Sweden: State-funded Muslim “Sniper” Training

The Swedish state is funding a “sniper” training course for recently-arrived Third World “refugees” as part of their “integration program”—despite the ever-growing refugee-terrorist attacks across Europe.


The almost unbelievable plunge into insanity—started two years ago already—was reported—in a positive pro-refugee light—by the Allehanda newspaper in Sweden, under the title “Fired up for Sniping,” (Laddade för prickskytte, literally “Charged up for Sniping”) and shows a large number of Third Worlders being taught how to target shoot with “sniper” target rifles on a formal shooting ground in Sollefteå, central Sweden.


The Allehanda informs its readers that the “sniping course” began on a “small scale in the Fall,” but then for reasons which are obvious, but which the Swedish newspaper ignores, “interest exploded” among the nonwhite invaders to take the course.

When the Allehanda visited the shooting range, “more than 50 immigrant youths were on the course,” honing their shooting skills.

Even more incredibly, the sniping course is being paid for by Sweden’s state-funded Migration Agency as an “integration” program into Swedish society.

“Young people from all over the world—Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, [and] South America” are taking sniping lessons, the Allehanda said, and some of them are “interested and very talented,” the paper quoted course supervisor Birgit Höglin as saying.

The program is offered as part of the language course at the local upper secondary school, Höglin said, saying that the benefits of the program are “much more” than just teaching the invaders how to use sniping rifles.

“Here they talk Swedish in other social contexts, meet new people, and hang out. It is especially good for their vocabulary,” Höglin said.

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It seems of no concern to these liberals that every single terrorist attack on Europe in 2015 was carried out by “refugees.”

State-funded sniper training for “young immigrants” seems so out of place that such an undertaking is firmly in the realm of the insane, and would, if not actually happening, be the subject of some bizarre joke.

Unfortunately, it is not.

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  1. Sweden is now well beyond saving,totally bonkers.I guess that as they always had a penchant for self murder ,now they have muslims to do it for them.

    1. You would think they’ve already reached the levels of stupidity and self-destruction other nations can only dream about and … here we go – the bar has been set even higher 🙂

        1. I would say telling the Muslims all about the Swedish peoples secrets to make them easier to track down and kill and then handling over all the military stuff to them. Oh wait, do the Swedes have a defense force? Wouldn’t be much point to that, would there?

          1. “Two Swedish citizens who fought for the Islamist militant group al-Shabaab in Somalia were sentenced to 11 years in prison on Friday” – it wasn’t Swedish court, of course 🙂
            “Ali Yasin Ahmed, 31, and Mohamed Yusuf, 33, were sentenced by US District Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn, New York. Both men were Somali-born and returned to Somalia from Sweden in 2008 in order to fight”

          2. Two swedish somalians were sentenced to life imporinment just 2-3 weeks ago, in Sweden. They were convicted of cutting throats of people in Somalia.

      1. The Swedes are already half way to becoming Muslim. Their kids are indoctrinated from starting school by all giving the Muslim `one-finger` greeting. Utterly crazy… two fingers from me !!

        1. I sure give them the finger all the time … what you have to be aware of too is that you give them a finger, and they’ll take the whole hand – no kidding!

    2. I want to feel sorry for Swedes, but they are incredibly insane and many of them seem like they’d rather die than be called racists. Even as bad as Germany is in or Finland, at least they are willing to fight back.

      1. Sweden is a totally disturbed liberal country. I hate it into my bones. I lived there for almost 40 yrs. I moved down To Colombia a little over a year ago and that’s the best thing I’ve done in my life. Life is wonderful here, very safe (if you have western countries income/wealth and live in up scale neighborhood… which is much nicer here than a ghetto in Sweden). Here is not a single jihadist or disturbed islamist. If they would do to women here what they’ve done in EU , they would be killed right on the streets and the cops wouldn’t bother. I swear… Colombians are all calling you “men without balls” because of the situation in EU today. I can only agree! I’m ashamed to be a EU citizen today. You guys have to do something NOW, before it’s too late.

