Sweden: Invaders Refuse Idyllic Houses

Ungrateful nonwhite invaders in Sweden have refused to accept idyllic single residence accommodation in a luxury Swedish holiday park—and are in a standoff with astonished liberal “migration” authorities as they are refusing to even get out the taxpayer-funded bus which brought them to the area.


The nonwhites—who claim to be Syrians (but even that is doubtful, given the already officially acknowledged lying nature of the invaders)—were transported by specially assigned buses to the luxury holiday accommodation in Lima, Malung-Sälen Municipality, Dalarna County in central Sweden, on Sunday, October 24.

The area is most popular with holiday-makers, and the luxury fully-equipped single residence dwellings are usually rented out as self-catering units.



The Swedish government, in its suicidal mania to absorb as many nonwhites as possible, went out of its way to reserve the entire holiday camp to house the bogus refugees—but it has not been good enough. The idyllic accommodation had even been fully equipped with food for the invaders.

According to reports in the Aftonbladet newspaper, the nonwhite invaders, upon their arrival, refused to even get off their buses.

According to the Aftonbladet, the nonwhite invaders said the holiday camp was “too remote” and that they “are afraid of the nearby woods.”


Maria Löfgren, unit head of the “Migration Board” in Dalarna said she had unsuccessfully tried to explain to the ungrateful nonwhites that the holiday camp was not isolated, and that there were nearby frequent buses to shopping areas and schools. She and other colleagues had been threatened with violence by a man who said that they would now prefer to go back to Syria—an incident which was confirmed by Dalarna police spokesman Stefan Dangardt.

One invader, claiming to be named Hadeel Waez from Syria, told SVT Dalarna that the luxury holiday accommodation “does not suit us. It is too cold; there are no shops and no doctor so it is not fitting for us to stay here,” she said. “They say it’s 20 minutes by bus to get to the shops,” she added.

Other invaders said they expected—and demanded—to be taken to a city.

After a two day standoff, most of the invaders agreed to be driven on to another accommodation in the nearby town of Limedsforsen, but over a dozen refused to go anywhere and stayed on their bus.

Now, four days later, the bus company has announced that it is calling professional bailiffs to force the nonwhites out of the bus. At time of writing, the invaders were still holed up and had not been evicted, despite pleas from the baffled liberals to the effect that the transportation was needed to bring even more nonwhites to accommodation areas elsewhere.

* This is not the first time that nonwhite invaders have demonstrated such ingratitude. Earlier in October, twenty invaders also refused to get off their buses at the free accommodation offered to them in Trängslet in Dalarna, and last month, a similar incident took place in Frederiksberg.

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  1. What do they want, a specially constructed death camp? Excuse me, but what the hell is EU doing? GET THESE SCUM OUT OF EU FOREVER and stop this foolishness. Good God.

  2. How incompetent you are Mrs Merkel. See the misery and the murder you and our rotten governments have brought to our countries. Now you want to dispose the white western people. As for Mr Cameron what are you going to tell your children did when he was in power. I don't know how you can look them in the eyes.These people want sending back where they came from. Use that nice big boat you are having built and take them back.

  3. True asylum seekers would be only too glad of a roof over their heads, warm, comfortable with food supplied free. These people are NOT refugees, they are the advance guard of an invasionary Islamic force. Sweden will wake up one day, but it will be too late. Hugging a tree is all very noble, but when it falls it will kill the hugger. Be warned Sweden, your Liberal days are nearing an end, Islam is your future and you can console yourselves with the fact that you did it to yourselves.

  4. Mind boggling 🙂

    Swedes surely are so brainwashed in the last for few decades by the leftists' b/s propaganda that they're clearly heading into some sort of path of self-destruction – this is madness!

  5. Swedish people let the state virtually rear their children from the age of two. It seems the brainwashing into feminism and multi-kulti has been a roaring success. What a dumbed-down peopled they are now. How shameful.

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