Stockholm “Attack:” Invented by Controlled Media

The alleged “mass attack on migrants” by “neo-Nazis” at the Stockholm railway station last Friday never happened, and is a complete fiction invented by one far left Swedish newspaper which was then syndicated through the rest of the controlled media as “fact.”


To establish the truth of what happened in central Stockholm on Friday evening, January 29, 2016, it is necessary to start with the official Stockholm police report on the incident, which can be found on their website here (in Swedish).

This report makes no mention whatsoever of “attacks” upon “young migrants.”

Issued on 01-30-2016 at 08:39, this official Stockholm police statement, titled “Summary text about the event in central Stockholm during Friday evening,” says only that:

On Friday evening, police received information that several people were planning to be in central Stockholm to reveal [with leaflets] the link between unaccompanied refugee children and crime.

These leaflets were handed out by black-clad people with headbands and armbands of an unknown color.

The police report confirms that one man was arrested when he punched a police officer in the face.

However, not even the police linked this man to the group handing out the leaflets.

Another three men, the police statement continues, were arrested later for “being masked and disturbing public order.”

Once again, the police did not link them to the leaflets. In addition, the incidents were regarded as so minor that all four were released without charge.

That, according to the official Stockholm police report, was the total amount of “violence” which took place that evening.

Furthermore, the police statement went on to say, “it is not possible to conclude that the people who gathered in central Stockholm belong to any particular grouping”—in other words, the police said that there was no single identifiable organization or group involved in the handing out of the leaflets.


The official Stockholm police statement on the events of the evening of January 29, 2016. There are no reports of “attacks upon children” or anything even close.

Stockholm police spokesman also went on record as saying that there had been no “attacks on migrants” in Stockholm on the Friday evening in question.

Towe Hägg, information officer at the Stockholm police headquarters, told the liberal Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) newspaper that “none of the police patrols who were present during Friday evening have reported any incidents of abuse or assaults.”

Asked about the claims that there had been “mass attacks” on “migrant children,” Hägg said that “if there had been any, we have not been notified of them, and we would urge people to make such reports so that we could get to know about them.”

This fact bears repeating: according to all official records, and the official police spokesman, there were no “mass attacks” upon “migrant youths” by “gangs of neo-Nazis” in Stockholm city center on the evening of Friday, January 29, 2016.


Despite these facts, the controlled media all over the world have reported extensively that “hundreds” of “neo-Nazis” and “football hooligans” went on a “rampage” through Stockholm, “beating up child refugees.”

The origin of this claim comes exclusively from the far left Aftonbladet newspaper in Stockholm.

How the Aftonbladet invented this story, and how this lie came to be syndicated all over the world, provides a valuable insight into how the controlled media goes to work in spreading such outright lies as “fact.”


Aftonbladet based its claim that there had been a mass attack on “migrants” on an interview with one single “witness,” a 16-year-old nonwhite named “Christian.”

This lone “witness” alleged that he had been slapped in the face by one person at the escalators at the railway station. He also said that the person who had slapped him, had called him a “f***king racist.”

As he did not even bother to report it to the police, there is in fact not even any evidence that the face-slapping actually took place.

Furthermore, even if it did happen, this single, isolated, and minor incident might well have been a completely random and unrelated spat between strangers. Also, the fact that the “witness” said that he was a “racist” indicates that it was a “leftist” who carried out the slapping.

No reasonable person would interpret one person being slapped in the face by a stranger as “evidence” of “mass racist attacks by neo-Nazi gangs” upon “children refugees.”

In addition, there is not the slightest evidence that this incident—if it even took place—is even linked to the leaflet distributors. The witness claims that it occurred underground at the railway station, while the “reports” all say that the “attacks” occurred in the streets of Stockholm.

However, on the basis of this one single dubious “witness”—and absolutely nothing else—the Aftonbladet felt free to claim that “a large group of black-clad and masked people beat up people who appeared to have a foreign background.”

This important fact cannot be overemphasized: Aftonbladet’s “evidence” for their claims of a “mass attack by neo-Nazis and football hooligans upon children refugees” is based solely on an unverifiable claim made by one person who says he was slapped in the face by a passing stranger—and absolutely nothing else.