        1. Colombia is one of the most inequal countries in the world thanks to globalism and our rich resources, not to forget our rich history of masonry thanks to the guy (Simon Bolivar – a mason himself) that gave us freedom from the Spanish (sarcams).
          Big corporates come and violate laws because they pay politians in exchange of favors and voila, you got corruption eveywhere and that also creates a domino effect that goes from the monetary aspect to the cultural aspect… that’s probably the major problem we have, that is fucking us all in the butt, but I rather live in Colombia than Sweden, France, UK, Belgium, The Nederlands or any delussional and to the core liberal country.

      2. You compare Finland with Sweden and Germany? Stop right there. Finland is increasingly against for the refugee to come, we only take the ones who pass enough security test. We however do have native Finns who are arrested for planning terrorism, who go to Syria to join ISIS, also such a recent immigrant minority (that came between 2005-2010) but the only refugee the government lets stay is the one who pass the psychological examination and the other process to determine if they are threat. The government also recently start to reject most Sunni who come because they are risk to join ISIS. Mostly Shite can come, Christians and atheists too, they have true dangers in home countries because ISIS kills them and their family. Many Sunni pigs will join ISIS even if say they do not want.

        1. Why would anyone from the third world seek asylum in another continent? Finland is insane for taking in even one third worlder. These are not refugees, they are economic migrants. They explot the west’s liberal values, that’s all.

      3. Don’t worry. I am a Swede and I’m already (according to the ruling politicians) racist, nazi, fascist and uneducated (which is politician language for stupid).

        People are starting to wake up, it is only a matter of time now before we have real change on our hands and it’s going to be great.

    3. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back – I no longer care whether or not Sweden survives as Swedish. Not one little bit, they deserve what is coming to them.

      1. FYI we are many here in Sweden who are sooo sick and tired of all the madness. We have the worst, weakest, most incompetent government EVER. It’s a complete joke. They make decisions that are easy/comfortable to defend in the media (keeping up appearances as being “the nice guys”) and leave us, the native, tax paying population to rot. The situation here in Sweden is SO f****d up!

          1. What is there to do? You’ll get put in jail, lose your career and possibly your membership in all kinds of organizations if you get caught doing something.

        1. So relieved to hear not all Swedish people suffer from multiculti madness.
          Just a pity there`s not more of them.
          The whole of the EU is – quote – SO f****d up!

    4. This isnt happening on its own, its being orchestrated by shady leftist characters with large financial instruments at their disposal in backrooms holding your politicians to ransom with a knife at their throats
      Something as blatantly stupid as sniper traing for potential muslim terrorists cant happen without official sanction hence the policy must be a deliberate one.
      Its purpose as with the whole multiculturalist narrative is to promote islamic domination of the world, the destruction of western civilisation, the turning back of the clock on freedom, expression and civilised life, these people promoting this want to achieve their NWO plan by making us all fight each other ( what better way than this? ) to depopulate the planet as promoted in green agendas, limiting the population of the planet to a more controllable billion or so.
      This is the start of the nightmare unless we as citizens take the fight to parliaments across europe, until brussels is engulfed in a sea of people refusing to work for the elites, refusing to facilitate their wishes, non co operation with the laws being made against us,……until we shout with one immense voice “NOT in OUR NAME!”, until and unless that happens we are doomed.

      This is your wakeup call, the countries of europe are being systematically invaded by a population of random killers and left leaning voters who will by sheer weight of numbers eradicate you, me and even these idiots who think they can control the outcome for themselves.

      Best wake up, before its time to die.

    5. Clarifications regarding cited “sniper training” article:

      Because of the recent international citations of the 2013 Allehanda article “Laddad för prickskytte”, I as News Editor feel that a few clarifications are in order. Several websites refers to the immigration project in Sollefteå as “sniper training”. This is not a correct description. The word sniper training implies military combat education which is something completely different from this. Although the refugees in the pictures can be seen holding what looks like sniper rifles, it is in fact biathlon sports equipment. Biathlon is since the 1960s recognised as an Olympic discipline, and the Sollefteå Ski High School runs an international upper secondary school programme for elite competitors. This is where the refugees were invited to try rifle shooting, the only element of biathlon possible in the summer. It was done by the authorities as part of their work with local immigration. I hope this clarifies the circumstances surrounding this article.

