South African President Blames Whites for Electricity Blackouts

In the most openly anti-white moves to date by the South African government, that nation’s president Jacob Zuma has announced that 2015 will see the first Zimbabwe-style land seizures—and went on to blame white people for the inability of the African National Congress (ANC)-run state to supply electricity to the country.


Speaking at a rally to mark the 103rd birthday of the ANC in Cape Town, Zuma claimed that the 1913 Land Act had made blacks “almost like slaves” in South Africa. In reality, that law merely divided up the country according to the then dispersion of the black tribes in their traditional areas, and never took any land away from them—but that fact did not stop Zuma’s completely erroneous “interpretation” from continuing on to justify the upcoming land seizures.

Zuma then said that the currently existing “willing buyer, willing seller” model of land reform had been “unsuccessful,”—although he didn’t say why it had been unsuccessful. Until now, the black South African government had refused to implement land seizures as has happened in Zimbabwe, claiming that it would follow a system of mutual agreement between “land claimants” and current land owners—that the parties would agree on a price and then settle the matter legally.

The reason why this system has not worked has nothing to do with “unwilling sellers”—in reality, many white farmers would prefer to leave and move to where it is safer and more profitable to farm (such as Georgia).

However, because the “land claimants” (that is, blacks who have no real historical claim to the land, but who want to take over the white assets) have to rely on state funding to buy the farms, there has always been a discrepancy in the amount of money offered to the farmers as opposed to what they need to pay off all their debts and still have enough to start again elsewhere.

In most cases, for example, the amount offered to the white farmers has been below market value, and almost always less than what they owe to banks for land and equipment loans. As a result, far fewer farms have been turned over to blacks than what the ANC wished.


Because this “willing seller, willing buyer” arrangement has not worked, Zuma told the 40,000-strong crowd at the ANC rally that the government will begin drafting a “Land Expropriation Bill” during the coming year.

According to Zuma, the draft of this legislation has already been approved by the ANC cabinet and “allows for the courts to decide on expropriation.”

In other words, if a white farmer refuses to “sell” his property, no matter how low the price, the courts will now be allowed to order that farm’s seizure and for the “transaction” to go through.

The ANC’s move has been prompted by the emergence of ever more radical political movements to its left, such as the “Economic Freedom Fighters” who have demanded the stricter enforcement of anti-white measures disguised as “affirmative action.”

The move to promote land seizures behind the screen of “court orders” is an attempt to try to trick people into thinking it will not be the “same as Zimbabwe”—a tactic unlikely to fool any honest observer.

* A further indication of the increasingly anti-white nature of the ANC government has come with the announcement by Zuma that the previous white government of the country is to blame for the fact that, two decades after the ANC came to power, there are power shortages and blackouts throughout the country.


Speaking to the Young Communist League’s congress in Cape Town, Zuma addressed the issue of blackouts, power shortages, and the collapsing infrastructure of the state’s Electricity Supply Commission (ESKOM) not by pointing out the truth—twenty years of black rule, “affirmative action” appointments, Third World inefficiency, and lack of planning—but rather by blaming the white government of the 1980s.

Zuma told the Communist delegates that the “ANC had inherited the power utility from the previous regime which had only provided electricity to the white minority. Twenty years into democracy, 11 million households had access to electricity, double the number in 1994,” Zuma said.

In reality the previous white government had set up the electricity grid to supply the whole nation, and the current collapse in the infrastructure is the result of the current government’s inability to plan ahead to meet growing demand caused principally by a rocketing black birthrate.

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  1. The Red Cross better start fund raising now because it looks like famine will be knocking on the door of South Africa soon.

    1. This may not be politically correct but I’ll say it anyway. Zuma is just another useless clueless Jungle bunny who want’s his own way, whether it’s good for South African or not. He hasn’t got a clue about governing. Someone should tell this halfwit that there’s a huge difference to having access to electricity and having electricity. As far as his “land grab” plans are concerned, he’s just another Mugabe. Since the blacks took over South Africa, the Country has gone from being one of the most progressive and economically viable countries in the world, to a third world slum.

      1. Oh my GOD! Help us. We thought this last bastion would not have to go through everything those to the north did. WHY DID YOU PEOPLE vote this man in? Western World we need your help. Come and help us. With all this imploding around us, who says that Isis lot is not already totally operative here. If there is no governance what do we have!

        1. First of all Chloe, you must know that Isis is the creation of western intelegences and is a CIA asset just like Al-Kaida is/was. The land grab and everything that is going on in the country now and coming when ever they so please is something that we knew would happen since 1994 when the ANC came to power. Farm murders etc. you must know is encouraged and endorsed by the ANC government, You must know that no one in the world will help us, because the ANC is a puppet regime fronting for other cosmopolitan interests. You must know that South Africa is not what it appears to be.

    2. How many people realise this is a misdirection to take the pressure off the eish scum crisis .
      If he can distract the sheep long enough , he is not that dumb .

    3. Who in there right mind will donate to south Africa if the general public give money to corrupted country’s they are stupid
      Give to your home country I only give to British charity that is spent on British soil stuff the rest! !





    5. South Africa till 2011 never had to import food since 1652 when the first 80 Dutch settlers came to the Cape! Just like in Zimbabwe when the blacks were given white-owned farms, they cannot or do not want to farm to have “mass production” of crops to sell!Instead they farm like a little family farm with a little produce to sell on the side or they do not farm at all! They also sell farm equipment for a fast money(shooting themselves in the foot, so to say here)! In Zimbabwe what was once productive white-owned farmland is now going back to bush! Also these blacks get offended if given “too much” information on farming & ranching! 80% of black Africa is now “hungry” & the birth-rate keeps “rocketing” up-up-up into outer space! No other folk, even other coloured folk are exploding in population like black Africans! Black Africa is now Fourth World down from Third World & still getting poorer & poorer, into “super-poverty”!!!!!

    6. The US and Europe should be taking in White S.Africans and let the murderous blacks have it all, it will be gone in no time.

  2. For a microcosm of South African land restitution, see the Mala Mala land restitution claim..not only did the government pay a billion rand for overpriced stock, they now have to find another billion rand for the intellectual’s so wonderfully geared!…

      1. Sorry, I’d just like to know why do the black peoples of this country all think they’re farmers at heart and that owning a farm is their natural born right. How many of the populace n Scandinavia, America (NEW YORK yeah right), Germany, JAPAN actually farm and own farm land? Why do all these people think they were born to own a farm? Why does no-one speak of the populace growth where utterly poor begets utterly poor babies. Are politicians so very cowardly that they cannot explain to people that in the PLANNING of yet another baby, you make sure it has a trust in place for its education, that you will be able to give it a good upbringing with a mother and a father (who doesn’t run for the blooming hills everytime he impregnates a woman – yes, whites also do that). What stops them from talking to “their” people about that issue. Why do those myriads of extremely poor babies have a right because they have become a majority (albeit a bitterly poor and miserable majority) – where is the sense?

