Sweden: Another Invader Center Burned

Swedish patriots have succeeded in destroying yet another planned invader center in that country, this time in Forshaga, a municipality in Värmland County in west central Sweden.


The building, which formerly contained a warehouse and offices, was only identified last week by the Swedish Migration Board as a planned new “asylum seeker” accommodation.

The fire—described by local fire services as “powerful”—totally destroyed the building overnight on November 9–10, police said.


Police said the fire alarm went off at about 1:17 in the morning of November 10, and three fire units were dispatched to the scene in an unsuccessful attempt to quell the blaze. Morgan Connedal, police duty officer in Varmland, said that the flames were already coming out of the roof by the time the first units arrived.


The destruction of this property—and similar ones—places even more pressure on the Swedish government as it scrabbles to find places to house the never-ending stream of nonwhite invaders.

The Swedish government has already publicly announced that it has no more ready accommodation available for the invading hordes. As a result, it had asked invaders to “please” stay in Germany and not to proceed to Sweden—a laughable and typically liberal misunderstanding of the underlying issues at stake.

Of course, the pathetic liberal pleading has had no effect, and the nonwhites continue to stream into Sweden, demanding money and accommodation.

As a result, the Swedes have had to start over in their search for “new” places for the invaders to live, and the building in Forshaga was one of the options they were looking at.

Word of their intentions had somehow leaked, and Swedish patriots swung into action. It is no longer an option to use the building, as it has now burned to the ground.

* Swedish police have said that there have been at least 20 arson attacks on planned invader accommodations in Sweden since the beginning of October. The police have been heavily criticized by leftists for failing to catch anybody for the attacks.

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  1. Swedish people better start upgrading and fortifying thier home security. Cold weather will force the tent people to take drastic measures even if that means sleeping in young girls beds with their mothers and fathers rotting in the basement.

    1. You can say that again – Swedes for centuries had practically no dealings with crime at all so they’d better get ready for the North African “enrichment” coming to towns 🙂

      1. Starting to appreciate how powerful language can be, the westernised anti-PC, invader centres and non-white invaders. Almost takes me back to my childhood when we had golliwogs, but that was the age of innocence, Golliwogs weren’t, to the best of my
        recollection, moslems.

  2. And that’s happening despite almost 4 decades of brainwashing which leftists governments tried to supress Swedish identity with – way to go Sweden!

  3. Sweden! You finally woke up to the horror about to devour you! But now if your braves hit hard & sustain your just reaction to this lawless fake refugee menace, Sweden CAN bounce back to its pure glory & nationalism whic we, the world has greatly admired & expected of u!!
    Bravo! Bravo!

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