      1. @Thomas

        I guess arranging ping pong tables was too complicated? You don’t really know much about shooting do you, Thomas? The fundamentals of shooting, patience, proper aiming technique, breathing, and trigger stroke…. once imparted… can be applied to ANY rifle. GET IT?

        It doesn’t really matter that they’re shooting .22LR…. the FUNDAMENTALS of SNIPING, the body mechanics, mental training and basics of aiming and breathing are imparted.

        I have a whole bunch of expletives for you… but what’s the point…..

      2. The Swedes “do good” attitude will be the end of you. It’s fine to do good, but Sweden is being manipulated into a tool for terrorists. The clenched fist in the pocket attitude won’t make it go away. You need to do something about it.

      3. Your comment was by far the dumbest I’ve read today, and I read a lot of idiotic pc bullshit today. You need to turn things around, and give Swedish children sniper training using the refugees as targets. Unless you want to live under sharia law in less than 50 years.

      4. Yes it does. It shows utter stupidity of those who promote it. Rifle is rifle. Training the force that invades you to shoot properly can only mean one thing – they’ll kill you better. Or, shall I say with Olympic precision?
        What kind of mental retards can ever try to justify something like that?

    6. Why would a white country want to put weapons in the savages hands. Gone bonkers is right. They will start a civil war across Europe. Hope Putin and Russia will be able to keep the invaders out of Russia.

      1. Putin and Orban are the only ones who can save European civilization. Whites will have to emigrate from Western Europe.

    7. You always wondererd, why are the traitors importing these vile creatures against your will, here it is

      Their brand new Gestapo made of immoral remorseless rapists/murderers fresh from the heart of Turd World, ready to kill the infidels and get paid for them by the friendly liberal government .

      1. That kind of skill can come quite handy if they decide to go back to Syria and join ISIS:
        “Previous statistics from the Swedish security service, Säpo, suggest that just over 300 Swedish nationals have left the country to travel to fight with Islamic extremist groups in Syria and Iraq … as many as 100, have returned to Sweden and not one has been prosecuted under the laws related to terrorist crimes”

        1. Guess allowing them to return having honed their skills with ISIS will come in handy when population control time

  2. 59/290 the International Convention for the (Promotion) of Acts of Nuclear Extortion and Terrorism is probably next on their agenda. That is consistent no doubt with ECHR 62 in their liberal minded acceptable world.

  3. As if the Swedish people hadn’t had enough of violence, rapes etc. from migrants. Now they stand a good chance of being sniped at aswell.

  4. Excellent idea!!!! Let’s import the trash, feed them, house them, buy there phones AND train them to kill us….It’s just beyond words….:(

  5. Start a right wing sniper training camp too. Hold a New Observer Online fundraiser competition.
    It all just for fun. For bored swedish Patriots.

  6. What a good idea….a ready made army to protect the government from the people? Maybe not thought through to the conclusion, though

  7. This ‘news’ is 2.5yrs old……I have just been informed, after posting it in the Daily Telegraph in the UK.

    Editorial note: Yes, the original Allehanda article is from 2013, as can be seen from the date on the article screenshot. The program is however ongoing, and has taken renewed relevance in the light of recent events.

    1. I saw this and similar articles awhile back and so now the question(s) need to be asked how many have the Swedish Govt. or Charities trained up so far and we could also apply that to other European Countries? It is reported that every Country has draft measures in place to let “Contractors/Mercenaries” onto the street or as a backup to the police/military on a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 so now we all know why the respective Services have been or are being ‘cut to the bone’. It all makes sense now if you have PMCs/Mercs. of that Country they could always renege/relinquish their given task in the heat of the moment but to have someone from another country with no connections or loyalties to their ‘Host Country’ apart from hatred, venom & to ultimately take over that Country at some point in the future then it’s a whole different ball game. ‘By Gum’ this explains a lot and if we are successful at getting our Country back hold those responsible to task similar to what the Romanians done to their failed Leader/DictatorCeausecu&HisMissus even have some ‘fun’ with their respective entire family perhaps and as a warning to future leaders? Anyway, what will be will be…

      1. David, it’s too late for your country, move David, tell everyone else to move, ask for asylum in USA, for being persecuted for being a Christian, lots of Swedes have moved here in the last year

  8. You can’t fix stupid . The training should go a long way for when the migrants finally take over
    and create Swedenstan.
    Time for Swedes to get out of the Swedish asylum. Time for another Swedish diaspora.
    Abandon ship.

