State/Communist Thugs Gang up on AfD

In yet another display of Angela Merkel’s “democracy,” the German state and the far left communist street thugs have teamed up in a concerted attack on the mildly “right wing” Alternative for Germany (Alternatief für Deutschland, AfD) party.


The AfD, which has been compared to Britain’s UKIP party, was launched in 2013 as a Eurosceptic party, but with the latest nonwhite invasion of Germany, they have adopted an increasing anti-invasion stance.

Recent opinion polls put them at close to 10 percent support, overtaking the “ex”-Communist party, The Left (Die Linke), and the liberal Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokratische Partei, FDP).

In the 2014 European Parliamentary election, the AfD won 7.1 percent of the vote and took seven seats in that parliament. It also acquired state funding after achieving representation in some of the federal state parliaments.

Seeking to expand its activities, the AfD then launched a business venture, selling gold on the Internet, earning the party an income of some several thousand euros.

The German Political Parties Act (Parteiengesetz) section dealing with state funding says that a party with representation at federal level will get state funding equal to that which it is able to generate from its supporters.

The German government coalition (consisting of the three largest parties—a usual alliance of conservatives and socialists) has now however proposed an amendment to the Political Parties Act which will specifically do away with matching state funding for party money generated through entrepreneurial activities.

The amendment is clearly designed to stifle the AfD’s fundraising ability, as it has no large corporate backers—like the three parties who have now ganged up on it—and relies only on its membership to keep going.

When the amendment is passed—as seems likely early in the new year—Merkel’s party and its allies will have effectively prevented the AfD from even raising a fraction of the cash which those parties have access to: “democracy” in action.

As if this legal harassment was not enough, the AfD also faces massive far left violence, which has included physical attacks upon its leading members, violent threats against hotels hosting its conferences, and even threats against private landlords renting residential properties to party leaders.

The recent AfD party conference in Hannover was a case in point. There were so many threats made against the party that the local police officially warned delegates not to go outside wearing any sort of identification which might lead the communist thugs to think that they were part of the conference. This, the police said, was necessary because the AfD members’ safety could not be guaranteed.

In addition, some communists found out where individual AfD members were staying, and issued so many threats against the hotels in question that the owners were forced to cancel the room bookings out of fear for their other guests’ safety.

In Leipzig, AfD leader Frauke Petry has found herself unable to rent residential property because no landlord has been willing to risk damage to the property by the communist terrorists.

The AfD is hardly a subversive party, or even, in controlled media terms, a “far right party.” It is at best, mildly “right wing”—but even this is unacceptable to the “democrats” and the communist street thugs, who seek to suppress all opinion except their own.

Even the German police are playing an active role in this matter: an observer pointed out that if anyone had dared to attack Merkel’s CDU party members at their recent conference, the police would have spared no effort to track down the perpetrators—and not just issue a “we cannot stop it” warning like they did with the AfD.

Thus the fraud of “western democracy” is exposed for all to see.

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  1. Hang Merkel, the evil marxist bitch, before she destroys Germany and its people totally.
    Keep fighting the leftist loonie thugs. The German people must not give up the fight to save their own nation from its disgraceful leader and the fifth column that is clearly doing its best to bring this once great nation down to its knees. We have the same problem in Britain, Camerloon our Muslim loving wimp of a Prime Minister bends over backwards to appease the welfare benefit scavenging immigrants who are taking over our nation. Camerloons efforts to destroy Britain are aided and abetted by the loonie leftie liberals. Political correctness and the fear of being labelled racist is suffocating and slowly killing this Island nation. Many areas of Britain are already overrun by the third world. Many have been in Britain for years, but still cannot speak our language, yet they have the right to vote . . .

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that Cameron only inherited the so called Tony_Teflon_Blair “legacy” and frankly you can even trace the roots of today’s situation in the UK to the times of Enoch Powell who tried to warn British public and unfortunately paid for this dearly.

  2. So, what the Hell is wrong with the German legal system and law enforcement that they cannot arrest and stop the perpetrators of (far left) political violence against normal citizens who are peacefully exercising their democratic civil rights?

    Political intimidation, violence and persecution should be TOTALLY illegal and severely punished. Germany is an unfree, oppressed society. It lacks any real democracy.

    1. Oh c’mon–you know as well as I that the German police forces’ hands are tied by MERKIN (that’s my pet name for that thing ruling Germany). It is getting like the old Nazi days when you had the Bolshies fighting the Nationalists. MERKIN has all in it’s power to order the police force to give adequate protection to all German citizens regardless of political opinion. BUT THE MERKIN JUST DOESN’T DO IT. Oh Angela, you’re such an ugly, stupid, bitchy MERKIN

  3. So, the communist trained eastern German MUTTA has shown her true colours. She is a communist and will do anything to bring it fully to Germany.
    Cannot understand the Germans though. Do they want this?
    And there was I thinking there was a democracy in Germany.

    1. Of course Germans don’t want this, but remember what happened to them last time they went out on a limb and tried to free Europe from the grip of the international clique.
      Since then Germans have recieved the most disgusting post war indictrination, been held accountable for the start of two wars by idiots, especially those in the UK who believe their State Education and what the History channel tells them. They cannot question the six million lampshades without a prison term and every discussion about immigration is sure to have Hitler and his ovens brought into it at some point, voila, case closed, ” look your honour its those Germans causing trouble again, they’re all Nazis.”
      My heart breaks for Germany and her Volk.

  4. Marxist Merkel makes her move to stifle democracy in Germany. Slowly but surely Germany is becoming the communist GDR of the past. Diabolical.

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