This face-slapping was not reported to the police, and no other assaults, attacks or incidents whatsoever were recorded by the police. There is, therefore, zero evidence that any “mass attacks” took place at all.

The Aftonbladet also released a shaky cell-phone recorded video showing some men running outside the main railway station. This video was claimed to be “evidence of the mass attack,” and was also widely referenced in the controlled media’s news outlets as “proof” of the “rampaging mob of neo-Nazis.”


The Aftonbladet video only shows police (on left) beating leaflet distributors, and does not show any “attacks upon children”—despite the controlled media’s claims.

However, a viewing of the video shows no “attacks upon migrants” at all. As the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) newspaper accurately reported (the only one to do so), all that the video shows is policemen chasing the leaflet distributors.

In one or two scenes, the policemen can be seen hitting the leaflet distributors with batons. In other words, the only “violence” shown in this video is that of the police against whites distributing leaflets—and there is nothing at all showing “neo-Nazi attacks upon children refugees.”

Even though the facts are abundantly clear, the utterly fictitious Aftonbladet story was translated into English by the international newswires and foreign newspapers, and then transmitted these completely untrue claims all over the world.

For example, the UK’s Evening Standard newspaper ran the story with a headline reading “Masked mob rampage through Stockholm train station ‘looking to attack refugee children.’”

The Evening Standard claimed that “hundreds of masked men rampaged through Stockholm’s main train station on Friday evening as they allegedly targeted refugees in a string of violent attacks.”

Not satisfied with repeating the Aftonbladet’s lies, the Evening Standard went on to make up some lies of its own, quoting Stockholm police spokesperson Towe Hägg as saying that the men “gathered with the purpose of attacking refugee children.”

In reality, of course, as outlined above, the Swedish police never said that the leaflet distributors had gathered with the intention of “attacking refugee children.” All they said was that the group had gathered with intention of “revealing” the truth of North African youth street crime in central Stockholm.

Not once did the police statement say that the leaflet distributors had gathered with the “intention of attacking” anybody.


In fact, the Swedish police themselves had issued such a warning about nonwhite “youth refugee” crime in central Stockholm: see the Daily Mail’s article “Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is now overrun by migrant teen gangs ‘stealing and groping girls,’” January 25, 2016.

Secondly—as is typical for all the other controlled media’s coverage of the events in Stockholm, the Evening Standard’s article ran the Aftonbladet’s single “witness” as “evidence” of the mass attacks—without making the slightest attempt to further verify if the “attacks” had even taken place.

It would have been a simple matter to go to the Stockholm police website and read their official statement—but that would have required integrity and honesty from the controlled media—something which is far too much to ask or expect.

This pattern—of just simply repeating the Aftonbladet’s lies, without cross-checking or referencing—then spread around the world.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) repeated the lie of mass attacks in an article headlined “Sweden masked gang ‘targeted migrants‘ in Stockholm,” and said that “Up to 100 masked men, dressed in black, gathered in central Stockholm to attack people from immigrant backgrounds.”

The BBC went on to add that “witnesses said the men physically attacked people they believed were foreigners,” but then admitted that “However, police have not confirmed these reports.”


The Middle East Eye (MEE) news service claimed that “neo-Nazis” were behind these fictitious attacks.

In a headline titled “Neo-Nazis blamed for refugee attacks in Sweden’s Stockholm,” the MEE claimed that “Dozens of masked men believed to belong to neo-Nazi gangs carried out a number of assaults on migrants in Stockholm overnight amid rising tension over immigration, Swedish police said Saturday.”

Of course, the Swedish police never said any such thing. In fact, as their official statement specifically said, they could not link any group to the events.

Middel East Eye

The France 24 television and news service claimed in its coverage that a “Masked anti-migrant mob goes on rampage in Stockholm,” and quoted the Aftonbladet “witness” as evidence.


The International Business Times (IBT) repeated the story, running a headline which read “Masked men beat up immigrants in Stockholm, distribute anti-refugee pamphlets.”

