South African Murder Rate Rises to 45 per Day

The murder rate in South Africa—already one of the highest crime rate nations in the world—has risen to 45 per day, according to new statistics released by the police in that country.

“It is a dark day for the country when its National Commissioner claims that crime is under control, while the murder rate has risen to 16,259 cases per year. This means that almost two murders a day more occurred to bring the total number of murders committed daily to almost 45,” a statement on the matter issued by the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) said.

Farm murders showed an even more alarming picture. In the same period farm murders increased by 34 percent to 68 in 2012/2013, compared to the 50 murders in 2011/2012.

Farm attacks increased from 112 cases to 176 cases. Farm attacks in fact are violent crimes against people and not on property.

Therefore it can be assumed that many of these attacks are nothing less than attempted murder, which were successfully averted.

“What is even more disturbing is the apparent ignorance of the police in this regard. On the police’s official website the page titled ‘Farm Attacks` under ‘Crime Prevention’ has been ‘under construction’ for months now, leaving the impression that the police do not regard this category of crime as a seriousness matter,” said Henry Geldenhuys, Deputy President of TAU SA and Chairman of the Safety and Security Committee.

“Because the police stubbornly refuse to list farm murders as a separate crime category in their statistics, they are not even aware of this alarming increase in farm attacks. Furthermore it has to be borne in mind that TAU SA’s database on farm attacks and farm murders is probably incomplete because it relies on the feedback of members or on media reports which are then verified. Therefore the true picture could be worse,” said Geldenhuys.

Since April 1 of this year, TAU SA’s database lists 37 murders and 110 farm attacks.

If this trend were to continue until the end of the current year, 74 murders and 220 attacks could be expected, which will represent a further increase of 24 percent.

“The fact that the National Commissioner considers crime to be under control indicates that farmers should not expect any increased police interest in their problems, and therefore should continue their need to ensure that they are versed in self defence and the upgrading of their physical safety and security measures,” said Geldenhuys.

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  1. The situation is a disgrace to any nation !! Now since the murder of a soccer player they are again talking about a gun free South Africa. I would like to know if that blonde woman for Gun Free South Africa would like to live on a farm 10 km from your nearest neighbour with no defence. The criminals attack mainly at night like cowards (mainly old people) but imagine if farmers were not armed they would walk into any household at any time of the day knowing there are no weapons and do as they want !!!
    The problem is not licenced firearms, its the unlicensed ones. Its like saying there are 12000 deaths on our roads over the festive season so we must now confiscate cars starting with all the licenced, roadworthy ones as they cause the trouble. Go to the problem and leave law abiding citizens alone !!!!!!!!
    It all boils down to discipline and ineffectual policing by the state. A school is only as good as its headmaster and staff and a country is only as good as its President, parliament and police. THATS A FACT !!!!

  2. The death penalty coming back won't make one iota of difference as these murderous bastards don't even think of consequences when committing these barbaric crimes!
    Sad for white South Africans who want to leave but circumstances prevent this!

  3. It's'not even just the farmers that are being killed, it's'everybody, our grandmothers, grandfarhers, mothers, fathers etc are being killed daily, and the police are just showing a blind eye, and i'm not even talking about the hospitals that are also behind this. When someone is murdered, then they put: died of natural causes on their death certificates! What the fuck! We are loosing good people daily because of devils that is walking the streets! ,

  4. This is unacceptable,the time has come for Boers to stand up and show the cowards who we are,,children who can not make sure your parents are not safe on a farms should commit suicide, or do something!

  5. Afrikaners no longer wants to be part of this murderous South Africa. Please support Afrikaner Independence – the only solution to this problem.

  6. I live in this beautiful country, but I am so sad that our white farmers are being slaughtered!!! Nobody is taking responsibility for the safe keeping of the farmers who feed the nation! It is nothing more than reversed apartheid!! But even worse!

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