Spain: “Legal Immigrant” Terror Arrests

At least 50 legally-resident Third World invaders have been arrested for planning attacks on European beach holiday-makers in Spain—and two have been charged with financing ISIS in Syria.

The arrests illustrate that the terrorist threat in Europe comes from all Third World immigration, legal and illegal.


Two legally-resident-Moroccans are arrested last week in Girona on charges of funding ISIS from Europe. Photo issued by the Civil Guard.

According to a report issued by the Real Instituto Elcano research institute, focusing on Islam in Spain, Spanish police have arrested at least 150 ISIS terrorists—legal and illegal “immigrants”—who were being primed to attack holiday hotspots in Spain.

Fully one-third of this number formed part of ISIS cells whose instructions included the carrying out of attacks on European beachgoers in Spain, the report said.

The study also found that 94 percent of those arrested had “participated in activities relating to ISIS terrorism with other people,” and that only 6 percent had acted as “lone wolves.”

The study, titled “Islamic State in Spain,” found that 65 percent of those arrested had either travelled to Syria or Iraq to join ISIS, or had taken the decision to do so.

Just this week, two Moroccans legally resident in Spain were arrested by Spanish police for helping to finance ISIS in Syria with cash generated in Europe.

The two Moroccans had legal permits to stay in the city of Girona, located in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region.

According to a statement issued by the Spanish Civil Guard, the two nonwhites were arrested for “collaborating in the creation of a permanent funding structure” for DAESH, the other often-used acronym for ISIS.

“The structure used assumed identities to send funds to managers of the economic apparatus of DAESH in Syria and Iraq that were used to finance the transfer of operating in conflict zones,” the Guardia Civil statement said.

This is the first case in Spain where “concrete evidence” has been found “demonstrating the specific purpose of use of remittances from Europe to facilitate the operation of the terrorist group,” the statement continued.

Agents from the Civil Guard, along with police units from Girona, Almeria, and the areas of Catalonia and Andalusia, arrested the two nonwhites, described in the official statement as “aged 33 and 22 years respectively, of Moroccan nationality and resident in Girona.”

The two invaders, along with their brother—who had been killed fighting in Syria—gathered together funding using false identities, the statement continued, adding that these identities “form part of the central economic method whereby DAESH collects funds internationally, as evidenced by international contacts identified during the investigation.”

The death of the one brother—who had travelled to Syria with his wife and two children to take part in the ISIS armed forces—did not halt the funding activities from Europe, the statement added.

Following the arrests, agents searched a number of homes in Spain linked to the cell’s activities, and are working on exposing more operatives as time goes on. These structures extend out of Spain into the rest of Europe.

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  1. I keep saying that every last muslim in the western world should be repatriated to the lands of their forefathers!

    1. Hi Antieu, with all respect, but do you think that conversions of Muslims to “Christendom” change their innate behaviors? Would 500 Million Christian Africans in Europe be the same as 500 Million Christian Europeans? Were (the Africans) they to create high-tech devices and and channel music like that of Verdi, Bach, Beethoven, Handel etc?
      The whole Islam against Christendom has a complete Kabbalistic/masonic component. It just happens that the majority of middle easterners are followers of Islam. But if they were Christians would it be okay to come and stay in Europe?

    2. It’s almost as if the authorities think they are playing a game with naughty schoolchildren! we’re at war. Internment and forcible repatriation is the only way to go, or accept ethnic suicide!

  2. The naivety (or evil intent ?) of our western politicians is mindboggling.
    Handing out citizenship like sweeties supposedly to make Muzzies feel `at home` and part of western society is a ludicrous concept. Why don`t leftie-liberal lunatics finally accept that mixing of totally opposing cultures is an impossibility. How many of us have to be butchered in our own countries before our politicians realise that the enforced mixing of races (especially when accompanied by the Islamic religion) will never be successful.
    No one of the Muslim faith should be allowed to become a citizen of a western country……Islam should be banned here . There`s enough Muslime countries to take in all of their brethren from the west.

    1. Theyre actually racist against whites, whites have to pay top dollar for everything and then subsidise them

  3. Is it too much to hope that security services across Europe will begin to take action, rather than just ‘monitor’ terror suspects? I won’t hold my breath.

  4. One would have thought that after Spain’s terrible 800 year history with Islam, that the Spaniards would have known better.

    1. I don’t think the politicians of today are prepared to accept that history is repeating itself in any shape or form. Afghanistan is a very good case in point, the British were kicked out of there in the 1840’s because the Afghans beat the hell out of them. Nothing has changed in that country ever since.

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