Sri Lanka Takes Back Fake Refugees from Manus Island

The Sri Lankan government has announced that it is making arrangements to ship back over one hundred of its nationals currently holding out in the closed Manus Island detention center after their patently bogus “asylum” applications were rejected as false–a move which proves that there is no reason for any Sri Lankan to apply for “asylum” anywhere in the world.

Above: A Sri Lankan boat full of fake refuges which landed in Geraldton Harbour, Western Australia, before that country started intercepting the invaders at sea.

According to a report in the Sri Lankan ColomboPage newspaper,  that nation’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tilak Marapana has said that “arrangements will be made to bring back the Sri Lankans who are not eligible for citizenship in Australia and detained in Australia’s offshore detention centers in South Pacific islands of Christmas Island, Papua New Guinea, and Nauru.”

The Minister announced this in response to a question raised in that country’s parliament as to where “the government has taken measures to bring the large number of Sri Lankans who went to Australia illegally by boat in and are in detention camps back to the country.”

Replying to the MP’s question on the number of Sri Lankans detained in the camps, Minister Marapana said there are 12 Sri Lankan citizens in Christmas Island, 21 in Papua New Guinea, 70 in the islands of Australia, and 94 in Nauru.

The Minister said that Sri Lankan citizenship of the asylum seekers should be proven before the arrival in Sri Lanka and the process would take some time.

The fact that these invaders could simply be sent back home proves conclusively that there was no “threat to their lives” or any other reason to leave in the first place—and therefore, that all Sri Lankans claiming to be “asylum seekers,” whether in Europe, America, Australia or New Zealand—are bogus.

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