Sweden: Communists, Greens, Socialists, Centrists Likely to Gang Up against Sweden Democrats

The most likely outcome of the Swedish parliamentary elections to be held on Sunday September 9 is a new coalition between the Communists, the Greens, the Socialists, the Centrists and the Conservatives—all joining forces against the surging populist Sweden Democrats party, whose great sin is that they want to halt the fake refugee invasion of that country.

Currently, the Swedish government is made up of an alliance known as the “Löfven Cabinet,” consisting of the Social Democrats and the Green Party.

These two parties together won 37.9 percent of the popular vote and 138 out of 349 seats in the Riksdag, or Swedish parliament at the 2014 election.

Now however, the Sweden Democrats (SD)—who won 12.9 percent of the vote in 2014 and took 49, becoming the third largest party—are set to substantially increase their support in the upcoming elections, according to all opinion polls.

The increase in support for the SD—which the controlled media laughably insists is “far right” and even “neo-Nazi” (but in fact is not, and has nonwhite representatives as press spokesmen)–means that support for all the other parties has declined, and no one party is likely to emerge with a ruling majority after the election.

A Skop institute poll published on Sunday, a week before the election, credited the Social Democrats with 23.8 percent of support, compared with 31 percent in the 2014 election; SD with 20 percent, up from 13 percent in 2014; and the Moderates with 17 percent, down from 23 percent.

According to an AFP report, traditionally in Sweden after the election, the outgoing speaker of parliament consults with party leaders to nominate a candidate for prime minister tasked with forming a government. Parliament votes on the speaker’s choice, and can reject his proposal four times, after which new elections must be called.

If the current government would seek to remain in office, therefore, they would have to rely on the support of “ex-communist” Left Party and all the members of the so-called “center-right” Alliance, which consists of the Center Party and the Liberals, to pass any legislation.

None of the parties will consider an alliance with the SD to form a government, solely because of that party’s immigration policy, which officially reads as follows:

“Sweden needs a safe and protected border in order to keep organized crime, human trafficking and terrorism out. We welcome those who contribute to our society, who abide by our laws and who respect our practices. In contrast, those who come here to take advantage of our systems, commit crimes or put our citizens in harm’s way are not welcome. We feel that Sweden should help those in need, and this should be done where the needs are most acute. We want to stop receiving asylum seekers in Sweden and instead go for real aid for refugees. We want to enable more immigrants turning back [sic] to their native countries.”

This eminently sensible policy is, in the upside-down world of the anti-white ruling elite, “Nazi” and “racist,” and therefore to be shunned.

The SD leadership has repeatedly distanced itself from what it calls “extremism” and most recently expelled several youth wing members who it felt were “racist.” These members went on to form a new party named the Alternative for Sweden (AfS).

* In a related development to the ongoing link between Third World immigration and crime in Sweden, it was announced that one of the ring leaders of the recent mass car arson attack in that country was arrested while trying to flee home to Turkey.

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  1. The vast majority of common Swedes seem quietly to back “multiculturalism” or mass immigration from the Third World.
    Why not acknowledge this fact and its exact cause?
    That is the common Swedes’ willingness to mix with non-Swedes and non-Europeans.
    Please take into consideration the Swedes’ mutual dislike of each other.
    The dislike has a long history.
    A similar dislike towards each other seems to be characteristic, among others, of the British.
    Apart from their ageless but much denied Europe- or Continent-phobia.

    1. The majority of Swedes do seem to support or at least not oppose mass Third Immigration according to opinion polls, but human nature is the same everywhere and so I do not believe that in their hearts they are really feel at ease with alien people from alien cultures invading their country. Their true feelings on this subject are deeply repressed due to their conformism and their need to demonstrate their virtue in order to be accepted by their peers. Therefore in order to be a goody two shoes you have to be an anti racist and not protest as the Third World hordes come flooding in.

  2. So in the end, no one holds a ruling majority, and the course of the country ends up in the hands of the wishy-washy, swing-vote Moderates, which is how nothing ever moves forward or changes. That’s why they’re called Moderates, because they don’t take a clear and definitive stand on anything. It’s also not surprising how, when it comes time to fight the nationalists, all the Leftist/communist/Green factions have no problem uniting forces because after all, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

  3. What’s needed is detail on Jewish money, and Jewish media control in Sweden. Without the basic facts it’s difficult to be sure of anything. Obviously, as in Britain and the US, prominent politicans are Jew-funded. There must be some hope that Internet will permit increased awareness of Jewish corruption. After all, Internet’s only been around for about 20 years.

  4. In a piece recently written article for the London School of Economics and Political Science by Nicholas Aylott and Niklas Bolin the Sweden Democrats are described as ‘radical right’ implying that they are extremists and possibly neo Nazis. The real extremists are the Swedish establishment whose insane social engineering experiment has alienated normal people who hitherto would have been accepting of immigration from the Third World. What the Sweden Democrats represent is not racism or radical rightism, as the establishment always claim, but rather the values of just about everyone forty years ago when Sweden was a more or less ethnically homogenous country.

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