Spain: Madrid Suburb “Left in Ruins” after African Invaders Attack

Large gangs of African invaders in Spain left a Madrid suburb in the “ruins” this week after rioting following the heart attack death of one of their number which they claimed was “racist.”

The Africans burned and slashed their way through the inner city district of Lavapiés after a Senegalese illegal immigrant, named as Mame Mbaye Ndiaye, died of heart attack while being chased by police for illegal vending.

The invader violence started after Ndiaye, who was selling items in Puerta del Sol—a busy tourist area in central Madrid—was stopped by police and asked for identification.

Ndiaye ran away, but collapsed of a heart attack while running.

Although his death was purely due to natural causes, his fellow Africans—encouraged by a small group of “anti-racist activists” immediately called it “racist” and riots soon erupted, as confirmed by the Director General of the Madrid police, Germán López Iglesias.

Cheikh Ndiaye, the president of AISE, an association of Senegalese migrants in Spain, referred to the death as “a racist attack” and a “violent criminal act of the state.”

The Africans burned plastic waste bins, blocked narrow streets and set fire to a bank and other buildings. When police arrived, they bombarded the officers with rocks and pacing stones.

Police said six people were arrested. According to the Madrid region’s emergency services, 20 people were treated for minor injuries, including 16 police officers.

The riots continued for two nights, Spanish media reports said—but were largely ignored by the controlled English language media.

Around 29,000 Africans invaded Spain last year, either by directly landing on the coast or swarming over the fences at the two Spanish territories in northern Africa.

So far this year, 3,976 Africans have successfully invaded Spain via these two routes.

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  1. It’s the same formula everywhere: black criminal gets injured and/or dies in police pursuit/custody because of illegal status, committing a criminal act or shooting at the police….and it’s “racist”. Cue the politicians, evening news and of course, candlelight vigils.

  2. Diversity in Spain needs to be increased, to prevent riots. Nothing else will work, the science is settled & the time for discussion is over…this is the 21st century.

    1. Science? What science?
      It’s called common sense. And common sense tells that you are ding a bad job there in Europe and Spain. But you’ll find out soon if you didn’t yet.

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