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Starbucks Madrid Redubbed “Starburka”

All the Starbuck’s branches in Madrid have been redubbed “Starburka Refugees” in a mass sticker protest action against that company’s decision to employ 10,000 invaders pretending to be refugees—while unemployment in Spain is over 20 percent.

The protest action, carried out by Spanish nationalist activists Hogar Social Madrid (HSM), saw activists print up ultra-sticky full size stickers to replace existing store signage, made up in imitation of the Starbucks logo, and plaster the company’s branches throughout the city overnight.

A statement released by HSM on their Facebook page said that the action had been carried out to “protest the recruitment by the Starbucks chain of 10,000 refugees, while in Spain, unemployment is over 20 percent.”

The statement went on to point out that while Starbucks in Spain is highly financially profitable, the profits are never put back into Spanish society.

“The [ruling] elites generate conflicts in other parts of the planet, and in turn produce waves of cheap labor which degrades the whole of Spanish society by reducing employability and wealth in our country . . . they degrade whatever gains are made by European workers who have sacrificed so much for decades, taking advantage of the fact that the majority of ‘immigrants’ are devoid of conscience and of the fight for workers’ rights.”

Instead, the HSM statement said, the pro-invasion policy is presented as “false solidarity which repeats the mantra of political correctness, with its ‘refugees welcome’ approach being used to morally justify” the exploitation of the workers.

The “financial elites,” the statement adds, “are accomplices in this exploitation,” and the HSM will not accept this state of affairs and will point out the “misery being inflicted upon ordinary people.”

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  1. Simple. Boycott Starbucks until they reverse this policy. How dare they flaunt a hiring precedence in the face of 20%+ unemployed Spain! The Spanish people should get together and open their own national coffee shops… Better coffee, half the price of Starbucks, made and served by Spanish Europeans.

    1. Damn right!

      Having read of the muslim personal hygene routines, I wouldn’t go anywhere near food or drink supplied by such employees of Starbucks.

      As it is now, whenever I go into a food establishment, I look for signs of muslim staff. Any sign of such and I do an abrupt about-turn and leave.

    2. I’ve been boycotting Starbucks for years for installing several of their coffee shops on every High Street, just to block other coffee shops. What from I hear about their rubbish coffee, it’s probably the only way they can compete.

  2. The Spanish economy isn’t doing that well anyway, so as Starbucks is like a lot of big companies screwing down the wages to make even bigger profits, time for Spain to tax them out of the country – sadly the politicians haven’t got the courage to stand up for the 20% unemployed.

    1. As Starbucks would be one of the globalist companies and most western governments are in the pay of the globalists, I can’t see this happening

  3. People power. These illegals would need extensive courses on hygiene practices before I ever went back to Starbucks, if ever. Actually i think I’ll go elsewhere.

  4. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! – and do it in every single White nation in which (((Starbucks))) attempts to pull this same lousy anti-White genocidal scam.

    1. There’s not many White nations left. We’re allowing ourselves to be invaded and taken over from within – all out of fear of being labeled racists. We are our own worst enemy.

  5. Well done HSM, I am praying for Spain. It is time for the citizens of these countries to do exactly as HSM stand up to the elitists and globalist your elected politician never will.

  6. When the welfare state collapses and millions of people need a job *now*, every business will face a choice: Fire all your foreign employees and hire locals, or find a smoking cellar hole where your business used to be. People are a lot less tolerant of diversity when they’re starving.

    1. Absolutely right Dave. Arrogant Globalists. The only way to hurt them is through their profits! I imagine Kellogs are hurting over their Breitbart advertising ban, like governments, big business can also be trained to change their ways!

  7. Most people that work in places like Shitebucks are young and, if I remember it right, unemployment figures for Spain’s young are over 40%.
    Well done HSM. Boycott Shitebucks into oblivion all over europe. Their coffee is the worst of all the coffee chains anyway so not giving them your patronage will not lose you anything.


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