Sweden: Afghani Given “Asylum” after Claiming “Rape” Fear—Goes on to Gang Rape Swedish Girl

A fake refugee from Afghanistan who was given “asylum” in Sweden by claiming that he was in danger of being raped in his home country, has been convicted of taking part in a gang rape of a Swedish girl—but still won’t be deported because of his “own fear of being raped.”

According to a report in the Swedish Nya Tider news service, Rohollah Karimi, 17, was granted “asylum” in Sweden last year after claiming that he was afraid of being subjected to sexual assault in his native Afghanistan—and specifically the tradition of “bacha bazi” or “dancing boys” in that country.

“Bacha Bazi” does indeed exist, and is some bizarre Afghan homosexual tradition whereby adult males sexually molest little boys who are made to dress up as girls.

After being granted “asylum,” Karimi took up residence in Sweden and took part in a gang rape of a 15-year-old Swedish girl in central Stockholm. His co-criminal in the rape was another fake refugee from Afghanistan.

According to the report, the attack took place on September 2 under the central bridge next to the Stockholm railway station.

Karimi has been sentenced to youth custody for ten months. During his trial it emerged that his residence permit had been authorized because of his claimed fear of “being subjected to sexual assault in his native Afghanistan.” In his asylum application, Karimi told in “detail about the widespread tradition of ‘dancing boys’ who are sexually molested by older men.”

The state prosecutor requested that the nonwhite invader be expelled from Sweden, but the Stockholm District Court ruled that “the threat to Karimi in his original country of residence remains,” and that he must therefore be allowed to stay in Sweden.

His co-criminal, Mahdi Mohammadi, 19, was sentenced to jail for two years and six months. He will also be expelled from Sweden, but will be able to come back in 2028.

The court also found that Mohammdi has lied about his age before the Swedish Migration Board, and that when this but when this was revealed, his asylum application was rejected. He had however not been deported.

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