they(refugees) working in the farm? are they owed money? Is there a possibility that they tried to enforce a christian religion to the Muslim migrants? What were the conditions of them staying at that farm? Did the handouts from Gift of the givers and others get to the beneficiaries? I could ask a million questions but only the parties involved know the cause of the death threat, if an investigation is done, we would be stunned by the outcome, lets not be shallow minded and leave room for buts……following

    1. Wow! There is only one side. Home invasion, a death threat!?! And you still want to give these animals the benefit of the doubt? Hey, can I come stay at your place?…and threaten your life and take over your place? There are no buts here.

  21. Here is my altruistic sentiment. I am sending the Wartnabys a copy of Animal Farm and a large photograph of Patrick Stewart’s famous facepalm!

  22. Entitlement is colorless and blind . No matter how much you help, more and more will be demanded. Recent Syrian arrivals to Canada have demanded a lot more. And so it starts.

  23. The Bible is full of this type of history of a nation. Now you know why Jews end up wondering around in the desert and how a person like Hitler is made. People build a nation, liberals take over, and nation falls into itself or gets invaded. repeat again…. again…

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