        1. There is no sense and there never will be. Its in their genes and that is it. Go look at black areas in the USA and see. Pastor Manning on you tube explains it perfectly well. Go google Pastor Manning on youtube, he also explains everything about Mandela and many other things.

          1. Banks are being bailed out by fiat printed by governmentws – they don’t care. They have their little thing with all governments. Zombie banks. The thing Joe is that it’s becoming really dangerous here. My sons went to a meeting called in our area and came back with horror stories that people now absolutely break down electric fencing walk in, start shooting first and take a few stuff and leave. A husband and wife were killed that last week in the street behind us – we are on small tracts of land and we have made lots and lots of security preparations… and yet?? I feel my tummy churning and shivering all the time. I am scared – call it what it is…

          2. Independent tests conducted in Johannesburg by various USA and British academics reveal that the average IQ of black South Africans is 70. Whites begin at 100. This has nothing to do with education or lack thereof – it is genetic. However, these tests were conducted in a vibrant city. Had the academics gone into the rural areas such as the Eastern Province and Limpopo (where men prefer goats to woman to avoid AIDS) and then calculated the average, the results would have been a lot lower. Given the above, the black has the mind of an adolescent. An IQ of 70 is regarded as mentally retarded. Google Black IQ. There are some interesting topics and revelations. Many of the academics involved are under fire for speaking the truth.

          3. Joe you are right & I listen to pastor Manning & it is something how the black especially in Africa are “super-exploding”!!!! Other coloured folk(yellows/browns/reds) are not reproducing like black Africans! Whites & Orientals are dying out! Something “evil” is working here! Black Africa now is Fourth World(LDC-leased developed countries) still going down & backwards at the same time & it is not just poverty but a “super-poverty” there!

  3. Well Mr Zuma… the proof of blame lies in the failed pudding!! It took only 21 years of self govenment to bring down the most important infrastucture of all! “Electricity”. You cannot live without it so your country lies on the brink of destruction. You fast sent the once glorious South Africa to join the starvation train of the african nations to the north! Shame on you for blaming apartheid for your own destruction after almost a quarter of a century of taking over!

    1. It is amazing that President Zuma makes a statement like that when it is a well known fact that since the ANC took over the country they have not maintained any of the infrastructure that was handed to them. The country’s roads, sewage system, water works, electricity supply, education, etc have been steadily deteriorating since the advent of BEE. Look at all the FATCATS in the government if we had to measure their productivity one wonders how many man-hours they have put in during their tenure. Look at the past bonuses paid to Eskom higher ups even though they showed huge losses…where have you ever seen that you get rewarded for failures? It is time that all those who vote for President Zuma and the ANC wakes up and realise that they are running our beautiful country into the ground

      1. Sky Ferreira- Well said all through. You ask for all those who vote for ANC and Zuma to wake up !! That will not happen , because those such voters know only one thing , and that is to follow like sheep – they also do not know how to create but only how destroy.

    2. Well said, Stef. I could not have put it in a better way. You can take them out of the bush, but you will NEVER take the bush out of them! Sooner than anyone cares to admitm the squeals of ‘Baas, sev aas! We are dying like lo ma-flies! Rest in peace [pieces?] South Africa. Hello, Zim number 2!

  4. 20 Years on under ANC rule and they still blame the minority. Whites are a mere 4 554 800 . Coloured 4 771 500 . Indian / Asians 1 341 900 . African 43 333 700 . I suggest education on birth control. Wonder who is the biggest consumer of electricity ? ANC rule has promised free housing, free education, free water, etc etc. Where does the FREE end ? Time for a change as to what party rules our Country.

    1. Today most of the whites and some Blacks are paying more on their electricity bills than on their bonds. Only 6% of Soweto are paying their bills. Some Claermont buildings in JHB has not paid electricity for the more that 12 years – not even talking about the many buildings in JHB – some of them has been reported numerous times – nothing happened. People are laughing at the people who are paying!!! 20% of the population are trying to carry the other 80% – IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I would say everybody must become part of the corrupt system. Let Eskom have a melt down – then only might there be changes – and maybe people will start to stand together.

    2. Everyone outside of South Africa can see how the country has been on a downward spiral since 1994! I knew this was going to happen & South Africa has joined the rest of black Africa & still blames the white man & colonialism for their failures of the present 50-60 plus years after independence! %0 years from now, it will still be the same story, the same dog & pony show, the same smoke & mirrors!!!!! BlackAfrica is now Fourth World with both poverty & “super-poverty” & massive illiteracy & semi-literacy!!!!!!

  5. a Decleration by Eskom today is that in the biggest township, Soweto, there are only 16% of the people paying their electricity and they owe Eskom 1,4 Billion Rand. All of the ANC local municipalities has this problem because money is wasted on a daily basis by officials that was voted into power by the 44 million. 21 years of gravy train will have this effect on any country but the people are to naive to see what their voted leaders are doing to them and believe everything is apartheids problem!!!!

    1. Not entirely true. Black South African’s do see what the government are doing and often don’t approve. The problem is that black culture honours loyalty above all else, due to it’s routes in tribal identity. This means that if a black person does not agree with what the ANC is doing they abstain from voting rather than voting for a different party.

      This tribal mentality is inadvertently why democracy seems to not work on the African continent.

      1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Jeff !

        I can add one other fact to that, fear … they are bullied and threatened with their lives if they don’t vote ANC. I cringe at the thought of EFF coming in. Can you imagine what sort of support they will have by the time next elections comes around? Good heavens, they gain a foot in the door from scratch within only 12 months.

      2. Jeff you are right, the black African mentality is hindering progress everywhere in black Africa, that now after 50-60 years after independence, most of black Africa is now Fourth World & still going down & backwards at the same time !!!!! Not only more & more poverty but also “super-poverty”!

    2. …..and they blame the whites who religiously pay their electricity accounts every month and do not STEAL electricity as so many of the black people do all over the country. If the whites don’t pay their electricity bills before due date their electricity is disconnected within a few days…but the blacks can run up their bills to thousands of rands and no disconnection is ordered for them. Let’s get real about this situation…if you don’t pay for electricity then it must be disconnected…does not matter what your skin colour is or where you reside.

    1. Africa, alias “black Africa” is still going both down & backwards 50-60 years now down to “Fourth World” status down from Third World status & still going—–“you know” !!!

  6. It is sad to see that this country has not learned from other countries mistakes and still live in the past. What future does the next generation have.

    1. And not even learning from their own mistakes in their own country either. Jee! People are really slow learners …

    2. On the contrary. The ANC has learned the lesson too well.
      That is why , like in Zimbabwe, the top politicians with Zuma
      on top + their families, stole everything that was to steal. That
      Is what pulls South Africa down.

