Sweden: One More Invader Center Burns

Swedish patriots have burned down yet another planned invader center, this time in Skåne Ekeby near Bjuv, in the south of the country.


According to a police spokesman, the set of buildings has been utterly destroyed and can no longer be used to house invaders, who had been set to move in January 2016.

Access to the building was apparently obtained through some windows, according to a report in the Expressen newspaper.

“The entire complex is wrecked,” Christer Nilsson, site manager at the emergency services in Bjuv, told the Expressen. “The buildings were about to be fitted out for use in January, but now this will not be possible,” he added.

The alarm was raised shortly after 5 a.m. at the set of sixteen barracks. At least one building had been completely engulfed in flames by the time the emergency services arrived, and several others had fires in them as well.  The entire complex suffered “substantial” damage, Hans Nilsson, police duty officer said.

“When we got to the place, we found that large parts were on fire, and that the entire row of barracks was filled with smoke,” Nilsson added.

“Since the barracks are one long room without defined dividing walls, the entire building site has been effectively destroyed. It will have to be rebuilt completely if anyone is to stay here,” he said.

Three fire brigades and more than twenty firefighters battled the flames, with a spokesman from that service describing the blaze as “very comprehensive.”


The fire service struggled for two hours to extinguish the flames, and after two hours they thought they had completed the task, and left the scene.

However, within six hours, the flames started again, apparently regenerated by a strong wind in the area, and the fire service had to be called out again.

According to the Syd Svenskan newspaper, the barracks were intended for use as housing for “unaccompanied children”—the politically correct term for nonwhite invaders who claim to be children in order to get preferential “refugee” status and extra welfare money.

Earlier, the Swedish government announced that it could not accommodate any more “asylum seekers” because of a shortage of housing. Attacks such as the one at Bjuv, which have become increasingly common as Swedish people start resisting the invasion, have greatly exacerbated the problem.

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  1. The scum that run Sweden will simply increases taxes on ethnic Swedes – together with slashing old age pensions – to find the funds to build new ‘migrant centres’

    1. Alas, “scum” is appropriate also to the Swedish opposition, as even the parties in the “bourgeois” Alliance embrace the open borders policy. The only exception are the as “fascist” labelled Sweden Democrates. All the “non-racist” parties actually seem to have as their primary goal to demonize and ostracize Sweden Democrates.

    2. You’re underestimating the costs. Invaders are not generally funded from yearly expenses. If they were, the true cost (in terms of huge taxes) would be obviously unmanageable.
      Instead, Jews lend ‘money’ to the Swedish government, and the debt swells to ever-greater amounts. Probably the idea is for Jews to be given Swedish real assets in exchange for the debts. (It will be called ‘buying’, but will simply be worthless paper or e-money).
      It’s truly shocking how university economics departments cast no light on this process.

      1. I did read that the Swedish economy will be bankrupt withing 15 years if it keeps the current trend.
        ‘Zeitgeist Addendum’ gives a pretty accurate account of the truth about world economics. Money created from thin air, loaned to create debt from which a person or country can never become free, then claiming the assets as you mention.
        It’s so laughably simple that one wonders how the masses were duped in the first place.

        1. Meanwhile, a Swedish public transport operator has said it will cancel all trains from Copenhagen’s central railway station to Malmö when Sweden’s controversial ID checks come into force on January 4th.

          Stu, for all Danes and Swedes Öresund Bridge was the symbol of fully united, new Europe!
          Sweden simply choked on them “refugees” and now they even asked Brussels to take back 26,000 of them.

  2. Swedish patriots we are proud of you !
    Merkel`s evil plans must never be allowed to come to fruition without a fight.
    How she must hate seeing her dream go up in smoke yet again. Keep up the good work!


  3. When the government does no longer act in the interest of their own citizens, but contrary to their own citizens’ welfare, what else can be expected other than that citizens take matters into their own hands. I hope this is widely publicized, that they are not welcome.

  4. I have just read the article about the Dutch demonstration where police were firing guns – in the air l hope – and then used batons against the demonstrators. l cannot understand why the police are not rebelling about this. l don’t believe they are all in agreement with the invasion either. lt was the first l’d read about that demonstration. And now we’re reading that Sweden are still burning down the invader centers….again not in other papers. antje m.adam l agree but l fear it will be covered over not published by our MSM. lf more people knew what was truly happening the movement would surge in all European countries and the governments couldn’t cope with full scale rebellion in every country and l truly hope that is being organised between groups in all countries and they have good communications. Why should millions and millions of European people accept this madness ? They can’t kill us all that easily….not without actual counter attack at some point. They are obsessed with their plan but does anyone know exactly why ??

    1. @Uk Lady: “They are obsessed with their plan but does anyone know exactly why ??”

      The answer is `pretty much yes …… and it`s becoming clearer all the time.`
      Just try posting links to certain forums/websites/ names etc and they`ll be removed
      so we can`t spread the word.

      1. Jay many posters have found a way around these alerted words by putting spaces in them or spelling them wrongly, so with that in mind l’d appreciate you pointing me in the right direcetion to find out what the actual plan is – and why. This is important info and it needs to be known.
        Thank you

        1. @UK Lady
          You could try……. bar bar a spek tor [ on film; ] an eye opener – exactly what`s happening now.
          cow den hove cale rgi ;
          type jue in search engine and take your pick of very many sites and differing views.
          you probably already know – nue wurld awder…..hope you can make sense of this post.

          1. Yes l understood and thank you 🙂 l’ve read a bit of the cow den thing but it still isn’t really clear to me as to WHY – tho l must admit l have not read it to the end – l think the site l found was very long winded so perhaps l’ll try another one. Ok so there was probably alot wrong with the old wurld awder but at least we didn’t have this terrible unrest and fear everywhere – not to this extent anyway. We are apparently being taken over by something from the dark ages and l honestly cannot see how it will work or be acceped because most of us now know a better way. lt has GOT to cause awful damage everywhere… but then as we know…there are too many of us… perhaps this is the only way to reduce the numbers eh ?? 🙁

  5. I’m proud to see the resistance of European people, long live to the patriots! Everyone who appreciate freedom must resist sharia law loving people,they introducing total slavery. I’m not anti religious,but what they advertise,have nothing to do with Allah or any other God. They are coming to destroy our freedom-loving societies.

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