Spanish Patriots Protest ISIS Mosque

Spanish patriots yesterday held a loud and visually spectacular anti-invader protest outside a large mosque in Madrid—previously exposed as an ISIS recruiting center—as part of a growing Europe-wide reaction against the Brussels terror attacks.

The protestors, from the Hogar Social Madrid (“Madrid Social Home,” or HSM) organization, held aloft a banner reading “Today Brussels, Tomorrow Madrid? Terrorists Not Welcome.”


According to a statement on the HSM Facebook page, the militants occupied a strategic bridge overpass facing the mosque—the largest one in Spain—and deployed smoke canisters to draw attention to their action.

“The protest was held at this mosque because it was a place which is Wahhabi-funded and Salafist groups are organized to enlist in the ranks of the Islamic State,” the HSM statement said.


The mosque had earlier been subjected to an intensive police investigation during which it was established that all its members had paid a “Jihad tax” to finance the travel of young invaders to Syria.

Earlier, Spanish media reports revealed that members of the mosque had already been arrested for ISIS-related terrorist activities in Spain.

“We say that it is unacceptable that public and state land is sold for the construction of centers which have proven to be a major focus of terrorist groups,” the HSM statement said, referring to the fact that the mosque had been built on land purchased from the state.

“Therefore, we chose this place to illustrate the nature of the terrorist threat hanging over Europe, and which massacres civilians in the same way that it devastates Syria,” the HSM said.

The HSM also expressed its opposition to the nonwhite invasion of Europe, pointing out that many Spanish people needed help and that they should be seen to first, before outsiders.

“We regard the closing of our borders not as a symbol of hatred to outsiders, but rather an act of love toward our people,” the HSM statement said, concluding with their now traditional rallying cry: “Stand up to a world in ruins.”

HSM is a relatively new organization, having emerged in mid-2014. Originally set up as a charity organization to help Spanish people in need, its political dimension has been growing and the latest demonstration is one of a number held in the past few months which have always been visually spectacular, a tactic which has driven media coverage and thus membership.


They carry out weekly food bank distributions in the suburbs of Madrid, but are careful to make sure that only native Spaniards benefit from their efforts.

The HSM head office is also used as an emergency accommodation shelter for needy Spaniards, and currently they provide social assistance to at least two hundred families.

On March 2 this year, HSM staged another protest where they set up a camp of several homeless Spanish people at the villa housing the mayor of the City of Madrid, Manuela Carmena—a long time member of the Communist Party—after she hung a sign from that building saying “refugees welcome.”


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    1. Don’t have a lot of time for spaniards normally, though more than I have for moslems, on this occasion, well done!

      1. I like the Spanish. I lived in the canaries for 12yrs. They are not fond of muslims themselves. They despise morroccans, as I also do.

      2. I feel the same about them, as I dislike their cruelty to animals. But Muslims are even worse and generally more backwards.

        1. The EU give hundreds of thousands towards bullfighting. Bet that you didn’t know that! In 2013, a report entitled “Toros and taxes”, compiled by Spanish MEPs, established that CAP payments worth more than £110 million a year were being given to Spanish farmers using their pastures to rear fighting bulls. The study concluded that “without such backing, [bullfighting] would probably be on the brink of financial collapse”. A press officer at the European Parliament stressed that the EU does not subsidise bullfighting directly and that decisions on “cultural activities” must be taken on a national level.

  1. You have to wonder why, with their history, Spaniards ever let any muslims back into the country. It took so much time and bloodshed to get rid of them the last time.

    1. I don’t wonder why because I know that it is the Cultural Marxist umbrella groups – funded by the likes of billionaire George Soros – who for decades has been zealously promoting & financing their Culture Marxist nation-wrecking ideology (see the Frankfurt School’s 11 recommendations) are responsible for the Third World mass immigration which is purposely destroying our White nations, making Whites despised minorities in our own homelands.

  2. Madrid had a taste of it already in 2004. 192 people were killed outright and 1800 injured, no doubt many horribly injured because they were nail-bombs just like in Brussels this week.

  3. Now let’s network, support each other, include also patriotic folk beyond Europe, and rid our lands of this plague of locusts.

  4. Good to see Spain standing up to the dictat of Merkel. The EU is on the way to destruction, and when it does, please ensure that street parties are organised to celebrate it. Effigies of Merkel, Juncker and all the others are permitted to be burnt.

    1. Victor unfortunately that is not going to happen. That miserable fat cow traitor will destroy all of Europe. Another example of how much havoc a single person can wreak. She has no children.

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