Quoting the Aftonbladet and the Local news service from Sweden (the latter merely repeated the Aftonbladet’s story), the IBT report claimed that “Close to 100 masked men allegedly attacked immigrants in central Stockholm and threatened to beat up refugee children.”


The Independent newspaper in Britain ran the story with the headline “‘Hundreds’ of masked men beat refugee children in Stockholm,” and directly quoted the Aftonbladet story.


The Daily Mail ran the Aftonbladet story under the headline “’Hundreds-strong’ mob of masked men rampage through Stockholm station beating up refugee children in revenge attack for female asylum centre worker killed by Somali ‘boy.’”

The astonishing distortion—fairly typical for the Daily Mail—is, of course, completely unsupported by any of the facts.

Firstly, as the Swedish police said, the “mass attacks” never took place. Secondly, the leaflet which was distributed did not even mention the female asylum center worker murdered by the Somali, but focused exclusively on the North African criminal gangs plaguing central Stockholm.


The India Times repeated the “mass attacks” claim in a headline which read “200+ Strong Swedish Gang Goes on Rampage in Stockholm Beating up Migrants.” It quoted directly from the outrageous lies put out by the Daily Mail. Indian-Times

The Conservative Party-supporting Telegraph newspaper in Britain also quoted the Aftonbladet. Under a headline titled “Swedish far-Right mob attacks migrants in central Stockholm in wake of social worker murder,” the Telegraph carried a plagiarized version of the Daily Mail’s distortions and lies.

The Telegraph

The Morocco World News (MWN), a news service aimed at the English-speaking Arabic North African world, also repeated the mindless Daily Mail and Aftonbladet lies, but went even further, claiming that Stockholm’s central railway station was actually a “migrant shelter.”

Under the headline “Moroccan asylum-seekers Attacked in Hate Crime at Shelter in Stockholm,” the MWN said that the “Stockholm station is believed to shelter a number of Moroccan asylum-seekers who were also victims of last night’s attack.”

This lie that the railway station was actually a “migrant shelter” was so outrageous that not even the other controlled media dared repeat it.

Morocco World News

The Malay Mail in Malaysia also repeated the Aftonbladet’s lies, and also went even further, claiming that the police had actually said that the assaults were taking place.

Although the Swedish police had specifically denied have any knowledge of “attacks” or “assaults,” the Malay Mail claimed in its headline that “Swedish police say masked gangs assaulting migrants in Stockholm.”

Malay Mail

The Deutsche Welle (DW) news service quoted directly from the Aftonbladet, saying that football “’Hooligans’ target young migrants in Stockholm.”

The DW did at least try and cover its tracks somewhat by admitting that Stockholm police spokesman Kjell Lindgren had said that “Police had no reports that any migrant had actually been assaulted.”

Detusche Welle

The Russia Today (RT) news service may win the prize for the most exaggerated lie of all. RT’s coverage of the events actually claimed that there had been a “pogrom” in Stockholm that night.

Running the Aftonbladet story under a headline reading “Stockholm pogrom: Crowd of masked men hunt and beat up non-Swedes,RT claimed that “40 to 50 people went on a violent spree on Friday night at around 9 p.m. local time in and around the Swedish capital’s main railroad station . . . beating up anyone who didn’t look like [an] ethnic Swede.”


The far left Mirror newspaper in Britain quoted extensively from the Aftonbladet, claiming that “racist thugs” had attacked “street children” in Stockholm.


Even though the Swedish police statement had specifically said they could not link the incidents to any particular group, the Times of Israel ran the Agence France-Presse (AFP) newswire version of the Aftonbladet story with a headline proclaiming that “Suspected neo-Nazi gangs attack migrants in Sweden.”

Times of Israel

The AFP report itself was headlined “Masked gangs threaten attacks against migrants in Sweden: police” and repeated the Aftonbladet story, adding only that “Dozens of masked men believed to belong to neo-Nazi gangs gathered in Stockholm and handed out leaflets calling for attacks against young migrants.”


In this way, the utterly fictitious claims by a single newspaper, using one dubious “witness,” and based on a series of deliberate lies, distortions, and a complete disregard for all the official police reports, circulated around the world—and the myth of “mass neo-Nazi attacks upon migrant children” in Stockholm was created.