    3. “What future”????? None, OHhhhhh I mean “NONE” & I really mean “NONE” in Fourth World black Africa!!!!! Not just increasing poverty but “super-poverty” !!!!!

    1. Ilze I agree I believe it is the only way to save this beautiful country.
      Sadly I no longer reside in South Africa but my heart and love for her will never die.

      My prayers are with you all,
      God bless South Africa and her beautiful people

  7. The constant denial of accepting responsibility for their gross misappropriation of funds by the ANC continues to drag South Africa into the depths of despair. It is beyond pathetic to see how the rest of the world sits back and allows this once glorious country to sink into the abyss of disaster.

    1. Well said Jeremy, cannot express it better.
      It is sad to see our president has become so used to telling lies, that he actually believe he is speaking the truth.
      What a shame and disappointment.


    2. Countries like those in the Far East are sitting back, rubbing their hands together and just waiting to buy up this failing nations national assets and inherent wealth. They will have a cheap labour force, and you can bet they certainly won’t be educating this force. The new colonialism isn’t about discovering new lands, innovation and building a nation, its now for sale to the highest offer or biggest bribe.

      1. Cindy, it is already happening. The chinese are already busy streaming in, and with the way that their contracts are set up, they fund entire projects, all they want in return is natural resources. Example, chinese fishing trawlers off the coast of Namibia and Mozambique in exchange for building structure and/or funded infrastructurr, a wholly chinese owned and operated uranium mine in Namibia, massive factories built in south africa, and in all those instances, there is one common denominator: all they want is rights to natural resources! Couple that with the majority that is in power, it spells for one massive economical storm in the future.

      2. Asset worthless in a country which does not respect property law. If you don’t believe, go buy a farm in Zimbabwe, I hear they going cheap.

        1. Wait until Chinese Communism takes control, all that useless labour will be converted to very a efficient SLAVE labour force. They just don’t see it yet. Chinese and Russian have extreme high IQ’s .. they’ve got ZUMA and his cronies eating out of their hands .. with hidden agenda that 60% IQ ANC can’t comprehend just yet. But they will . someday when it’s too freaking late!

    3. That’s what the world does. Screaming injustice but then just sits back. You do not hear any criticism from UK or USA or Germany. Now they’re minding their own business!

    4. And what exactly is your idea of how the ‘rest of the world’ should take action? How can you fix a corrupt govt? Mugabe has been going long enough and he’s still there, so this isn’t going to happen any time soon.

    5. Yes beautiful SA is going downhill fast, and the rest of the world can’t stop that. You can’t fix corruption.

  8. Until the people are properly educated the useless ANC will stay in power there will be no change with out change…. if this carries on how long will it be till the white people have enuf and start fighting back? It will turn into civil war… I dont know how someone can sit and watch thier country go down the drain and be ok with it…. I can barely stand a dirty plate

    1. Forget about the whites fighting back; they are now irrelevant! The 44 million will never be properly educated; why do you think the ANC is downgrading education every year? Uneducated masses will keep them in power.

      1. Part of U.N.agenda 21 in its policy to dumb down education to illiteracy all over the world !!!!! Going back to the stone-age!!!!!

  9. As long as black people continue to produce children they cannot afford to support and educate the longer their struggle. The miners are averaging 8 children each which is more than 4 times the average white family. Unfortunately they do not share the same responsibility and blame white people for their lack of judgement and planning. If you cannot afford them don’t have them.

    Zuma on the other hand , brought into power by the same majority making the same erroneous judgement. Sorry for not handing over the South African handbook on how to run a country. But when you wanted to be elected president of the country you should have been ready. If you weren’t, well the same ministers and heads that your previous ANC presidents replaced are the same people that could have been their to support , guide and advise you. You chose your team to grow this country but you and your team have failed in every avenue possible. How much longer do you think your own people , not the gravy train riders, I’m talking about from your average black person upwards is going to continue buying your sorry story .

    Whites cannot continue to take the rap. In 20 years what stability or advancement apart from your own have you done for our country. You have only explored avenues on where you can tax us .

    Ties with the Chinese is not a beneficial business venture for all South Africans and is not in all our interests.

    Your time to shine is now and taking land from white to give to black is not a business move it is a bullish easy way out for failing on your ability to be a leader and a true entrepreneur.

    1. Shawn you sound like a frustrated liberal.
      Time to shine …………really ?????
      The only thing that makes a black shine is vasaline, unfortunately the god of genetics did not smile on Zuma and his people when it came to maintaining complex societies.

      Hoping that things will improve with africans in charge is futile.

  10. Mr Zuma as far as I’m concerned you and that idiot Mugabe can take Africa and shove it right up your ass. That is all you will ever do with it. Like Mugabe you are starving your “people” and sending them back to poverty like every other black leader in power in Africa.

    1. you are judging what you dont know, im Zimbabwean and you seem to know more than i do i dont even like mugabe but trust me in Zim people are not starving and we are educated enough not to let the white people oppress us, we realised that we cant be equal to white people because they are bullish why dont we own everything in our country despite the expenses and suffering. And right now investors from all over the world are flocking to do bussiness with us on our terms. how nice is that?? Zim will never be a colony or neither live like a colony never.either accept it or you shove your idea of freedom up your A###

        1. Sure that is why they are all running here to South Africa in their millions. Come speak to my employees all from Zimbabwe.

      1. AHARLIZ!!! If Zim is such a wonderful country, what the hell are we doing with all the Zimbabweans in South Africa, and why are our people not flocking into ZIM???

      2. just with a a comment like “either accept it or you shove your idea of freedom up your A###” shows your level of education and mentality, without freedom you are nothing but sheep heading for slaughter. you probably never had the houner of a white mans education and that why you make such idiotic remarks

      3. How old are you ? …. You know nothing bub…. young people like you always talk big … I came to South Africa 1979 with my wife, 2 kids, a rusty old Renault 12 and R600 in my pocket ….. I work for worked what I have today and paid my taxes without question to both governments ….. I paid for everything , including my children’s education….. the country was thriving twenty odd years ago ! …. now it is going down just like Zimbabwe did …. Say what you like … when you guys fail … you always blame someone else … it is the African way.

      4. Are the ‘investors from all over the world’ from Nigeria? Investing in prostitution and drug racketeering? Oh yes, and sending out emails telling you that you have a tax refund due to you, and please can we have your bank account and pin number? Aharliz, whatever you are smoking or sniffing is indeed good stuff. Could you arrange to export some down our way along with your cigarettes that Chinese keep under the counter in their grocery shops? The whites, coloureds and Indians here would like to partake of your wondrous muti so we too can, just for a few hours, believe that everything is rosy under Zuma. Don’t send any to the Gupta family though, they don’t need it. Zuma has taken care of their lives being rosy.

  11. Which one of the 3 countries that have promised him asylum is he going to move too with the millions he get from the DRC mines ?

