South African University Gives Honorary Degrees to Witchdoctors

In yet another indication of South Africa’s rapid descent back into the Third World jungle, a major university in that country has just awarded honorary degrees to more than 100 primitive witchdoctors in an official ceremony.

The incredible news was carried with pride by South Africa’s national news broadcaster, the SABC, and, using the politically-correct term for witchdoctor (“traditional healers”), claimed that these people are actually comparable to western-trained doctors.


According to the SABC report, more than “100 traditional health practitioners from Limpopo have been honoured with academic certificates by the University of Limpopo.”

The aim of the charade, the SABC informed its listeners, was to “transform traditional health medicine by incorporating health education.”

The SABC gushed on: “The traditional healers are being recognized by academia in their contribution to fighting diseases.

“The University of Limpopo and the African Religion, Culture and Health Organisation say educational backgrounds of traditional health practitioners serves as an important step towards transforming this form of healing.”

According to one Dr. Jan Ramothwala, as quoted by the SABC, the awarding of these certificates will boost the standing of these witchdoctors in their communities.

The SABC also quote a botanist, named as Dr. Phatlane Mokwala, as saying that “traditional healing is also about the preservation of natural resources.”

In the very next line, however, Mokwala went on to admit that these “natural resources” are in fact being plundered to extinction by these very same witchdoctors.

“Plants are becoming scarce, rare, or somewhat getting extinct. That is the challenge and what we need to know is how we make sure the plants are there whenever they are required,” Mokwala was quoted as saying.

The skill level of these fine examples of African civilization was epitomized by an interview conducted with one of the witchdoctors by the  SABC:

“As traditional healers we want to know more about HIV and AIDS status. We want to know more about TB and we want to know more about cleanliness; hygiene as a whole because we are dealing with people, who are not well,” one of the traditional healers said.

* As white influence in Third World nations such as South Africa declines, the culture slowly slips into a laughable but deadly parody of the First World. See also the astonishing revelations of African “aircraft” and “space travel” engineers as another example.

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  1. It’s official. The Republic of South Africa is now a Banana Republic. God help us, as some of us are stuck down here.

  2. One can only laugh and say “I told you so.” But who do we really blame for the shocking descent of South Africa into a third-world pigsty. We must blame our white brethren and especially the multiculturists and diversity nut cases who claimed black rule in South Africa would be a good thing. Our white brothers and sisters in South Africa willingly voted for their own doom.

    Do you recall how vocal the leftists and libertarians were in denouncing South Africa as a bad country under Apartheid. They are now very silent on the current social and political status of South Africa as a nation today. They say nothing about the escalating crime, the increased rate of unemployment, the failing economy and a society ruled by HIV infected third world animals. The only “cottage industries” gaining a foot-hold in South Africa today are rape and murder.

    The current status of South Africa today provides a clear insight into the fate of America as America becomes “darker” with each passing decade. If you think that America as a society has got problems today, they are nothing compared to the problems America will have when whites in America become a minority group. Look very carefully at South Africa, it shows what America will be like in thirty years. Thanks for reading this today.

    1. Uncle Sam.

      Unfortunately the blacks make up about 85% of the population.So even if all the other races stand together against them it still wouldn’t make an impact as such.

  3. I had an opportunity to visit Rhodesia and South Africa on several occasions during the 1960’s in association with the Friends of Rhodesia. It is unbelievable that the whites would have given up control to the blacks. All people that I met appeared determined to maintain white rule whatever the consequences. I will never understand why they gave up without a fight.Perhaps, there are some here who can explain the inexplicable to me?

    1. Rhodesians didn’t really have much choice, given their numbers, and the fact that even SA sold them out in the end in the vain hope that the crocodile would be satisfied with that. As for SA,
      they just got relentlessly worn down and fed up with being called “racists” and other nasty names, especially when they travelled to Europe, etc (as many could afford to do in those days) and many people would berate them and insult them. But ultimately, and sadly, when they were offered the carrot of being able to play international sport again – mainly rugby and cricket – they succumbed to the temptation.

      1. South Africa never sold Rhodesia out, they were manipulated by the West to stop helping you guys in the Bush War by lowering the Gold Price and putting complete sanctions that would of destroyed our economy over night and hence believe me Rhodesia would of turned into a bloodbath simultaneously with South Africa. Blame the Zionists and the brain washed Liberal media for taking you down the drain. SA seems like it is going the same way as Zimbabwe now.

    2. We ( SA) were forced into the bs ” democracy” through economic sanctions against SA by the rest of the world and the hypocrisy of the west that sold us out as well just so that can they get easy access on SA’s vast mineral resources. The USA, Britain and Europe sold us out and I guess they are next on the cards to the current situation of South Africa.

    3. We were so close to civil war, we really had no option. However, we were also naive enough to hope for the best. Fair is fair, after all.

  4. @Anthony Rawdon – that is only part of the story.

    The west, lead by Henry Kissinger, threatened to cut off oil supplies and push down the price of gold thus effectively crippling the RSAs economy, unless [1] apartheid was abandoned [2] black political parties were unbanned [3] Mandela and other so called prisoners of conscience were released [they were in fact serving time for sabotage] [4] exiled political leaders were granted unconditional re-entry into the country [5] universal franchise was implemented for all citizens of the RSA. This would inevitably lead to black majority rule.

    In short a gun was held to head of FW de Klerk and his government. They had no choice. They had to save the economy and prevent the state of emergency escalating into a civil war.

    Despite ample evidence from failed northern black African states and warnings from white South Africa that the same fate would befall the RSA the western liberals knew better. The irony is that with the uncontrolled immigration now taking place into Europe, Scandinavia, the UK and the USA 25 years later, these countries are heading for the same collapse.

    Uncle Sam has clearly identified this in his post above.
    Good luck to you all.

    1. The west wasn’t ‘led by Henry Kissinger’. Kissinger represented Jews, who were and are a corrupt 5th column in white societies. The South African ‘Communist’ Party was Jewish run.

  5. Western Europe will be an Islamic controlled continent in 40 years time and the Whites will be a minority in less than that time frame believe me.

  6. The University of Limpopo isn’t a very good University. It has very little standing. All the degrees that come from there are worth about as much as a degree you buy online.

  7. The fact that whites handed power to blacks in both the then Rhodesia and South Africa is ascribed to the support (boycotts and financial restrictions) imposed on both nations by the USA, Canada, Europe (including Scandinavia), Australia, New Zealand, Russia, China, etc. Now, when the chickens have come home to roost, nothing is being done by these nations to remedy the situation (creating equal rights for all and protecting minorities – farmer murders are a good example). The small number of whites could not stand up against the “world”, but was sacrificed by the “world” and left to their own devices.
    South Africa, on many fronts, was a world leader in its research of which very little is left. The CSIR and the Onderstepoort Veterinary Facility are good examples.
    Also, South Africa is now kicking those western countries in the teeth and sides with the communists who apparently is not averse to lining pockets for their own benefit.
    Thank the West for their contribution in this major disaster in the making.

  8. Nearly 20 years ago, I was directing people to the African Crises webpage which reported the downward spiral and all the vicious crime directed at whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and I was telling stupid whites that this was what they could expect in the US. Anyone with half a brain could figure that out. The white morons ridiculed me, to a man. One out of a hundred would agree with me. Today, as the US descends into non-white shitdom, the white morons are JUST NOW beginning to realize that their children will be threatened minorities in the once-great US that their white grandparents built. FOOLS.

  9. i wonder if peter hain and his parents are reading this.they where working underground with mandella and the anc i know i was living there at the time.

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