By January 31, even the controlled media had started to realize that its lies about the “mass attack” were so blatant—and so easily refutable—that some started backtracking.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), for example, was one of the first major news outlets to start to backtrack on the “mass attack” story.

In its coverage of January 31, 2016, the ABC said only that “Dozens of masked, black-clad men believed to belong to neo-Nazi gangs rampaged through the streets of Stockholm on Friday night handing out leaflets threatening to attack migrant street youths.”

The ABC report, although still using the made-up “neo-Nazi gangs” label at least refrained from repeating the lie that “mass attacks” had actually taken place.


In its coverage, CNN also refrained from repeating the lie that “mass attacks” had taken place, and instead claimed only in its headline that [a] “Mob calls[ed] for assaults on foreigners in Sweden.

Although this is also a lie—there were no “mob calls for assaults,”—the fact is that CNN did not dare actually claim that the “assaults” had taken place. Instead, CNN said, “Reports of attacks on people from immigrant backgrounds surfaced in Swedish media and on social media, but police said they had received no reports of assaults on civilians.”


In its coverage, the New York Times admitted that there were “no reports of migrants having been attacked,” but still could not resist lying blatantly in claiming that what it said were “Swedish authorities” had said that “scores of masked men dressed in black, some carrying wooden weapons, descended on the center of Stockholm . . . to beat and terrorize young migrants.”

Of course, no “Swedish authorities”—and certainly not the Swedish police—made any such claims. The New York Times has simply invented that allegation.

New York Times

In its coverage, the Washington Post was also more reticent in its coverage, claiming only in its headline that “Masked men threaten to attack refugee children in Stockholm,” and that the “Swedish news site the Local, as well as the British paper the Independent, reported that the men physically attacked refugees on Friday, but there was no official confirmation for this as of Saturday.”

Washington Post

Finally, some media outlets—for example the La Nueva Televisora del Sur (“The New Television Station of the South,” or teleSUR, a pan–Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela)—claimed that the “neo Nazi Swedish Resistance Movement” had issued a formal statement claiming that “it was behind a wave of violence in Stockholm targeting homeless refugee children.”

In reality, the “Swedish Resistance Movement” (which is actually called the Nordic Resistance Movement, or in Swedish the Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen) made no such claim.

According to the article on the Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen’s official website—the one quoted as a “statement” by teleSUR and numerous other outlets—that organization merely says that the Aftonbladet has claimed that football “hooligans” have attacked “immigrants.” (The original Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen story can be found here and translated using any online translation service.)

The Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen article makes no claim whatsoever that it is responsible for the alleged attacks, and all the controlled media stories which say that they have, are outright lies.

There are two important lessons to be learned from this “mass attack in Stockholm” lie.

 – The controlled media works by simply parroting the most extreme, outrageous and factually incorrect anti-white story it can find, without bothering to fact check in the slightest.

– Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to check up on, and expose, these controlled media outlets by going to the original source material.

No longer does the public have to rely for their “news” upon the devious liars of the controlled media—and real truth is beginning to emerge from the morass of lies and deceit which have for decades smothered the world.

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    1. Looks like we have a bit of a job of work on our hands to re-educate the MSM. It has to be re-education as their, presumably time tested, multinational networks, are now passing on the same lies. As has been said before ‘A lie travels around the world, before the truth had time to put it’s boots on’. The answer, I don’t know but if their subscription figures were hit badly, they’d either have to change or die.

    2. Predicable and predicted, but one happy unforeseen by product, is that the “press” in the M.E. and North Africa are telling the next batch of rapefugees lining up to board the Merkel express, that we don’t wan’t them here and that we are likely to attack them, this can only be good, perhaps we should start a rumour that sex criminals are being dragged off the street by patriots and castrated with rusty penknives and let the Lugenpresse spread that over the front pages, every little help?

  1. Well, stop coming to Sweden then. Go to safer places in the middle east, where you will be safe, don that burka, ditch the alcohol, and get ready for a beheading! Win/win. All of Europe will thank you, even give you a one way ticket, courtesy of hard working Europeans!!

