Sweden: Ruling Socialists Rocked by Video Revealing their Nazi Past

The populist Sweden Democrats—long accused by the far left Social Democratic Party of having “Nazi roots”—has struck back with a viral video which details the ruling party’s genuinely Nazi past in a move which is widely being regarded as a master stroke just prior to this weekend’s elections.

The video, titled “One People, One Party,” in imitation of the Nazi slogan of “One People, One Nation, One Leader,” (Ein Volk, Ein Riech, Ein Fuehrer), was designed to “reduce the Social Democrats’ attacks” on the Swedish Democrats and “affect the election in a favorable direction” for that party, the Samtiden newspaper reported.

The documentary has already attracted well over half a million views, and was initially pulled from YouTube after complaints from the Social Democrats. However, overwhelming public response forced that company to back down, and the video was then re=allowed to appear.

The film—now with English subtitles (below) tells the story of the Social Democrats “as it has been never been told before.” In the film, which is replete with images of marching soldiers and swastikas, the authors dwell on such issues as state-sponsored anti-Semitism, forced sterilization and Nordic racial theory—all of which was endorsed by the Social Democrats as late as 1975.

The film points out that Sweden carried out tens of thousands compulsory sterilizations on eugenic, medical and social grounds starting in 1906 and lasting until 1975, coinciding directly with the Social Democrats’ rule.

Among other things, the film features overtly racial quotes about Negro inferiority and Ayran superiority by prominent Social Democrat writer Bengt Lidforss, who advised against “racial degeneration due to blending with low-grade breeds” and the Socialist party newspaper Tiden from an era it was edited by future Social Democrat Prime Minister Hjalmar Branting, both iconic figures in Sweden.

Researcher Jimmy Vulovic, a literary scholar with focus on propaganda research at Lund University, told Samtiden that the documentary may become a tough weapon to dodge ahead of the upcoming general election.

“I believe many Social Democratic voters will be surprised by the existence of this kind of racial biological ideas that many Social Democrats propagated, as did an overwhelming majority in other groups,” Vulovic said, adding that it may very well become an “insurmountable obstacle” and will certainly blunt the “Nazi” allegations which that party throws at its opponents.

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  1. Swedish women have a very good role model in one Barbara Spectre encouraging them to practise MULTICULTURALISM with all the so-called refugees and she states the the Jews are pushing for it. To think Sweden with there beautiful blond woman will be no more and the end of the beautiful white race is in sight.

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