“Swear on the Koran You Won’t Betray Me”—Moroccan to Syrian Invaders in Vienna

The blatant lies being used by Third World invaders to trick liberal Europeans into granting them “asylum” has again been revealed with the news that Syrians in Vienna had sworn an oath on the Koran not to betray a Moroccan who had gained “refugee status” with a fake Syrian passport.

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees arrive in Vienna, 2015.

The deception emerged in public during the trial of a 46-year-old Moroccan invader pretending to be an asylum seeker in Vienna earlier in February.

The Moroccan was sentenced to 13 years in prison after the attempted murder of his roommate at an invader center in Simmering.

In his defense, the Moroccan said that he thought that the victim, a 27-year-old Syrian, “and a group of other men”—all also pretending to be asylum seekers—were planning to rape him.

He told the jury that he had been sexually abused by two other “refugees” the day before in an apartment in Ottakring. He went to a hospital after the alleged attack but doctors could find no evidence that he had been raped.

After being released from the hospital and giving a statement to the police, he returned to his accommodation and stabbed his sleeping roommate with an “ornamental” knife that was hanging on the wall.

However, the judge said that the real reason for the attack was the fact that the Moroccan had gained asylum in Austria by claiming to be a Syrian, and that he was afraid the younger man would betray his real origins.

The Moroccan had invaded Austria through Italy, using fake Syrian papers, but the other Syrian invaders at the center soon realized he was Moroccan because of the Arabic dialect he spoke.

The Moroccan stabbed the Syrian so violently that he ripped open his abdomen and injured his liver. He also broke one of this ribs and severed a thoracic artery. If the 27-year-old had not screamed loudly for help, doctors said he would not have survived the attack.

The Syrian victim told the court that he could not understand why the Moroccan had attacked him and that he had always supported and helped him.

“One day he came to the kitchen with a copy of the Koran and asked us to swear on it that we would not cooperate with the Austrian authorities and would not betray him,” the Syrian invader brazenly admitted to the court.

The case has highlighted the easy availability of forged Syrian passports and identification papers, which can withstand fraud checks because they are all genuine documents, stolen from Syrian government offices in areas seized by the “rebel” terrorists.

Because the passports themselves are genuine, it is easy for forgers just to insert name and photo details, and the refusal of European governments to cooperate with the Syrian government means that there is no way to check if the names on the genuine passports are real or not.

Finally, the inability of European “asylum office” processing staff to racially or linguistically differentiate between nonwhites from anywhere in the Middle East, has opened the door for an unknown number of fraudsters to claim to be Syrians in the hope of taking advantage of Europe’s welfare handouts.

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