Sweden: Invaders Create 55 “No-Go” Zones

The mass Third World invasion of Sweden has created at least 55 “no-go” zones for whites and police, that country’s official public broadcaster has announced.

Quoting a serving Swedish policeman, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) also revealed that nonwhite invader attacks on the police cause at least three resignations per day from that force.


The mass nonwhite invasion has created huge ghettoes in Sweden where police officers are attacked and their vehicles stoned for no reason other than their presence.

Now there are at least 55 “no go” areas which are on a police blacklist. These areas are divided into three categories ranging from “risk areas” to “seriously vulnerable.” The most heavily nonwhite areas, such as Biskopsgården in Gothenburg Municipality, are the most dangerous.

Sergeant Peter Larsson told NRK that at least 80 percent of the remaining police officers are actively seeking other jobs because policing the nonwhite invasion has become too dangerous.

“We have a major crisis. Many colleagues are choosing to quit. We are not investigating crimes; we don’t have time to cover the call-outs we are tasked with.”

According to Sergeant Larsson, a “normal” shift for police officers now includes being attacked by mobs of nonwhite invaders who throw stones at them and their patrol cars, call-outs to numerous vehicles being set ablaze, and increasing cases of assaults and murder.

A new report released by the country’s National Criminal Investigation Service entitled “A national overview of criminal networks with major impact in the local community,” said it was commonplace for unattended police cars to be attacked, for police officers to be attacked, and that drug and gang violence are increasing rapidly in the “no-go” zones.

Malmö in south Sweden—possibly the most overrun city in all of Sweden, with an invader population of at least 43 percent (and likely more)—was one of the cities which was highlighted in the report as a particularly high crime and gang area.

“We are losing the fight against the criminals,” Sergeant Larsson told NRK. Last year, only about 14 percent of all reported crimes were solved, an all-time low—and this year the figure is expected to be even lower.

At the same time, the nonwhites’ violent crime rate has increased sharply. The number of murders in Sweden rose from 82 in 2014 to 103 in 2015—an increase of 26 percent, unheard of in this previously peaceful and white country.

This year, the figure will be even worse, NRK said, because so far there have been 107 murders in Sweden, already more than in the previous year.

The nonwhite crime plague has hit Gothenburg as well, where the number of murders rose from 11 in 2014 to 24 in 2015. This year there have been a large number of public executions, and several attacks where hand grenades were thrown into houses, a tactic which is often used by the nonwhite gangs in Malmo.

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  1. If the police have lost the rule of law, then hand over responsibility to the military, who I am sure would take great pride in rounding up every last roach off the streets.

    1. Would they? The Swedish military consists of Swedes who’ve had the same Jewish education and been exposed to the same Jewish media. They will be kissing the refugees’ hands.

    1. The Swedish media are controlled by the Bonnier family (Jews). Jews control their money, and can buy police, legal action, thugs, and control jobs.

  2. Who in their right mind would volunteer to join the constabulary of a place like Malmo at this point, you’ll be taking it from all sides, armed with a flower.
    I’m sure once enough officers quit, the Gubment will finally be forced to legislate some sensible new authority to them. Your dealing with a rotten bouquet of imported gangsters here, da!
    On a side note, has anyone actually ever seen an Arab or Somalian doing an honest days work, ever? Just curious.

  3. Was Sweden like this 50 years ago?, before the darkies rolled up?

    Even blatant, obvious horror stories like this cannot penetrate through the reinforced concrete thick skulls of the dumb lefties.

    1. I visited Sweden multiple times between 1979 an 1986 and it was very nice! The best country I ever visited out of the 40 countries I went to in my backpacking days, in fact.

  4. They’re all wrong on this one!

    Sweden is a “no go zone”!

    It’s all over for the Swedes, an amazingingly naive & stupid people whom we all thought were creative & innovative…….sigh!

  5. The government should stop all benefits to immigrants. Starve them out. Snipers should be placed on rooftops and looters shot. Criminals should be deported without right to appeal. Rehouse whites out of these areas and ghettoize the problem population. Reduce their living conditions until they beg to be repatriated back to where they came from. Don’t gas them as that is bad PR.

  6. SWE goverment completely failed to provide law and order. Swedes will be remembered for their suicide mission. Very, Very interesting to watch.

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