South American Gangs Now Recruiting in D.C. Elementary Schools

The ongoing nonwhite invasion of America—and the racial replacement of white people with Third Worlders—has been highlighted once again with the news that notorious South American gang MS-13 is now recruiting in northern Virginia’s elementary schools—which cater for students aged from 10 years and under.

According to local news reports, gang leaders from the MS-13 gang—which is made up of Central Americans mostly of Salvadoran origin—have started an active recruitment process in the elementary schools of northern Virginia bordering Washington D.C.

These areas have long since been overrun by the Third World invasion of America, and whites are an absolute minority in the area’s school system.

Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Director Jay Lanham told media that MS-13 is now recruiting in “5th grade and on.” The average age of 5th graders is between 10 and 11.

“It may feel like they’re babies, but 5th grade and on, the time kids are starting to find themselves, has become a prime target age for MS-13 gang recruiting especially,” Lanham was quoted as saying.

His team is aiding the investigation into the gang-related murder of a female gang member, 15-year-old Alexandra Reyes-Rivas, found dead in Springfield, Va. this past weekend.

“Even more concerning is the increase in juvenile violent offenders,” he said, referring to a recent set of arrests in the murder of a female gang member, 15-year-old Alexandra Reyes-Rivas, in Springfield, Virginia, a week previously.

Police arrested five suspects with gang links for the murder and abduction. Of those five, investigators say three are 17 years old. Police also said another five are charged with gang participation.

Reyes’s mother told local media that she believed her daughter’s involvement in the gang “began in middle school,” and specifically Watkins Mill High School, where she dropped out. She said her r daughter began to run away from Gaithersburg, Md. home after becoming acquainted with gang-affiliated friends in Virginia.

“I can’t give you the name of the schools in Northern Virginia area and primarily in the areas where there is a heavy population, a Latino, because that’s who they tend to prey on,” said Lanham, adding that “we can’t arrest our way out of the problem. I mean everyone has to be involved and it starts with the parents.”

Other reports confirmed an upswing of gang recruiting in the D.C. region, and kids in middle schools are frequently the targets, according to the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force.

MS-13 has a long history in the D.C. region. In recent years the gang has focused on extortion, FBI agent Kevin Donovan was quoted as saying.

“These are crimes that are committed or dictated from outside the United States,” Donovan said.

A typical extortion scheme would involve gang members in El Salvador threatening or abducting someone in that country who has relatives living and working in the D.C. region. Affiliated members in the Capital region then demand payment from the victims’ families in the U.S.

None of the media reports dared point out the obvious: that the upsurge in MS-13 activity is directly related to the Third World invasion of America, and the ethnic cleansing of whites from the public school system—and ultimately the greater D.C. area.

According to statistics released by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, (NCES), of the 50.4 million students attending public elementary and secondary schools in 2016, “white” students were numbered at 24.6 million—an absolute minority.

Given the U.S. Government’s notoriously inaccurate system of racial classification—which includes all Middle Easterners, Arabs, Indians, and self-classifying “Hispanics” as “white”—the true figure is likely to be even lower.

It should therefore come as no surprise for any observer with an understanding of racial demographics—and their meaning—to see that the Third World culture of Central and South America is merely being transferred to the U.S. along with the population shift.

Furthermore, it is equally clear that this trend can only be halted by one of two methods: either halting and reversing Third World immigration, or by forming a European ethnostate on the continental mass of North America. A failure to achieve either of these aims will result in the extermination of white European culture and civilization in North America.

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