Spielfeld: Communist Thugs Attack Cars

Communist thugs behaved so savagely today in the Austrian border town of Spielfeld, attacking innocent passersby with planks and damaging more than one hundred  vehicles, that one of their leading local supporters, Green Party councilor Lisa Rücker, publicly condemned them saying that she was “deeply ashamed” that she had even been there.

Spielfeld is one of the main crossing points into Austria used by thousands of nonwhite invaders every day who are still pouring into that country on their way to parasite off western European taxpayers.

The town has been the focus of regular peaceful anti-invasion demonstrations for the past few weeks by the Austrian branch of the Identity movement (Identitäre Bewegung Österreich).





The masked communist gangsters were in Spielfeld to supposedly counter demonstrate against today’s one thousand strong Identity movement protest, but, after refusing to obey police instructions, went to a nearby street where they thought the Identity movement supporters’ cars were parked.

There they proceeded to severely damage them at random, smashing out windows, breaking mirrors, and extensively scratching paintwork.

A large number of the damaged vehicles belonged to local people, who had nothing to do with the Identity protest.

cars-row-02 cars-row-01

Not satisfied with this, the communists then went to the Spielfeld station where they physically attacked totally innocent passersby with wooden stakes pulled out of fences in the area. A large number of people suffered injuries in these random terroristic attacks.

According to a statement issued by the Identity movement leaders on their Facebook page, they were forbidden by police from protecting their cars.

“Neither our border or the property of Austrians can apparently be protected these days,” the statement said, adding that it was not the fault of the police, who were only following orders.

“The authorities [in the local government] forbid for our cars to be guarded in order to prevent us identifying the extremist leftists,” the statement said, promising they would nonetheless follow up on all available possibilities to find out exactly who the thugs were.

“The leftist extremists, backed by the press, tried to deny us our freedom of speech, and when that did not work, they sought to intimidate us. They had no success! The day was a disaster for them and a triumph for all Austrian patriots, and we assure everyone that we will be back again next time,” the statement concluded.

Rücker, the Green Party councilor who initially supported the counter demonstrators, was quoted in the Kleine Zeitung newspaper as saying that she was “disappointed and deeply ashamed” that she was even there. “I and some other people had come to make a peaceful protest . . . especially after the attacks in Paris, when it was important for us to show solidarity with the refugees. We reject any type of violence and dissociate ourselves in the strongest terms from all those who do not keep to the rules of a democratic state and who today have clearly gone too far,” she said.

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  1. They forgot to remember that 12 November 1984 was the 31st anniversary of the Declaration on the Right to Peace. Article 2. “Solemnly declares that the preservation of the right of peoples to peace and the promotion of its implementation constitute a fundamental obligation of each State.”

  2. Quote; “especially after the attacks in Paris, when it was important for us to show solidarity with the refugees.”

    Surely any solidarity ought to be with the victims and their families, not the refugees!

  3. They are not refugees, they have crossed several safe countries to get where they are. They are invaders. These silly wooly minded Greens will be showing solidarity while the ‘refugees’ cut their throats. How many deaths before these lefty luvvies wake up.

  4. These were likely pawns of Europe’s elite Jewish class, bought and paid for by George Soros and his ilk. It was recently revealed, through a small scale wikileaks-like organization called “DCleaks”, that Soros did in fact financially back several groups that promoted and assisted the invaders….proving to a large degree that the “refugee” crisis was indeed a manufactured crisis. Could you good people at the New Observer consider writing an article about this Soros leak? Thank you.

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