Sticker, Amazon Book, Make Up UK “Far Right Terror” Charges

Pathetic “criminal” charges consisting of possession of a book available on Amazon UK, a sticker, and alleged membership of an organization which no longer exists, make up the “far right neo-Nazi terrorist” court case against six people in Britain, whose arrest was presented as a major “threat” akin to terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims which have killed dozens of people in Britain.

According to a report on the far left BBC—which followed the usual controlled media line of insisting that the charged people are “terrorists,” even though there is absolutely no evidence to indicate this, the six—five men and a woman—appeared yesterday in court “charged with belonging to banned British Neo-Nazi group National Action.”

The BBC said that Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard the defendants had allegedly persisted with the organization despite the ban.

This charge was strenuously denied by one of the defendants, Daniel Boguvonic, said he intended “to clear my good name and to fight these charges from start to finish, not guilty.”

He also denied intending to “stir up racial hatred” by posting National Action-branded stickers at the Aston University campus in Birmingham, the second “charge” against him.

Another defendant, Adam Thomas, 21, pled not guilty plea to a charge of “possessing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, namely the Anarchist Cookbook 2000.”

That book is available for purchase from book stores in the UK, and is sold on Amazon UK for £6.51 (US $8.80) and it is yet to be seen how the state will be able to show that possession of that book is evidence of “terrorism.”

The six accused were remanded in custody and will appear again on January 19.

The weak nature of the charges—none of which can in any way be correlated to “terrorism” of any sort—are a clear indication that the entire court case has been politically manufactured to try and create the made-up specter of some sort of “right wing terrorist” threat.

The establishment and its compliant controlled media find it necessary to create this fake “right wing neo-Nazi threat” in order to try and hide or excuse the fact of the very real Islamic terrorist threat which faces Britain.

As reported earlier, 90 percent of all terrorists in the UK are Muslim, and currently there are more than 20,000 Muslims under surveillance by authorities.

In reality, the real terrorist danger to the UK—and indeed to Europe—comes from radical Islamists, who, thanks to the race-denying immigration policies pursued by European governments, are now embedded by the hundreds of thousands in Europe.

It is typical of the establishment to blame white people for “terrorism” rather than admit the truth of where the real terrorist threat originates: their own immigration policies which have resulted in a Third World invasion of Europe.

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  1. The only thing that’s really “terrifying” is the wildly ambiguous charge designed to be used against anyone they desire to smear, throw in prison, silence or simply use as an example to frighten others. Since when is possessing information a crime, as in owning a book? The fact that the law states the information in question need only be “the kind likely” to be used in the “preparing or committing” of a terrorist act is even worse. Who gets to decide what information is “the kind” that’s illegal. What are the standards? I bet those aren’t written in the law so it can be applied as broadly as possible to anyone, when needed. At the same time, when in any supposedly free country, is it a crime to be perceived as “likely” to prepare and/or commit an act of terrorism without ACTUALLY preparing or committing one? They sure must be good at mind reading in the UK when they start arresting people for what they “might” do. Next to the gun, legal ambiguity is tyranny’s most powerful weapon.

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