Sweden: Easter Car Burnings

Nonwhite “immigrant” violence ripped apart the Swedish suburb of Hovsjö in the city of Södertälje, with brick throwing, car burnings, and attacks on police starting over the Easter weekend.

The trouble started on Thursday evening, when police and the fire brigade were called to a burning car in Hovsjö—and were met with nonwhite mobs throwing bricks and setting additional fires.

burning cars

The riot quickly escalated, with large fireworks also being fired at the police. At least two other vehicles were burned, and another one damaged severely.

The nonwhites set up burning tires on pedestrian overpasses, and bombarded the police with what appeared to be large fireworks.

Södertälje police were forced to request reinforcements from Stockholm, some twenty miles away.

According to the Länstidningen newspaper report of the events, the larger number of police patrol were eventually able to bring the nonwhites under control, although arrest operations carried out past midnight.

Later that night, however, just after two o’clock, two more cars were burned out in a townhouse area in Alby, a municipal area of the Botkyrka Municipality within the greater Stockholm area. Like Hovsjö, Alby is completely overrun with nonwhite “immigrants.”

Stockholm police spokesman Tove Hägg said that police had been deployed all over Alby during the evening, and they had identified a “large gang of youths” who had gathered outside a pizzeria near where the cars had been burned.

The violence continued once again the next evening, with more car torching and mob violence.

Car arson has become a tactic of choice for the nonwhites in the Stockholm area, copying a habit that their cousins in France have had for many years.

According to another report in the Länstidningen, some 54 vehicles have been burned in Södertälje since the beginning of 2016, averaging out at one every two days.

The extent of the increase in arson attacks can be seen by the fact that in previous years the fire brigade attended to around 100 such incidents per year.

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  1. And we never hear a peep about these incidents in our daily press or on TV. Says it all really, doesn’t it, that our governments hate us and want to destroy our countries.

    Thank God for “The New Observer”

    1. I live in Gothenburg, and we have car burnings at least every single Friday and Saturday. Few cases are investigated as the Police lacks resourses to do that (official explanation). I believe that some of those “incidents” are carried out in order to arrange compensation funds – from insurance company – to the car owner.

      1. I visited Göteborg around 8 years ago. Guess it’s changed since then, and a danger at night. The politicians we voted for have double crossed us.

    2. Your leaders are scared. That is a tactic of Islamic take over, to instill fear in the people particularly the leaders . You must replace your leaders with lionhearted Swedes like Trump in America.

  2. Trust this does not offend, but as the police are being restrained by their government, the time has come for some form of vigilantes to sort these people out once and for all. If they can burn cars with impunity, then burn down their accommodation. Surely there are enough people who consider that this is worse than WWII – at least everyone knew what it was all about and who the enemy was! Enough is enough, it’s the future generations that will have to pick up the pieces of Merkel’s madness.

    1. Their burning of accomodations is no longer a novelty, but the controlled media prefer to reduce the info to “accomodation for refugees was burned” so that people assume that native racists are the perps. Not every incident is an intentional act, as most of the new migrants are primitive, i. e. they cannot cope with modern facilities.

      1. Indeed Alicia, these primitives aren’t used to such niceties as fresh running water and electricity and the rule of law.

  3. -they had identified a “large gang of youths” – freaking joke. These days Leftifts fascists create propaganda by manipulating and hiding the truth. All that far-right nationalist have to do these days is … reveal the truth. Sounds fair yet we are the ‘bad guys’. Do you think if there was a riot made for example by neonazis, they would have also called it “youths” ?

      1. I have no sympathy for the majority of Swedes. You morons keep voting the same Leftie Trash into power, so you get what you deserve: the giveaway of your nation to Allah Aliens!

        Get ready for dhimmi status, Fools!

  4. Any government with a spine would have shot the trash! So much for multiculturism. They all bring their disgusting cultures with them. Absolute pond life!

  5. In ancient times Europeans would not have tolerated such abuse and would have taken to the invaders with pitchforks, clubs and arrows. Today’s police are instructed to apprehend in a non-lethal manner and give the accused their due process. Such a policy is, of course, a hallmark of an advanced society and protects modern people. But it is also inappropriate and a weakness when confronted with barbarians who belong in those ancient times.

  6. Whose cars are getting burned in these immigrant neighborhoods? Neither white citizens nor government officials would have any reason to park overnight in a ghetto, so I can only guess that these cars belong to successful immigrants.

    Even many white Swedes with jobs can’t afford a car; the government makes it very expensive because they want people to use public transportation.

  7. Thank God Central-Eastern European nations are rejecting this Third World. Google “Poland rises against Islam”

  8. What boggles my mind is why the police just don’t shoot every time this happens. These scum aren’t Swedish obviously they have no rights and should be treated as such.

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