Sweden: New Attacks on Invader Centers

An invader center in the Sigtuna suburb of northern Stockholm Sweden, was burned to the ground on Friday last week, in the second such attack within a week, Swedish newswire service TT has reported.

The attack follows an identical blaze which destroyed an invader center in Fagersjö, southern Stockholm, shortly before 1:30 a.m. the previous Sunday.


A police patrol discovered the fire at the invader center and alerted staff who evacuated the 40 invaders living there.

“It was one of our patrol who was passing by and saw that the facade of the building was on fire,” Carina Andersson, from the Stockholm Police, told the newswire.

A fire then broke out, he said, adding police had opened an investigation. “Things do not just catch fire outside (a house) for no reason.”

sigtuna-02 fagers sigtuna-01

Police are investigating the crime as a serious arson attack, but so far have no suspects.

The invader center is for nonwhites who have already been granted permission to stay in Sweden. It houses 37 residents in two blocks of 13 housing units.

In the latest incident, nine invaders were evacuated from the building, which was utterly destroyed.

“Everyone got out of the building. There were nine residents and two staff members who got themselves out,” Johan Winsnes from the Stockholm emergency services center told TT newswire.

Around 20 firefighters tackled the blaze, but the building could not be saved.

Sweden took in a record 163,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers last year, the most of any European country relative to the size of its population.

The nonwhite crime wave which has resulted from this mass invasion was felt almost immediately, and in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, more than 70 cars have been burned since July.

Sweden’s police have placed more than 50 areas on a “no-go” list, due to the increased levels of nonwhite crime which are busy destroying what remains of civilized society in that country.

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  1. At least someone in Sweden knows an invasion when they see it. Now it’s time they start burning the politicians making the invasion happen!

  2. burn them all down. they are not wanted. they need to stop this out of control breeding, oppressing women, fighting, praying. they are not known for a single constructive thing. they bring trouble wherever they go

  3. I hope they catch the “jerks” that did this and make an example of them.
    By Parading them downtown, and giving them medals, and one of those big novelty Keys to City like in the cartoons, and give the kids a bonus snow day in their honor, and have them cut the ribbon on the replacement asylum center with a blow torch, and a bunch of other fun stuff like that.

  4. Polis, an anagram of slopi ( sloppy) Figures! Shame on “sloppy” for not passing by on patrol and noticing persistent rape and robbery by the “children”, and rescuing the victims of ethnic crime at “just the right time”.

  5. Muslim “No go areas” in all European countries should be sealed off and dealt with by strong Nationalist governments. If not, like a cancer, they will spread and take over the whole country.

  6. Just takes spines to repatriate all these third world parasites! Of course, Sweden being so liberal, not a chance. I see that it has started to backfire on them now. That is called karma. Like the anti British traitorous trash of the Lib,Lab,Con and SNP of the UK, it will soon erupt into civil war if immigration isn’t halted and we are out of the clasps of the Communist EU!

  7. Perhaps the Swedes are starting to grow a pair. Burning down the invader centers seems to become the practice throughout Europe wherever the invaders are. Too bad the leadership is determined to ignore the message.

  8. The Cultural Marxist political Establishment – puppets of Organised Jewry – are totally responsible for this ongoing deliberate genocide of our White nations. I say deliberate because given the long violent history of Islam & the present-day mindset of many radical jihadi Muslims, it is incomprehensible that these CM traitors could have set the wheels in motion for this takeover of the West without realising that it would lead to a complete bloodbath & the destruction of the West & the genocide of our White people. It is well past time that Whites United, Organized & took to the streets to show that patriotic Whites are now clued-up that this ‘mass immigration’ agenda is no mistake – but a deliberate One-World govt plan to completely destroy Whites & our White nations. Are Whites going to continue act like sheep or are we going to stand up and defend what is rightfully ours that is being taken from us by these genocidal racists and traitors.

  9. Between corrupt politicians and a controlled media, what does anyone expect. Talk about a brick wall? What a pity the law-abiding people of Sweden and any other country won’t resort to cancelling all taxes and making their so-called elected representatives bankrupt, losing their homes and pension perks.

  10. Fully agree Kerry WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS SWEDEN PLEASE SAVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL CULTURE ITS YOURS TOO LOOSE PLEASE THINK OF UR CHILDREN AN UR FOREFATHERS DO NOT LET SENTIMENT R CHARITY CLOUD YOUR HEAD CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME U OFFERED THEM REFUGE AND THEY AV INSULTED YOUR GENEROSITY SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY WERE INVITED IN GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their problem thanks to merkel her invite not ours her problems stand tall do not bow to one women’s dream in all honesty do u think Europe would take any notice if the Queen of U.K. Issued such shite think not AN neither would we Stay strong !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Well, it’s a start. Keep up the good work and hopefully more EU men might grow a pair. And take up a sport, Clay shooting is very good.

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