  2. The only real organised violence is that being orchestrated by those “unaccompanied children” , and their left wing cohorts.

  3. There is no doubt that the media across have been ‘got at’ by the idiotic and unelected mafia that counts for the EU. Criticism of the migrant situation is not allowed because it clearly shows their failings in this matter. Is there any one throughout Europe prepared to tear this corrupt organisation to pieces?

      1. Mucking Fuddled? You are also seriously delusioned.

        If you think your current PM or any subsequent PM will give you a way out of the EU you’d better change your name by deed poll.

  4. Very good and detailed (and multi-language) piece. Press and media lies and false flags have been used as the basis for wars and invasions. Please remember the names of the ‘news’ sources in this article and deter as many people as you can from buying them.

  5. Excellent coverage. I would love to see this article forwarded to media outlets, especially the ABC in Australia where I live, and then run their reply statement as to why they ran such rubbish. The ABC published this story as a leftie, bleeding heart organisation (which the ABC denies) and must be force to publish an apology for their gross error. Every day I see images of women and children refugees only, covering the lies of Europe descending in to chaos. I rely on this website for the truth and feel for the Europeans having to endure this invasion and hope something can be done very, very soon.

  6. Article 77 2b of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, “A forfeiture of proceeds, property and assets derived directly or indirectly from that crime, without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties.”
    And The Treaty of Riga. Articles of Gold and Silver or Platinum can be carried over the border the weight of which is described there, Also 166/9 The Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development Commitment 2c
    “people living in poverty have access to… credit…” has been forgotten by the Swedish people.
    This ensures that those victims can use the gold and silver in their possession to obtain credit or set up a Municipal Bank. When the time arrives and the Maraud of Merkel reaches its conclusion the Moroccans will be offered New Casablanca in what is now Cologne and they can plonk their gold ,silver and platinum in any form into the Bank to act as security for Credit in compliance with the provisions of the Algeciras Convention April 7 1906 Chapter 3. This Internationally acceptable solution compliant with the Hague Convention 1907 Articles 23, 24 will promote a bank along the lines of the Municipal Bank of Amsterdam 1609 and back international trade and international credit.
    Instead of beating up the Moroccans, the Swedish people should look at the positive opportunities and give them a town for their self-determination.

    1. No one has beaten them up; the megaphone for multiculture called Aftonbladet often publishes stories that have not the slightest connection to reality. There is nowadays a bigger risk for white people to be attacked by immigrants of colour than the opposite.

  7. Always thought Sweden was a democratic country – obviously I was wrong. The Swedes must change their country through the ballot box – they will not do it by holding marches to show their discontent. The police will do as they are told by the politicians. Vote out the idiots who are running your country now and install people who realise was an absolute mess your country has become.

  8. This even made the “news” in South Africa-( where the ongoing hate crimes against the minority white population are never published ). I thought” Great, the Swedes are are defending their country at last, only to find out that it was all a low. This just shows how evil the controlled press is. Time to wreck the printing presses.

    1. Where’s a good Viking when you need one

      The Tribe dispense their Protocols upon every land, plenty of willing lying helping hands, the sheople just love being sheared, waking up is to be feared, whilst SA way, the new puppet is readied to ‘depose’ the Zuma play, all the while black is set-up against white (but never the chosen white), van Riebeeck will be be blamed, while Malema will the chess board arrange.

  9. Why don’t they want us to know the truth? Obviously scared of the reaction. UK needs to vote to leave the EU and we need more honest democratic politicians and newspapers/media. Isn’t it only natural that Swedish people would be upset when one of their citizens trying to help migrants was killed by one of them? We need more people to stand up for their country and say “this is enough”.

  10. Thank you for this article. The thing is, if I wrote to our swedish media about them misquoting the Police, they would probably get away by saying that they have talked to the Police personally instead of reading their page, or something like that.

    Fun fact: after the “nazi attacks” in Stockholm, feminist lefties is campaigning against racism and against swedish men wanting to protect them-by posting photos of themselves with the sign “#NotYourWoman” on social medias. But of course they wouldn’t bat an eye over the daily reports on immigrants molesting women and children on public baths and on the streets, or the North African gangs terrorizing people in our bigger cities.

