Germany: Special Police Created for Invader Centers

There are now so many daily incidents of violence and unrest in the nonwhite invader camps in Germany that the country’s police have been forced to create a dedicated unit whose only job is to suppress crime in the camps.


According to a report by Radio Bremen, police in that city have been overwhelmed after being called out to the invader camps on average twenty times a week, resulting in their ordinary policing duties falling by the wayside.

As a result, attending to nonwhite invader violence will in future be attended to by a dedicated task force, who will have no other job except to police the camps, “stop brawls and clear up damage to property,” Radio Bremen reported.

Quoting the director of police in the city, Lars van Beek, Radio Bremen said that the call-out rate to the invader camps had been steadily increasing since mid-October.

In addition, the nature of the violence has been getting more and more brutal, he continued. “The accommodation inhabitants will use bottles, chairs, and wooden slats with which to attack each other,” Van Beek said.

“Sometimes they will also use knives, and they do not even shy away from attacking the police who come to stop the violence,” he said.

“It is difficult to predict a call-out in advance,” Van Beek said, adding that at the police’s appearance, the situation could “escalate dramatically” and the police unit could quickly be overwhelmed. “We always have to send several emergency vehicles to each call,” which in turn severely depletes the police’s ability to maintain their regular duties.

As a result, from the beginning of 2016, a special unit is being created whose sole job will be to attend to violence in the invader camps, he concluded.

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  1. “Sometimes they will also use knives, and they do not even shy away from attacking the police who come to stop the violence” – cause these monkeys are very well aware that there are no consequensces of such acts whatsoever!

    Angela “headcase” Merkel blurted out “We can do it” and now German taxpayers are getting gypped daily. Luckily Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland will stay parasite-free. Germans should’ve known better!

    1. Don’t count on it.

      The EU can and WILL force these nations to be overrun by blacks and browns – just like France or England are.
      Just read what that dirty German bastard Hans Walter Steinmeier said the other day.
      The EU will cut ‘aid’ money to recalcitrant ‘sovereign independent’ member states. The political prostitutes which run those nations will, literally, allow their motherlands be f*cked over in exchange for German cash and big, fat EU sinecures.

      If I was a Pole, I would spit in the face of this damned, filthy, two-bob whores. Look at what happened between Germany and Poland in 1939.

      1. Jon, I hear’ya – I’m Polish myself and I couldn’t agree more! No doubt in my mind that Krauts are Krauts and always will be Krauts 🙂
        When Poland already had its Parliament and Constitiution for a very long time they were still fighting each other like maniacs. Eventually they got united just to start the 1.WW. The aftermath of the 2.WW, they started as well, was much more tragic. Additionally, Poland and many other Eastern European countries fell into Soviet bloc, which Gorbatschov finally scrapped in 1989 after 45 years of existence. Interestingly enough at that time the future “Mother Angela of Berlin” from a commie youth activist in East Germany turned “liberal” and joined CDU to become Chancellor’s Kohl protégé just to backstab him at the very first chance she had when he “stumbled” (CDU bribery affair And now, her puppet Schulz, an uneducated leftist Jewish ex-bookstore keeper, is attacking daily Poland’s newely elected governemnt in German launguage mainstream media.
        Jon, it’s absolutely normal that any country which waited 45 years for its independence it’s not going to relinquish it easily to anybody. That’s why one day after Slovakia Hungary also has filed a law suit against the EU over plans to redistribute hundreds of thousands of refugees. Orban has also launched a nationwide media campaign against the quota system. That “redistribution scheme” was a very spectacular failure of Juncker and instead being sacked he got a raise. This is the same leftist Jew who turned Luxembourg into a huge laundromat when he was a PM over there and he has the nerve to preach about decency – grotesque!
        This nitwit will get a basic salary of £245,629 a year which is worth more than £1.2million over a five-year term and dwarfing Cameron’s £142,500 annual pay packet. He’ll then pocket a £52,500 pension for life!
        I just can’t wait till the UK pulls out from the EU which would be the final nail in the coffin for this sick creation of some insane-in-the-brain lunatics and, at the same time, a very dangerous Europe-wide social experiment!

          1. In regards to this topic there is a very interesting book by Norman Davies “Jews in Eastern Poland and the USSR, 1939–46” published in 1991 by Palgrave Macmillan.
            Just the fact that he’s been attacked in the past by some Jewish historians like Lucy Dawidowitz and Abraham Brumberg would strongly suggest the man tackles some very “diffucult” issues!

    2. Police should just stand by and make sure the violence doesn’t extend beyond the camps but let the inmates fight it out amongst themselves.

  2. I don`t envy the police trying to control this dross heap of so-called `refugees` without AK47s and a shoot to kill policy.
    So jobs for the gimmegrants is going to solve Germany`s socio – economic problems ? Really?
    Take a long hard look at `em, Ange ! A more shifty, bone idle, workshy looking lot would be hard to find.
    Time to come clean – what`s the EU`s real agenda in inviting these third world layabouts and chancers?

      1. Survival is never wrong, for you or your offspring. Failure to do so will be the end of your existence, whether some calls it right or wrong….Survive!!!

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