    1. I take it Aharliz that you are still resident in Zim or are you perhaps one of the many Zimbabweans who live and work in South Africa?

  12. O help us all why do these government criminals always blame the whites when in actual fact they are the ones that have destroyed south africa which was once a beautiful clean country now it is riddled with filth on our streets in our housing area no water and blackouts in the 80″s there was none of this so zumu why is it the whites fault now. You r the biggest racist of all

  13. Seriously now and i was thinking of going back to sef Africa after 15 years

    Think i rather stay here and wAit for the rest to leave aswell
    Give that man the nobel peace prize
    Ingenious little clever man he is

  14. He is not listening and he never will, he does not care if he is lying, wrong or right it’s just about popularity and getting money

  15. I totally agree to the notion that there is serious lack of forward planning because if you look at the mushrooming shopping malls and housing complexes, one wonders where the additional amenities such as electricity, water will come from. The consumptionist approach is always a huge problem for african governments.

    1. @ Per .. it’s not about money… it’s about POWER! When you have POWER over the country, it’s citzens, the money and their lives is yours to do with as you like by means of Dictatorship. Popularity = POWER. Say the things that people want to hear and it brings you popularity. ZUMA is playing to uneducated blacks and saying what they want to hear = they will support him! Do you get it now?

      The only ones complaining and who can see the truth for what it is, is the educated citizens of South Africa ..irrespective of their colour, black, white, indian, coloured etc. The law abiding, tax paying citizens and immigrants who are trying to make a living the decent way. It’s the uneducated, revengeful .. take it now, want it all free and believe it’s their entitlement. Sadly, they are masses! One man one vote = Masses will always win. There you have it now !!!

  16. Mr Zuma, all you had to do was built on (enlarge), maintain and upgrade where necessary, where is your electrical engineers!!! Still trying to pass matric….???

    1. The reason this country is becoming more like Zim, and there is no Infrastructure, is because they voted someone to a President level, who only has the Education level of a Std/Class 2, the plans to upgrade and improve the electricity power plants were in place and ready when the country was taken over by the Black Majority, but they deemed it more liable to take the money and buy fancy houses, cars and holidays, than actually plan for the trouble that we are currently in. They have in actual fact been the main Cause as to why South Africa is in the Problematic Downgrade that we are in. And i fully Agree with most statements here, excluding the comment by Aharliz, that a change in power is definitely what South Africa needs, or we may all end up with living back in the rural days again.

  17. finally you have the guts to come right out and say it. apartheid is alive and well and been kept so by our black leaders. look at what our nation has become since been governed by scum.
    today, as I sit in my loadshedded house I become, for the first time on my life, part of the apartheid movement. viva mr. Zuma. viva.

  18. He’s trying to divert attention from his (and ANC) inadequacies, corruption and other
    CRIMINAL activities. In 1994, I said I’ll give them 35 years and the country will be a basket case. Looks like it going to go to the dogs in even less time… Hope I’m wrong.

  19. WHY is it that 20 years down the road the ANC (Zuma) more importantly is still blaming the WHITES of SA. They are the ones that promised power to all, where did they think the power was going to come from. Did they not realise that more power stations had to be built to provide for the nations power demand.
    Where have all those billions gone that could have built more power stations to provide. Hell the idiot in charge and his cronies have stolen it and NOW blaming the WHITE MAN for their short comings 20 years down the line.

    Can the ANC supporters wake up and smell the roses and see what the leaders that they have put into power are doing to our beloved country. SA time to take our country back from the corruption and fraud being committed by the people in power (The leaders of our country).

  20. Yes , when the “writing is so clearly on the wall” then know what to expect … a homeland being designed for blacks only …..irrespective of thousands that has never experienced apartheid …. so the rest of us must pack our bags and leave or suffer the consequences as those in Zim. did some years back ….. sad , but true.

  21. Happy and his wife Golucky are sitting in there shack in Zimbabwe. No lights, no water, no sewage. The next minute the lights come on, the water starts running and toilet can flush. “Quick” says Happy to Golucky “get my AK47, the whites are back”

  22. The only way things will ever change in this country, is when the ANC stops blaming, and starts doing something about it, but in order to create better infrastructure money is needed, so instead of spending R 250 000 000 on upgrading our president’s home, or corrupt officials just pocketing what ever they want, why not use that money. And instead of expecting the 45 000 000 white South Africans to pay for the entire country’s services, get the majority to start paying their own way instead of burning down current infrastructure which they did not, and still don’t pay for. The ANC should also build something instead of just changing the name of it. The only way you can have pride in something is if you built it yourself. So stop wasting time, and money re-naming your streets, towns, hospitals etc. It just pisses us off.

  23. Zuma: “ish, why eeez there noo power now, maybe I must go ask the white man why he is taking it away from me, but first I must take his house so that I can use the power to kook my paaap!!!”

    Note To the South African President: Simple Minded fool!! Need I say more? Yes… How the hell are you going to operate the farms you are trying to take without educated farmers, firstly and secondly and without electricity??? He’s an idea. Why don’t you invite Bob Magabe to your meetings and ask him how he managed to starve his own people and destroy an entire country in less than 10 years, cause it seems to me that you did not get that memo! Wake up idiots!!!!!wake up!!!!! Mandela Would be ashamed of the ANC today!!!!!!!!!

  24. this &$#hole that is in charge of this country. has not even passed standard three. now he is in charge of a country going downhill at a tremendous speed. talking the greatest amount of bul#hit I have heard in my life. If memory serves correctly, 70% of whites voted yes when we had the referendum.we can only help those who want to be helped. if you are to stupid or your ego is to big there is nothing we can do to bring this idiot down to earth

    1. I took a funny video of an Elephant standing in the shallows of a river while having a shit. When his turd drifted past his head, he attacked it violently, hitting it with his trunk and kicking it. This is what the “YES VOTERS” are doing now – kicking their own shit. What did you think would happen? Based on what? Dont call the ANC stupid. Please read Jos 23:12-13.

  25. Here’s a thought from a 37 year old white male (me). Logically it is needed to educate yourself to get somewhere in this country. So I started studying mechatronic engineering. I am finishing now and have to do practical work. Do you think I can get any employment? Employment equity….always the issue. In reality people are being appointed in key positions due to their skin colour, not the merit of their academic achievements or experience. NOW the government are complaining about streams of educated people, like engineers, doctors etc. leave the country. Why do you think this is??? What do you think I am going to do as sson as I have my papers?? I will just become another statistic that left the country. There are so much opportunity and able people in this country, but no, we have to empower the people. Do you know in 21 years you are born, go to school, go to university, obtain a degree and start doing great things. Not here…here the schools are burnt because they don’t like the local governments. Here buses are burnt because there are not enough buses for transportation…..what the hell are they thinking. I’ll tell you, it is a matter of education….especially in mathematics:”There are not enough buses, so lets burn one and then magically another two will appear”. What happened to the proposed pebble bed reactor at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station. No no, we have to build a Madupe, use fossil fuels, polute the air further….oh, and please don’t forget the kickbacks as this is a peristatle project. In the end, I am at my age sitting right in the middle of an idiotic system that does not work. Look at Canada, everybody works together toward the success of the country, not here in South Africa, where people like me are blamed for something that happened before I was even born. One last thing…the moment something doesn’t go their way, it is victimization and racism. Dear prez….when you learn how to read one day, go check out what the Oxford Dictionary states as a racist….or will the white pages of the book also be played out as racism??

