Stockholm to Get 53,819 Square Foot, 18-Dome, $11m Mosque

The nonwhite invader overrun district of Rinkeby-Kista, in Stockholm, Sweden, is getting a new 53,819 square feet, 18-dome, $11 million mosque—and the users are looking to Sweden to pay for it.

According to a press release issued by construction company NCC, the Rinkebymoskéns Insamlingsstiftelse (Rinkeby Mosque’s Collection Foudantion) have reached an agreement on the project and construction will start this year.

The contract is worth about 100 million Swedish Kroner, the press release said, adding that the new mosque will be built at Rinkeby Allé, close to the new police station.

“It’s also going to be very fun to build a mosque,” Fredrik Anheim, Head of Department of NCC’s Building Section was quoted as saying.

The design work is commenced immediately and construction is expected to start in a few months’ time, for completion by 2020.

In addition to the prayer building, the Mosque will also contain a restaurant, library and gym.

Ibrahim Bouraleh, from the Mosque Funding Foundation, told Sveriges Television News (SVT), that they had been searching for funding for the mosque for eight years, and had so far raised three million kroner—not enough to pay for the building, but “as close as we can come.”

Even though more money is needed, he said, they wanted to start building as quickly as possible, and complete the funding “with Swedish money.”

The SVT News report did not elaborate where exactly this “Swedish money” would come from, but it is not hard to guess, given that a 1998 New York Times report admitted that “more than 50 percent of Rinkeby’s residents live on full government benefits, and the town has become stigmatized in Sweden as a haven for welfare cheats and a center of criminal activity.”

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