  11. Our respective so called police forces around the world are no longer fit for purpose and are only “State Sponsored Thugs” lets hope many more are laid or paid off, they are such a drain on the economy? It will make our job or task easier in the end the way things are currently heading, as in many countries civil unrest or war is inevitable which is maybe part of the plan but all it takes is one death to ignite the ‘tinderbox’ et voila! I predict a lot of current regimes being ousted by all means necessary including force as WE the People have quite frankly had Enough of this PC Nonsense.
    Vive la Mort, Vive le Mercenaire et…

  12. Civil unrest in all of Europe can not come fast enough. It is not going to get any better. Muslims have repeatedly tried to infiltrate Europe. They should not win over our hard won European liberties.

  13. I understand why Newobserveronline has put a giant task into collecting all the different screenshots, interviewing the official spokesperson from the Stockholm police, but what I really really really don’t understand is:

    If TNO staff has spent so much time on this data, why did you neglect to contact Aftonbladet and confront their Editor in Chief????

    Editorial note: And tip them off? Not likely! Now everyone can see them for the anti-white liars that they are. They knew very well what they were doing in inventing the story, and stand condemned by their own words and actions.

  14. I’ve been told that short ago in Sweden a mob of feminists held a “protest” under the slogan: “Don’t defend us when we’re being raped by refugees!” It was in response to an alleged anti-refugee riot by Swedish “nazis”. The feministas “protested” at a town where a young Swedish woman had been knifed down by a teenage refugee. She worked as a volunteer at the local center for refugees.

  15. I live in Sweden an me and my family are thinking about to leve this country. But were? Any suggestions?
    When i see whats happening im Sweden and Europe its like the movie “World war Z”

    1. Hi Andreas, I can only speak from personal experience but I, as an Englishman didn’t like the
      look of how the EU was developing so I moved 22 years ago, to Australia. I now live with my second wife (Australian) in a small town in Tasmania. Having previously lived in both Sydney and Melbourne I can heartily recommend the place. Yes there are some moslem enclaves in the larger cities but apart from that nutcase in the Lindt café, and a few minor problems, most of the time you wouldn’t know they were here. We also have a pretty rigorous turn back the boats policy. All in All, happy, prosperous and peaceful.

  16. The jews LYING….Who would ever believe such a thing!!?
    Stockholm “Attack:” Invented by Controlled Media

    “Robert Aschberg (Jewish) owns the largest production company in Sweden called Strix Television and produces programs for every major channel, especially TV3 where almost all programs that aren’t Hollywood produced sitcoms, talk shows (Ricky Lake and Jerry Springer [Both are Jewish]) or bad movies come from Strix. It was Strix, by the way, that first came up with the idea of the show Survivor, now broadcasted also in the USA.

    Aschberg himself is the head of several of these usually noisy and chaotic shows and has thus been called Sweden’s Michel Friedman . His maternal grandfather is the banker Olof Aschberg who helped finance the Russian Revolution and his brother, Richard Aschberg, works at Aftonbladet (the Evening Post). Robert Aschberg is furthermore an important financer of eXpo, a Swedish version of the ADL, even if it is not an exclusively Jewish organization.

    Swedish Labour Union & Norwegian Schibstedt Company:

    Editor in Chief Helle Klein (Jewish)

    The largest newspaper in Sweden is Aftonbladet (the Evening Post), jointly owned by the Swedish Labour Union and the Norwegian Schibstedt company. The chief editor, however, is the Jewess Helle Klein, great granddaughter of the former grand rabbi of Stockholm, Rabbi Gottlieb Klein. Her father, Ernst Klein, is influential in Swedish media as well. 1990-1999 he was the chief editor of Östgöta Correspondenten, the ninth largest newspaper in Sweden, and now he sits on its board. He furthermore is president of Svensk Presshistorisk Förening (Swedish association of press history).

    Beside Klein there are several Jewish staffers working at Aftonbladet.

    In other words, of the seven largest news papers in Sweden, six are either owned by or edited by Jews.”

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