    1. I am 45 years old, have wasted all of them on trying to progress. It is true that there are rare instances of progression by truly dedicated people, but in the main, it is down to opportunistic vandals and thieves. My kids are going somewhere where things work, where people have a sense of the importance of planning for the next generation, not like these guys who want to party, party, party, take, take, take, and string the ignorant along with the sense of comraderie deception, the likes of gangsterism, mentality of “stick with us and we will look after you” like some kind of protection racket. The ANC is being held together by continuous cheap shots and number domination where it counts, in Parliament. Lets face it, we do not have a check and balance for these guys, and war is not an option. You owe it to yourselves to accept the fact that we have been outmanoeuvred by smart and opportunistic world markets, hard ball overseas political and business interests, fine tuned to extract the best return for their investment, to make a killing so to speak. We do not have the leadership that can see the big picture. If you are the Captain of a ship, it is because you started at the bottom, worked and studied your way through every physical and mental burden, both good and bad, that there is, in order to be recognised as being worthy of the responsibility and trust required to hold down the position, and most importantly be mentally prepared to sacrifice yourself, for those around you. No, we do not have anything on the future radar that looks remotely promising to turn things around. God help us all.

  26. I don’t see how buying farms or even grabbing them will provide SA with electrical energy? I’m pretty sure a billion Rand would have gone a long way in building a power station.
    What on earth were u guys thinking when u voted for this dumbass. Since when do whites have electricity on them does he expect them to stick their fingers on the grid?

    1. The problem is… no one voted for the Dipshit… the ANC decides who gets to be top thief. Our country has no say… democracy my ass. Elections are completely rigged anyway, always will be.

      1. .. I thought it seemed funny, when casting my vote from overseas, that almost every south african voting was white. Once you cast your vote, the ‘Box’ you put your vote into were those green wheelie bins.
        Each one of us abroad literally cast our votes into a bin! Pretty sure they ended up in some rubbish dump

  27. Jacob Mugabe! Take a good look at Zimbabwe as it stands now. Because that’s where you’re heading! The only reason this country still functions at all, is because the infrastructure handed to you by the white governent was so sound.
    The funds that pour into Government and state coffers, in the form of ever-increasing taxes, levies, duties, tolls and user fees just go to buying expensive cars, planes and homes. And now the infrastructure is desperately tired, as it is entitled to be after 20 years of absolute neglect! It is all coming crashing down on you now, Mr. Zuma/Mugabe.

    And your answer? It’s like a stuck record, Mr. President!! We’ve heard it over and over again with every country in Africa. “It’s the Whites fault!” It’s not like you haven’t had the opportunity to learn from the many, many mistakes of Africa’s past and present “leaders?” 20 odd years of independence with the tables firmly slanted in your favour, and you just can’t hack it! You’re a disgrace to your people!
    Madiba must be turning in his grave! This was not the vision he had for South Africa! it was not the vision any of us had for what was once the powerhouse of Africa, and a soon-to-be very 3rd World nation! Wake up, people of South Africa! Get rid of this idiot who is ruining your future……before you wake up to a Chinese Government!

  28. Previous comment from Gaston.

    Mr Zuma as far as I’m concerned you and that idiot Mugabe …Well said !!!.

    The only one that benefits is YOU ZUMA. I am pretty sure you do ensure you have electricity and hot water to wash that ZUMASS of yours.

    Within 2 decades of control you have manage to rape and destroy the country which was built up since 1652.

    You and your henchmen need to be put into the Guinness Book of Asses.

  29. I am so the “moer in” I can’t stand it! It took 350 years to build that wonderful country into the most politically stable country on the entire African continent, the country with the biggest, most stable, and growing economy on the African continent, a country in which the world’s first heart transplant was performed, a country that was a nuclear power (having both ‘the bomb’ and nuclear power), a country that figured out how to derive oil from coal, a country with an infrastructure second-to-none on the entire continent, etc., etc., etc…AND IT HAS TAKEN JUST 20 YEARS FOR THOSE MINDLESS, UNEDUCATED, BUFFOONS TO DESTROY IT ALL.

    1. It is really called the Dunning- Kruger effect….which is that stupid people are too stupid to realize how stupid they are..and think they possess normal intelligence. (ignorance is bliss?). Whereas intelligent people are fully aware of their intelligence limitations.

  30. I cant wait to get out of this useless and corrupt country! It will be the saddest day of my life to leave because it really is such a beautiful and diverse place. Its just a pity that it is run by a bunch of incompetent, corrupt, narrow minded and absolutely pathetic fools

  31. Zuma!!! You’re a disgrace to your own people! you are the one who makes them look like a bunch of MINDLESS, UNEDUCATED, BUFFOONS

  32. well Mister President, you are 20 years late with your blame on apartheid. Every thing is to blame on the ANC as it all went downhill sine the ANC took over. Oh and if you didn’t build your luxury mansion, that money could have been used for maintaining some of the problems that is pushing South Africa down the drain.

    1. We are all forgetting that the average IQ of the blacks of Africa is 70. The IQ of the average white is way above that. We have school children running a country. Given the foregoing, one cannot expect any better from the ANC or any other black party, They have yet to invent the wheel. With this genetically challenged mind-set, no-one is capable of convincing the sheep that what Zuma is doing is their detriment. The only hope for whites is to get out as has happened in all other African countries. At 64, I am finishing off my studies and getting the hell out of here. I have sent my children into the civilised western world to prepare a place for me.

      1. Good for you. We just looked at Africa and new the path that SA would go. We therefore left left 12 years ago, now live in the USA, and have never regretted our decision. Good luck to you

      2. We left in 1988, following something FW De Klerk said. Thank goodness we did that, as we live in safety and have made a new life for ourselves. My advice is that, whatever colour you are, you should try to get out as soon as you can. We have no burglar bars and sleep with a door open so that our cats can get in and out. We are in the UK and love it!

    1. I think , Karel, that instead of the word ‘consumers” the better one would be “destroyers”. We know which is which eh!

  33. It’s time I think to pack up what you have and get the hell out of here. We can leave this sh!thole to them. They created it, they can have it!

  34. Maybe Zuma should go back to school to see when apartheid actually started. Maybe he should be taken to the Human Rights Commission- no bigger racist than him! Best form of defense is attacked – and he feels so threatened…..clearly! What a criminal!
    Maybe the govt should stop feeding their pockets and put the money back into infrastructure.

