Sumte, Germany: Controlled Media Lie Frenzy

The controlled media’s lying-frenzy over the mid-Germany town of Sumte is reaching a crescendo with utterly false claims of “neo-Nazi councillors,” a “far-right UWL party,” and other deliberate falsehoods designed to smear any German who does not want his country destroyed.


Holger Niemann, the brave councillor from Sumte who is now the subject of international Jewish media smears.

Sumte is a now famous tiny village (population 102) in central Germany which has been chosen to receive a vast number of nonwhite invaders posing as “refugees.” The instant demographic change this will bring—literally overnight turning the small village into a majority nonwhite center, has caused media attention to be focused upon it.

The Jewish-dominated Daily Mail in Britain, along with the Jewish-owned New York Times has led the way in this regard.

The New York Times made up the initial story about a “neo-Nazi” councillor in the 102-strong village of Sumte, and now this Jewish fantasy story has been spread though syndication all over the world.


The councillor in question, Holger Niemann, actually holds office as an independent, and is alleged to be a member of the party in Germany known as Die Rechte (“The Right”).

According to Die Rechte’s party program, available online at the party’s website here, this small—and largely unknown—party, stands for the following:

Die Rechte is fully committed and without any reservation for the free democratic basic order, as it is written in the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. The achievement of the prescribed by the Basic Law Constitutional objectives is paramount for Die Rechte . . . We deeply regret Nazi and Communist injustice and want to ensure that such crimes never happen again.

Hardly a “Nazi” party—but Die Rechte’s real “crime” appears to be that its party program calls for, among other things, the “preservation of German identity,” the “protection of the German language,” a “tightening of asylum procedures,” the  “deportation of rejected asylum seekers,” the “expulsion of foreign criminals,” and a program to encourage Germans to have more children.

In reality, these are extremely sensible policies which will be endorsed by all reasonable people—but to the Jewish media, they are of course “neo-Nazi” policies—except when they are enforced by the Jews-only state of Israel.

In fact, in the Jewish state, these policies are not on the party program of some obscure tiny group, but are laws passed by the Israeli parliament. This fact is, of course, ignored by the Daily Mail and the New York Times, as they will always cover up for their brethren.

Furthermore, as anyone who knows current German law will confirm, it is impossible to publicly pronounce oneself as a “National Socialist” in that country, without immediately being arrested and sent to prison by the democratic authorities.

The New York Times’s claim that Councillor Niemann is a self-declared Nazi, is patently false as if this were the case, he would have been locked up a long time ago.

The Daily Mail—whose errors are often the subject of mockery in their comments section—in its latest report on Sumte, claimed that Councillor Niemann was a member of the “far right UWL party.”


“UWL” in fact stands for Unabhängigen Wählerliste, or in English, the Independent Voters’ list—which is not even a party.

The “UWL” is little more than a Google blogger site, and has nothing political in its “platform” at all, and merely talks about representing local interests.

Councillor Niemann has become the target of these spiteful Jewish media reports only because he has dared to publicly express some simple truths about the nonwhite invasion of Germany, and of his town in particular. As he was quoted in the Daily Mail:

Today it is 100 refugees, tomorrow there will be another 100 and then another 100 and then another 100, and another 100. They [the regional authorities] say there will only be 750 but I am sure this will rise to 1,000.

There will be crime in this village, just like there was in the town nearby after they opened a refugee center.

There are three million people without jobs in Germany and 300,000 homeless but the government is only interested in helping these people. And most of them are not even refugees. The others—from the Balkans, Africa and Asia—are just exploiting the situation in Syria to come to Germany.

Under its Jewish editorship, the Daily Mail, the New York Times, and many other controlled media outlets are caught in a classic conundrum.

On the one hand, they want to promote nonwhite immigration and “integration” in Europe (while opposing it in Israel), but on the other hand they have to consider the very real possibility that these hordes of nonwhite invaders might just be “anti-Semitic” as well.

It is these sorts of contradictions, hypocrisies and, ultimately, outright lies, which have now undermined the controlled media’s credibility—and exposed the real powers and motivations behind the headlines.

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  1. I’m almost shocked to hear that any town or village in Germany or Sweden is “ordered” to accomodate those parasites – this is clearly a mockery of democracy!

  2. So, anyone who has national pride is a ‘neo-nazi’?… the people of the west are just fed up and angry that nobody in ‘power’ is listening to the problems mass migration is causing, it can only lead to extreme ‘views’, frustration is a powerful motivator!..

    1. Europeans worldwide are going to use force against this invasion. I hope they also execute the traitors and organizational leaders who brought them in.

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