South Africa’s New President: “We Will Seize White Land”

South Africa’s new president Cyril Ramaphosa—widely being hailed as that country’s new savior—has vowed to implement a policy of confiscating white farmland without compensation and handing it over to blacks—even though he has admitted that land already given to black famers is “derelict.”

According to reports in the South African media, Ramaphosa said that the policy of land expropriation of land without compensation was taken by the ANC at its 54th Congress, where he was elected ANC President.

“We will accelerate our land redistribution program not only to redress a grave historical injustice, but also to bring more producers into the agricultural sector and to make more land available for cultivation,” Ramaphosa said during his maiden State of the Nation Address in Parliament last Friday.

“We will pursue a comprehensive approach that makes effective use of all the mechanisms at our disposal. Guided by the resolutions of the 54th National Conference of the governing party, this approach will include the expropriation of land without compensation,” he said.

He said the policy would work to ensure that the land is “returned to those from whom it was taken under colonialism and apartheid”.

He also called on financial institutions to help mobilize resources to “accelerate the land redistribution program” saying that “increased investment will be needed in this sector..

Earlier, Ramaphosa told the News24 news service that he would like a study of farms that have been reclaimed or redistributed to black South Africans since 1994.

“The real issue, though, is that most of the redistributed land is lying derelict at the moment,” he said. “It’s not being worked.”

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  1. “The real issue, though, is that most of the redistributed land is lying derelict at the moment,” he said. “It’s not being worked.”

    Of course, it’s not, dumb ass. If the land is taken, then let them starve to death.

  2. Throughout his speech Ramaphosa referred to “our people”. Who are these people? As the president of the country “his” people should include all South Africans, yet the context of his statements indicated he was only talking about black people. The distinction is important – I trust we’ll be enlightened soon.

  3. The most dangerous occupation on earth ?? ” White Sth African farmer”. Second , I reckon to — white African wildlife sanctuary manager. Cos the tusk n rhino horn gobblers, ( you know Hu) have to take out hits, to get rid of capable strong ex military caretakers.

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