  35. I Think your huge salary and others’ is to blame for it. The money could have been used for the less privileged. You conveniently forgot to say that Apartheid is to blame for your house, or did I misread it somewhere?

  36. And once again… always.. …blame the whites for all your stuff ups. Back in 1995-1996 I remember very well reading an article where the Eskom board of directors at the time warned the ANC government that Eskom would not be able to maintain future supply of electricity if they did not implement plans for additional power stations… what? The ANC are so damn pathetic. I rest my case. Its like a tradesman who cannot do the job blames his tools.

  37. I’m sure mr zuma knows exactly what his plan is. How long has bob mogabe been in charge of Zimbabwe, despite all the criticism from all over the world. do you think any of these “leaders” give a shit if everybody around them starve to death, or don’t have electricity, running water etc. They are in it for the money and the power.

  38. The biggest problem/threat facing South Africa today … and the rest of Africa … is not Ebola, not Aids, not terrorism, not wars, not racism, not drought, not global warming, not capitalism …… It is IGNORANCE! …. and this includes those people elsewhere in the world who think that sending more & more money and aid is the solution …

  39. Its time to jump ship and to return to where our ancestors come from. Being blamed for their decisions century after century is no long fun.
    Zuma and his idiots are welcome to South Africa. The rest of the world has so much more to offer in terms of culture and civilization. cheers

  40. Warning is out folks. I have been in war in Israel, gulf 1. We all know the signal is embassies responding. Anti-white propaganda by the president can only lead to mass black retribution if the grid goes down. If it does we will have marshal law, no phone cover, no withdrawing of money, no fuel etc. etc. If the grid goes down it will be the single biggest disaster S.A will ever have. Wake up folks and start prepping.

  41. This is such bullshit, for so long I have watched the cancer that is the ANC destroy our rainbow nation. Everything is being blamed on what happen 20 years ago and in the latest bullshit to come out of Zuma month Jan van R is to be blamed too. Come on, they are so quick to call on the race card with no justification. Simply put I am a white male that not until the last 3 days ago, ever entertained the thought of immigrating… but the bullshit that is coming out of what is meant to be our leaders has even stopped the comedians from laughing. Simply put, The majority is stealing power, don’t believe just take a drive past the local settlement, this in the last survey I read account for 10% or more of the stress on the grid…… the cost of their free hook ups is enforced upon us. I Bet you the next election results that if we as all the “white people” that Zuma is so quick to blame stop paying rates, tax etc. and start doing what some of his followers do, steal electricity, demand free houses, etc.
    So let’s not be passive anymore, stop paying taxes, rates, uif, paye and all the other bullshit we have pay to support the the laxuary lives of all the corrupt leader and people in power. Zuma you know if we do this, your hours are numbered and this country will collapse faster than Majuba

  42. Question. How mutch money did he use to build his nkandla city. Why did he not use this money to upgrade all power stations. Since anc took over in 94 population have grown to what extent. Anc government will always use apartheid as the problem they will never say its them otherwise they will lose credibility from their voters.

  43. the fact of the matter is that this is the country we now live in, we are limited to 2 options.

    1 find another country to live in and let south africa continue to spiral into chaos, watching from the distance at everything we love about our land get destroyed

    2 stop blogging and start what the politicians can’t seem to do, it is time for an economic revolution to take back our country. we can start by not constantly supplying them with money for them to abuse and waste. stop paying SARS, Rates and taxes. Hurt these corrupt institutions where they will notice it the most.

    1. Well said Ricky!!!! The first bit of constructive thought on how to tackle this problem. STOP paying!!! That’s the only solution which will bring them to their Knees!!!! The NPA will never be able to handle the overload of cases and the prosecutors are not going to work for no pay either. NOW we are talking!!!! It’s time for the paying minority to stand together!!!!

    1. Nice one! What bastards we whites are, bringing technology to these bozos! Don’t worry, my friend, soon we’ll ALL! be huddled around fires! And the biggest fire will probably be this country. That is, after all, how these clowns operate – when the sadza hits the fan [which might be ‘wekking’ in the event of there NOT being ama-loadshedding], they resort to violence. Check out Pastor Manning’s stuff on you tube. This man speaks the truth!

  44. Correct me if I am wrong but I am trying to understand this. If I run a business and I see my clientele increases it means I have to buy more stock every week to keep up with the grow of my business and to provide to my customers. And like zuma said eskom had to provide more electricity to people that did not have and that the currant supply was not sufficient. How on Earth can you expect eskom to provide for 12 million more household’s if they dont build more power stations? How can they afford this….well it should be in the budget but how do we know that the money allocated is being used for its purpose? Actually we do know because we still have load shedding….

  45. Well, I agree with all the comments. The fatcats are just getting fatter, and the best off all is, they don’t give a dime for their own. Stealing from the poor…. Zuma should wake up and smell the coffee, the government should have planned from the beginning, instead of stealing themselves rich, build houses and powerstations, rather to upgrade a kraal house. Oh sorry, I forgot, Zuma said he is the king of the kraal, no wonder we sit in darkness….

  46. It seems all former African colonies become democracies for a decade or two, followed by dictatorships.

    One man, one vote, once only.

  47. I am so sick and tired of these “leaders” who’s brains have not evolved. You were given a country that was prosperous and the envy of Africa and in 21 years you have driven it into the ground. All through Africa we see the same thing. Uneducated, idiots who have no common sense ruining country’ all for their own gain. Zuma and company, how long will you “people” blame apartheid for your stupidity. Tell you what give it back to the whites and you will see in 10 years it will be prosperous again, where people will have the basics, electricity, and safety. GUARANTEED. My hope is that all the people who can get out will, and then africa can have its own, where savagery, ignorance and raping is the norm.

  48. Maybe it is time the White Man takes back everything that he has given this country and let’s see what is left.
    No housing, No education, No medical, No farms, No vehicles, No ELECTRICITY and more and more and more.
    Mr Zuma, please for the sake of a country that is bordering on disaster, look back at how far your nation has come, with the help of the white man. No mud huts, except for all the squatter camps that have evolved since your goverment has been in power. Where are the Billions of dollars that what was given for housing developments, ALL THAT HAS BUILT YOUR FORTRESS.
    No donkey carts, but luxury Mercedes that also has been sponsored by your peoples tax money.
    We won’t even go into all the rest, Medical that the people are diying like flies, cause the hospitals have no medication or resourses to help the people, Education that the pupils never get books on time or lack of dissapline in classrooms. There is just so much that I would need a day to place all the points.
    Now you want to take the food away as well, is it not enough that our farmers are being murdered on a daily basis, WHAT happened to the land that has already been given, on a scale of 1-10, 0.2 percent of that land is been worked as a farming investment, the rest has rusted implements and bush growing.
    And all this since ur goverment has come into power. PLEASE look at yourself, before you try and pass the buck.

