Spanish Illegal Invader Smuggler Ship Proactive “Open Arms” Seized in Italy

Yet another fake “charity” pro-invasion ship—which had just smuggled 216 Africans into Europe from the Libyan coast—has been seized by the Italian authorities and three of is senior crew members have been criminally charged for assisting illegal immigration.

The Spanish non-governmental organization’s Proactiva Open Arms ship had earlier set sail for the Libyan coast in order to pick up the African invaders—as per a pre-arranged radio contact with the smugglers—when it was intercepted by the Libyan coast guard only a few miles off the North African coast.

After failing to obey the Libyan coast guard’s orders to stand down, the Open Arms vessel loaded up the invaders and fled north towards Europe.

The Italian authorities gave the Open Arms permission to land in Sicily—whereupon the vessel was seized and the crew members charged.

The Italian police had apparently already intercepted the radio communications with the smuggling gang, and were waiting for the ship when it arrived.

The seizure took place yesterday in Pozzallo port, the day after the Open Arms landed.

Mission chief, Anabel Montes, and Captain, Marc Reig, spent several hours at the police station, after being interrogated and being forced to hand over all the recordings of the “rescues.”

Catania Prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro is investigating three people for suspected criminal association for illegal immigration, including the commander of the boat.

Last year, the Italian authorities seized the Iuventa fake “charity” ship run by the German crypto-communist organization Jugend Rettet for exactly the same reasons—collusion with smugglers.

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  1. If they can seize two ships, why haven’t they been able to seize all the ships? It seems that a massive ship full of 500-2,500 people can’t dock and disembark quickly, much less without being noticed. I realize the government is in on the whole trafficking scheme and opts to stand down while it goes on, which makes it even more odd that they would seize two ships and not others.

    1. I suppose that there are certain precise rules that define people trafficking and all the other fake charity rescue ships have been able stay within the law so as to continue their activities unimpeded by the Italian authorities.

  2. So far the seizure of fake charity rescue ships has hardly made any difference to the scale of the invasion. What is required is courageous political leaders who will take bold and decisive action to crush the whole asylum and rescue racket for good. I know that this will shock some people, but what I am proposing is the repeal of Italian asylum laws which will make all the fake charity rescue operators unambiguously guilty of people trafficking and every ship can be seized as they dock in Italy. This will not result in more drownings in the Mediterranean because there are no longer fake charity ships to rescue the migrants. Without the presence of the fake charity rescue ships the risk of drowning will be sufficient to discourage migrants from setting out from Libya in rubber dinghies.

    The big obstacle to repealing the asylum laws is EU directives that mandate providing asylum. The answer is for Italy to leave the EU and regain the power to make it’s own legislation on asylum. This will be terribly disruptive and divisive, but the Italians have to understand that the future of Europe is at stake here and they cannot allow allow considerations of economic interests to stand in the way of doing the right thing.

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