Sweden: Refugee-Terrorist Murderer Sentenced

Yet another nonwhite invader pretending to be a refugee has been sentenced to jail after being convicted of taking part in a videotaped mass murder in Syria in 2012—after taking advantage of the “asylum” hoax to freely move several times between Europe and Syria over a period of at least four years.

According to Swedish media, Haisam Sakhanh, 46, was sentenced to “life imprisonment” for taking part in a mass shooting while fighting for the “Suleiman Fighting Company,” in Syria, during 2012.

Sakhanh was arrested on March 11, 2016 in the town of Karlskoga in Sweden, after he was positively identified on the propaganda video, filmed outside the Syrian city of Idlib in Spring 2012.

He had then moved to Sweden, where he had claimed “asylum.” His application was accepted and he was granted residence as a “poor refugee” fleeing the “war” in Syria—but as part of that “asylum” process, he had to provide fingerprints to the Swedish authorities.

It was then that the mass murderer’s cover story fell apart: his fingerprints were matched by Interpol to Italian criminal records dating back to 2011 and 2012.

It turned out that Sakhanh had been freely travelling between Syria and Europe for over four years, taking advantage of the race-blind liberal delusion which has created the asylum hoax in Europe.

He first appeared on the Italian police’s radar in 2012, when he first claimed “asylum” in that country. While living in Italy, he was arrested by police for a number of assaults against other Syrians, and for taking part in a violent attack of the Syrian embassy in Rome. It was after his arrest for the latter incident that his fingerprints were first taken.

Shortly afterward, Sakhanh somehow “forgot” his “asylum” application in Italy, and travelled back to Syria to join the Islamist terrorist forces outside Idlib, eventually becoming a member of the ISIS-affiliated “Sulieman Fighting Company.”

There, he took part in the filmed mass murder of Syrian army prisoners. The video, which was released in 2013, showed Sakhanh among a group of “rebels” as their commander, Abdul Samad Issa, recited an Islamist condemnation of the prisoners, in which their executions were announced.

The commander, known as “The Uncle” by the fighters, fired the first shot, into the back of one prisoner’s head and the other “rebels” then opened fire.

Sakhanh was shown holding a Kalashnikov rifle, with which he shot one of the helpless prisoners at his feet. The video then showed Sakhanh and the others throwing the bodies into a hole in the ground.

Investigators found another video of the captured soldiers, with many rebels posing behind them before the killing. Sakhanh was visible in that scene, too, the police said.

Sakhanh’s arrest photograph.

At some stage in 2013, Sakhanh then made his way back to Europe, and presented himself in Sweden as an “asylum seeker.”

The police had, by the time he was arrested, positively identified Sakhanh in the video. At the time of his arrest in Sweden, he was even wearing the same brown coat as in the video.

“Life imprisonment”—is only ten years in Sweden, a fact acknowledged by the court’s judgment which also contains an order for “expulsion with a prohibition to return” upon completion of the sentence.

Sakhanh’s case thoroughly exposes the utterly bogus nature of the asylum swindle, where any liar from anywhere is allowed into Europe to claim “refugee” status.

It was only because Sakhanh had already engaged in public violence in Rome that he was spotted: but for that, he would still be living off the Swedish welfare system as a “refugee.”

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