    1. You are farting against the wind ….. you need to take action … start with notifying any and all organizations world wide. 10 per day … somebody will get the email… the wheel that squeaks the loudest get the oil. Start making a noise !!!

  49. The President has now changed the reconciliation agreement into a racial issue.He will now undermine the tax base like he normally does and kill the economy totally.Maybe black and white people don’t belong together ?

  50. There is no cure for stupid. Who falls into the category of stupid? We all knew since 1994 that this country will end in disaster. Its just a matter of sitting back and enjoy the rolercoaster ride, we are now at the turn where the power fails, next turn is the land grab bend. Anti-white propaganda is at a high, will they ever stop blaming whites for all problems. Of coarse not, that is what they do. Have you never heard the story of the crocodile and the rabbit. Like I said, there is no fixing ignorant and no cure for stupid.

  51. Land owners should just maintain the full bank bond on their properties and let the banks take the hit in the event of an expropriation.Then the banks can claim the money back from the ANC.

  52. in the last 20 old year South Africa has successfully gone back wards …. It is run by idiots and if you had any hope in your future you would leave …..-) leave the country … The the future is ” no future!!!

  53. Zuma is very clearly a narrow minded simpleton, who is taking abuse for plunging SA even further into the mire and not living up to the promises which got him votes, is now blaming everybody in sight.
    Whites, van Riebeeck, who next . Aliens maybe.
    Who does he think is keeping this country afloat – black taxpayers ??
    His level of stupidity is mind blowing !!!!
    Murder and chase all the whites out of SA and you will be left with a stinking septic tank, filled with poverty, disease and hunger. No different from the rest of Africa.

    1. If the grid goes down folks we will have socio-economic colapse. If you lose your properties and goods dont cry if you are not prepared. Also keep in mind that that which you own arent yours unless you can protect it. Preparedness means you’ve taken responsibility for your family no matter what situation arises. You won’t be standing in the government lines with an angry crowd, waiting for an MRE and a bottle of water to ration out across your family. It means you’ve embraced adulthood and you aren’t waiting to be rescued. A phenomena occurs and the mindset shifts in people. They begin to act without thinking and respond to changes in their environment in an emotionally-based manner, thus leading to chaos, instability and a breakdown in our social paradigm. For whatever reason, 3-5 days following a disaster is the bewitching hour. During this short amount of time, the population slowly becomes a powder keg full of angry, desperate citizens. A good example is the chaos that ensued in New Orleans following the absence of action from the local government or a timely effective federal response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Wake up sheeple and remember is no resolve for ignorance and no cure for stupid!

  54. Can’t believe that the anc is still not happy with the way they have already stuffed this country up. They blame the whites and keep on at it but they are to blind and stupid to see that they are to blame for all the shit that is going on. They to busy filling their own bank accounts with stolen money. If they take the land away from the white farmers we looking at a loss that will land up costing south africa billions in losses. Wake up you stupid fools.

  55. I am just wondering, while we are loadshedding, is the government still supplying uncle Bob with electricity, and can anybody verify whether the uncle is paying for it or is he like all south africans belonging to the shame i am black group getting it for free

  56. Why the ANC blame everyone else but themselves they had 20 years to sort / fix whatever instead they give themselves bonuses and luxury STOP this bullshit and get this thieves out for good.

  57. Am I the onky one thinking this is another ploy to take the attention away from issues like Nklanda, the arms deal, the “proposed” nuclear power solution, corruption and other life destroying issues?

  58. Yes, no planning and the lack of maintenance, and squandered monies. Jacob shower head forgot to mention, that if it wasn’t for ‘Jan’ and other westerners, he would’ve still been running around with a skin ‘deur trekker’ through his butt in the bush!

  59. Zuma is a pathetic excuse for a President. He will blame Adam and Eve for his inabilities when all other resources run out. Fact is he simply does not have what it takes to run a Country. Any person with half a bain cell can see what Mugabe did with his “land reform” and Zuma is heading down the same path. Its all about self-enrichment and to hell with the rest. i

  60. What the hell do we do if we cant get out? I am an educated (Masters degree) white male who unfortunately seems to be stuck in a position that does not allow for me to leave as I do not have the resources. What then?

    1. I am an educated, worldly, prosperous American. If not for the fact that I have come to know two white South African immigrants, I would have no idea of the plight of whites in South Africa. In the US, Mandela is touted as a great hero who “won” and that quite frankly has been the end of the story. I have been horrified by the stories of life in SA. The murders, rapes, crime, inflation, disruption of basic services, demise of the economy, etc. are not known by the average American. My South African friends are intelligent, charming, educated, hard working people who literally fled their crumbling lives in SA with very little in their pockets. I believe that Americans would be very supportive of white South African immigration if the story came out in a public way. Americans believe very strongly in property rights and high quality infrastructure. The confiscation of your land is deplorable. Remember too that we have endured 2 terms of an idiot in office. That social experiment is nearing an end and won’t be repeated. Americans are vocally politically correct but that in no way reflects their true beliefs. We could use an influx of educated, motivated white people. Get your story out there any way you can. Use the western media. Your leader is a criminal who advocates white genocide. Get your story out to encourage white American empathy. The time is right.

  61. Thanks to Harold (Britain on Rhodesia); thanks to US (supporting Harold); thanks additionally to US per messenger Kissenger (spelling?) (wielding the stick to force RSA to withdraw support for Rhodesia). All of you at those world powerful Government levels – such incredibly short minded & greedy politicians with a hidden agenda. You have been the masters responsible for the economic death, hence destruction, of once two viable countries that supported you by giving the blood of their young men to fight your wars elsewhere. How proud you must be of the way in which you thanked them & of successfully fulfilling your thinly hidden agendas. At 83 I have seen it all. History has it – the wheel turns full circle …. for us & (can you believe it!) YOU TOO.

  62. This would be hilarious due to its level of stupidity if it wasn’t such a reality. He is single handedly destroying any progress people have made in managing diversity in South Africa. He is rejuvenating apartheid for the youth….

  63. He is correct, it is the fault of the whites, as is everything else in Africa if you look at it from the perspective of an ignorant, uneducated and racist herd-boy.

    The original supply network was designed primarily to supply the needs of the white population. The townships have grown massively since then, largely due to illegal immigration, and power demand has gone up as a result of theft from the network.

    These halfwitted goons have had 25 years to deal with it. They didn’t …… whose fault is it now?

    Remember that being ‘previ-ahsly disudvuntaged’ is exactly what they want so that they can play the race card for ever and ever.

    Isn’t is odd that the Indians, who were equally disadvantaged under Apartheid, are now edicated and living decent civilised and professional lives. The blacks have painted themselves into a corner.

