South African White ANC MP Assaulted and Strangled by Black Criminals

One of South Africa’s white ANC Members of Parliament, Sue van der Merwe, 58, is “recovering” after being attacked and strangled to unconsciousness in her luxury Cape Town home, police in that city have said.

Van der Merwe’s house was also ransacked. The two black males “assaulted and strangled her until she lost consciousness,” police Captain Frederick van Wyk was quoted as saying.

The attackers used a crowbar to force open the back door to the house in the upmarket suburb of Rondebosch while the ANC MP was inside. Her injuries included a fractured arm, cuts and bruises.

She was on the telephone to her son at the time when the blacks entered the house, and was able to tell him of the intrusion. He then called a private security company, ADT, not the notoriously inefficient black-run South African police, to come to her aid.

He then also sped to his mother’s house, and so doing probably saved her life. Upon his arrival, the criminals fled, leaving the far leftist MP lying unconscious on the floor. Had he been a few minutes later, it is likely they would have killed her.

A few items, including Van der Merwe’s car and bank cards, were taken.

Van der Merwe is a veteran leftist activist who, before the unbanning of the ANC in 1990, worked for one of its many front organizations inside South Africa. She was first elected as an MP in 1996, and served as deputy minister of foreign affairs from 2004 to 2009.

Cape Town has long been—incorrectly—regarded by many South African whites as a refuge from the crime of the northern city of Johannesburg. In fact, the crime rate in the southern coastal city, famous for its mountain ranges which look over the sea, has for many years had a far higher crime rate than Johannesburg.

In 2012, one black suburb of Cape Town, Nyanga, took the top spot for murders and crime in all South Africa, and was dubbed the “most dangerous place to be a South African” by a local newspaper.

The crime rate among the large numbers of mixed-race inhabitants of Cape Town’s suburbs is equally notorious, with the most violent gangs all centered on the region known as the “Cape Flats.” Policing is atrocious, and 84 percent of murder and attempted murder cases originating from five gang hotspots in the Western Cape end in acquittals because of botched investigations.

*The day after the attack on Van der Merwe, a Norwegian exchange student was raped and her boyfriend tied up by two nonwhite criminals on Signal Hill overlooking Cape Town.

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  1. A revelation to ponder over – the rainbow nation phrase excludes whites. Have you ever seen white in rainbow colours?

  2. her white liberal guilt has her now believing she deserved it. she was raped and she has a sick mind, some people never take the red pill.

  3. Nice, very nice. I'm glad that she never died in the attack. Now she can feel the terror, pain and the aftermath of what happened to her, just like all the white South Africans, who are just like her have to go through.
    All the farmers that were murdered and wives and daughters raped and mutilated in the savage attacks. Go now and vote again for the ANC and your MP position and see where that gets you.
    Lastly, I'm extremely glad it happened to you, not be be ugly or something, but just so that you may know what white folk are going through everyday in this beautiful country that the ANC is busy destroying.

  4. Oh so you have to be an ANC member and show your ID so avoid being assaulted in your own house? The problem CLEARLY as you state has more to do with savage barbarism with the majority rather than membership with any political party!

  5. Lady don't forget to vote same party next time, They have no mercy for you old Dear.
    You take some people out the Bush, but never the Bush out of them.

  6. Serves her right. Hope a lot more white traitors who hate their ethnic kin get the same treatment. If it happens enough, maybe a light bulb might go on. Once is not enough though, we've seen that with a couple of stupid libs whose white daughter was murdered in South Africa by laughing blacks. So they "forgive" the savages and call for "understanding"…. (I would have done the same only until I knifed them both in the brainstem while they ate dinner at my table. And don't forget the idiot who was raped while helping Haitian earthquake "victims" and then wrote how she understands her brother's "black rage". See, these people are sick, sick fucks. I believe they are the source of infecting healthy whites with their craziness. Thanks to the internet, more of us are getting to know the TRUTH and we can start being the antibiotics.

  7. God sometimes works in mysterious ways and "that" was for ignoring the plight and call for help of the White South Africans,now you can say viva anc.YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED.Do not moan about it.

  8. "A nation (or country) gets what he asks for."
    The majority of South Africans asked for an African National Congress government, that is why the country suffers so much. One of these days South Africa will be the same as Zimbabwe.
    One should not blame the liberal leaders for the chaos, but those who vote for them.
    It was idiots who voted F W de Klerk into parliament, and it was idiots who voted the ANC into parliament a few years later.
    It was also idiots who voted the DA (Democratic Alliance) into power in the Western Cape, that is why Cape Town is the crime capital of the world.
    It is true that Helen Zille's province is being governed the best of all provinces in the country, but she has no sympathy with the Afrikaners who voted for her. More than 70 000 whites (mainly Afrikaners and Boere) were brutally killed by blacks in the past 20 years, but Zille renamed Cape Town's streets (some of them are hundreds of years old) to ANC cadres (terrorists).

  9. Being a ass kisser of the ANC didnt help did it, they only saw her WHITE skin!!! Let that be a wake up call for her and other like her, but alas they wont learn!

  10. shes going to apologise and say its the white mans fault these black criminals attacked her, they blame everything on apartheid although that horse died 19 yrs ago..

  11. Good ,it seems her b brothers did not make the extinction that she is actually their sister,and part of the ANC , because of her white skin ,now it would be nice to hear what she has to say about it all !

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