Sweden: Pensioners Slide into Poverty as State Pays Billions to Invaders

At least 245,000 Swedish pensioners live below the poverty line—and the primary reason for this because ethnic Swedes are not entitled to the state’s full maximum housing allowance, which is as privilege reserved only for nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in that country, a new government report has said.

According to an official report from the Swedish Pensions Agency, the 245,000 poor pensioners, who make up 12 percent of all retirees in the country, are made up of 162,000, and many others described as “vulnerable single adults.” The figures show that the older a pensioner is in Sweden, the more likely they are to fall into poverty.

Eurostat, the European Statistical Office, has previously calculated in a separate report that the rate of poverty among Swedish pensioners may be as high as 17 to 20 percent.

The report was released during the same week that Swedish media admitted that nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees were costing Swedish taxpayers “more than had been predicted.”

According to the report, a single invader cost €7,184 per year, and that currently, all of the invaders already present in Sweden will cost a €347 billion over their lifetime.

Every financial year the Swedish government pays €5.96 billion Euros to the nonwhites in the form of welfare benefits, a cost that multiple studies have shown is unsustainable. Since 2015, over 830,000 invaders have entered Sweden.

Sweden’s winters are of course very cold, and many Swedish pensioners are struggling to heat their homes during the bad weather months, let alone afford the basic necessities of life.

This explains why populist parties like the ‘Swedish Democrats’ and ‘Alternative for Sweden’ are rising in the polls ahead of September’s general election, with immigration shown to be the number one voting issue among the electorate.

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  1. Disgusting. Definitely shows that someone else other than Swedes are in charge of Sweden. A fifth column exists in all our countries, and they call the shots. They’ve bought off the corrupt and now it’s a free-for-all, they can do whatever they want. They have, and they will continue to.

  2. We’ve certainly got the fifth column in Oz as chi coms n third worlds are herded in to take every thing and locals are left in unheard of poverty. Thousands of homeless sent to the bottom of housing lists. We’re betting that the Jihadi brides n cubs returning from the ME party, recently, got immediate food , housing, welfare for life.

  3. If the cost to the state in welfare payments to the fake refugees is €7,184 per year, that must exceed what the state receives in taxes from them even if they were permanently employed. Yet the rational for the immigration madness that started under prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, leader of the Moderate Party, was that large scale net immigration would increase the proportion of the working age population due to the higher proportion of working age people among the immigrants and thus increase the size of the tax base and provide more funds for the welfare of the elderly dependent population. In fact the complete opposite has happened. Future generations will look back on this folly with incredulity and heap scorn on the Swedish establishment of our time.

    1. Reinfeldt is a mulatto.

      He is the grandson of an black American ‘acrobat’ who toured Sweden back in the early 20th century.

  4. well we get the very shortest segment in our filthy, white-hating Jew owned mainstream media in way of the swedish elections, and what transpired, as no shock, of course. they say the very minimal, the shortest segment, but of course we saw the brown invaders lined up to vote, the 10% victory directly proportionate to the 10% portion (reported) of sweden now being nonwhite invaders. of course we realize here too in USA that the number is much higher, as they base their results on inaccurate data, because to base the number on what it should really be would draw too much shock & horror, though 10% is a horror in its own right.
    i am sickened for sweden and it continues to be surreal to me all that i read about as to what is going on in sweden for years now, and there is NOTHING in the USA news, NOTHING.
    Just as there is NOTHING in our USA news about south africa.
    i am back and forth between feelings of wanting to cry and then i feel enraged, as i turn to my own news and see yet another white police officer thrown in jail for shooting and killing what she thought was a black man invading her home, and she did this in a town with a black female mayor and now they are all out for blood and must make an example of this young white blonde hair blue eyed officer, who probably wasnt making even $40K a year, and now her life is destroyed. meanwhile, NONE of the black on white crime epidemic that is out of control with whites being killed by the dozens every day seems to make it to the papers or news programs, local or national.
    the white genocide continues.

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