    1. Recently did a trip to Cape Town region. Was shocked to see the miles and miles of Squater Camps all along the N2. What stunned me was all the black cables hanging like a maypole from every installed Eskom power pole. Obvious these cables were not installed by Eskom but are results of electricity theft by the squatters themselves! Good Lord, there must have been about 30- 50 such pirated cables per electrical pole!! On top of that, I also could not believe, that staterlite dishes on these tin shacks. I mean folks, these are not house, but lean-to shacks of zinc, cardboard etc etc. What Cape Town needs is one of our Texas tornadoes .. it will clear out the lot! Why is such open blatant theft of electricity being ignored by Eskom? Also, who paid for all that freaking concrete fencing which the squatters have no problem tearing down ???? Wish I could paste those photos here .. for all to see!!!!!

      1. Mary, sadly that is the case in EVERY town and city in South Afria. For example, in Mossel Bay the squatters (politically correct term – informal settlers, majority Zimbabweans) burnt down municipal buildings and vandalized traffic lights because the local municipality had disconnected these illegal connections. Mossel Bay CBD was under seige for a week and innocent civillians living in the squatter camps were not allowed by the protesters to leave the area during that time – women and children were left without food and electricity, as all the shops had been vandalized and raided. Us, the heartless, racist white people, sneaked food into these squatter camps and bought electricity and texted the voucher numbers to people we knew living in the area. It only ended once the municipality agreed to leave the illegal connections in tact – it remains unchanged to this day! I can’t see any way to resolve SA’s problem, as the term “reasonable” does not exist in the African culture. It is a matter of: “I want, I demand and I will take”.

        1. Lize.. I’m shocked .. stunned !!!! But this is anarchy !!!! Why don’t the people who do pay, I understand there is the prepaid meter system, march on the town and do what the blacks do? Things have to come to a head … it cannot and should not continue the way it is. . I’ve family in SA, I fully understand and know the situation, but all the hope, all the decency, all the convinicing that it won’t get to that point .. reminds me of the frog sitting in the pot .. you know the water is warming, that it will boil, yet do nothing about it. Oh for sure, those can and could leave have gotten out, but what about the millions who can’t, who have no option, no choice? Are they to just become frogs in a row to be picked off by some African with a panga? What the hell is going on in SA?

  64. I have lived here for 25 years I love the country. The weather. Most of the people. Black. White. Coloured. And others I am now looking to move back to the UK for security and health care also to be able to have a say in how the country should be governed. Here a vote means NOTHING we just get insults. Non satisfaction. I thought hitler was dead but now I see that Zuma is his “re_incarnation” and the “Gestapo” the ANC. God help us!!!

  65. Zuma must keep this up, the whites of this country are sitting on their hands for now… But it will be your funeral to under estimate the white South African, we have already proved to the world we are a handful of dynamite when cornered. And Zuma has lighten our fuse! Only a fool corners a wounded lion. And what are a 100 monkeys to an angry lion.

    1. Agreed. Just as long as there is is action [and this seems to be sadly lacking on the whites part], and not just talk. Seriously, I wish I could ‘paste’ all the whites into a ‘folder’, and then ‘move this folder’ to, say, Australia. The South African farmers [those terrible, land-thieving, racist people who put food into the stomachs of these whining minions] would turn Australia into an agricultural powerhouse. Then we could sell everything to Africa – maybe?

  66. What about the electricity suppled to other African countries, has the idiot forgotten that. Did the anc pocket all the money for the power stations they were building??
    A bad work
    Man always blames his tools and he has a vast choice!!

  67. Love the Titanic reference.

    Move to America!!!!! I did and I’m happy. It’s hard to convince my mom and dad though.
    Best of luck to all the whites. You are on genocide watch.

    I will always be an African. Born and raised.

  68. All i can say it will be interesting to see how the banks react. At the end of the day the properties belong to the bank.
    With that being said it is time they realise we are not Zimbabwe. We may be smaller in numbers but they are in for a surprise.

  69. if one doesn’t water the plants they don’t grow if one does not invest and improve the infrastructure it will decay. Wake up Zuma did you smoke to much dagga. A fire doesn’t burn without wood. Seems like you burnt your books instead of using them to learn,.Or you were rioting whilst I was sitting at school learning.

  70. Load shedding is all down to buying poor quality coal for ESCOM from BEE suppliers. Result is generators are running at 50% output and the pollution is horrific from the low grade coal. They have to make excuses for poor judgment.

  71. Can anyone name me a country run by blacks (or brown skinned folks for that matter) that is vibrant, growing, successful ?

  72. Can anyone name me a country run by blacks (or brown skinned folks for that matter) that is vibrant, growing, successful ? Anyone

      1. THANKS TO MASSIVE CHINESE INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT, as soon as they scarf up all the natural resources and leave, Botswana will turn into a sh*thole again.

  73. I lived in sa for 16 years as a child adolescent then young man but born in the uk I always said that the signal for the beginning of the end would be the taking of land from the whites.

  74. Zuma may just run himself into a BRIC wall! (pardoning the pun) as one of the BRICS members! — especially considering that BRICS consist of a multiple of different races… of which Russia and Brazil contribute the mainly white components. Racism is not tolerated in BRICS and affords equal opportunities for all…. Interesting.

  75. It’s sad to see such a beautiful country going down the drain to become like the rest of the countries in South Africa. South Africa once was the most prosperous country on the Africa continent; that was before the ANC took over. America will not get involved with Zimbabwe and Mugabe’s dictatorship, so I doubt it that they (US) will get involved with S.A. – even though they the one who pushed for changes.

  76. When the real trouble starts in a year or two years’ time, the South African non Europeans will begin their liberation against the South African Europeans in coordinated attacks, the world will not come to our rescue, the world will not stop what they will do, the World will do Nothing, those Europeans that are lucky enough to survive the initial onslaught, will have no other choice but to resist, against the greatest of odds, their very survival will depend on it, then too, the world must not interfere!
    ” though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me”

  77. What happens if the whites don’t pay for electricity, they get cut off asap.
    Again Zuma passes the buck. Didn’t Eskom tell him years ago they need to expand? I guess Zuma thought expansion meant something to him…. Zumaville.

    And According to this article: (check it out).
    Only sixteen percent of blacks in the sprawling South African township of Soweto, Johannesburg, pay for their electricity, while South Africa’s electricity supply infrastructure is rapidly crumbling due to incompetent Third World management and lack of maintenance.

  78. If the EFF ever win an election and they may just do that, from his very first day as president Julius Malema will start a public genocidal persecution of ALL whites. Farmer or otherwise. Now is the time to arm up and stockpile ammo because a terrible wind is blowing the EFF ever closer to being the ruling party and it IS going to come down to running battles in the streets. No one wants this but if you are not armed appropriately and willing to become a revolutionary you are going to face a terrible death at the hands of ignorant whaite hating EFF savages. Get ready, its coming !!!

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