    1. @ Herman – quote: “Time for another Swedish diaspora.” You mean there`s actually somewhere to go that`s not overrun by moslimes ??

        1. Antarctica would suit me fine now, I’m so sick of this ‘multiculture’.!

          Black and white penguins, that’s more than enough of black and white mixed 🙂

        2. If I were Swedish, I’d pull up right now and relocate to somewhere in the East Bloc, like the Slovakia, while it’s still possible under EU mobility rules. When things really go crazy, they’ll stop those internal migrations, as the current “refugees” will be the first looking to find another country to plunder.

          At that time, it’s highly likely that they’ll let already-established Swedish citizens remain, however.

          If they were really smart, they’d also allow for the immigration of Swedish citizens with SD party membership dated 2015 or earlier!

          1. Slovakia, eh? Do you realize why Slovaks, Czech, Bulgarians, Romanians or Hungarians are, amongst other reasons, so dead on opposed to muslim “refugees”? Gypsies!
            There are at least 10% gypsies in Sloavakia, but the real number is just anybody’s guess as they live “undrground” – most gypsy kids don’t attend schools, parents don’t work, don’t pay taxes and they don’t vote. The only contact the Slovak govt. actually has with them is thru social service offices when these parasites come to collect welfare. Due to their enormous fertility rate it’s not such a distant future that they can outnumber Slovaks – that ain’t funny!

  9. Point of accuracy: They’re not actually “sniper rifles”. Rather they’re .22RF target rifles.
    This in no way detracts from the case that teaching them to shoot is hardly sensible.

    1. Point of accuracy – until today’s very modern weaponry, there wasn’t really any such thing as a “sniper rifle”. I grew up using .22 rifles on the farm most days of my childhood, and whilst a sniper might not make a thousand metre kill with a .22, in the right hands and shorter range, a .22 can be just as effective a killing machine, as could a bow and arrow or crossbow. I do get your point though, sorry to be pedantic 🙂

      Definition of a “sniper” is “to shoot from a hidden place”.

      1. Well said!
        Bet they are not getting kicked or beat up to toughen them up so to speak. Kept up all night doing physically & psychological things to test their ability under “Fatigue or Severe Fatigue” and see how they handle it all? Sometimes in dire or difficult situations if you lose the head or panic all is lost so the thing is not to become attached or emotional about what you see(even thru a scope) or hear but to be ‘cool’ even ‘icy cold’. That puts something far greater into the ‘enemy’ or adversaries than bullets call it ‘psychological warfare’ and acting without compassion or hindrance! But I might be making all this up if only we were not in such a dire state across this Country/Europe/Worldwide.

  10. Well, well…things have certainly moved on apace……in my day it used to be knitting, woodwork, etc.
    No doubt there`s a munitions factory and gun making unit up and running in some backstreet garage by now !!

      1. Stu, check Saharonim Prison: detention facility for African asylum seekers located in the Negev desert. It is the largest of a planned four camps with its total capacity of 8,000 inmates – up to 3 yrs. without sentence!

        “Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison”
        Btw. You can’t accuse the Washington Post for being anti-semitic 🙂

        1. Many/most Israeli Jews would largely agree with the views around here. Diaspora Jews are another story, except maybe in France, where they’re starting to learn the hard way.

          Barbara Spectre can go to hell, but I wouldn’t say the same about the average Israeli

          1. “Many/most Israeli Jews would largely agree with the views around here”

            I second that – their “zero tolerance” policy for illegal imigration to Israel has a widespread support amongst Israelis. You may not like them, but you got to give them credit for a very wise approach to illegals!

  11. Why are they giving them sniper training and how does that help them integrate????? unless of course all people in Sweden get sniper training because it part of their culture? no wonder Sweden is the rape capital of the west. unless the Swedish people do something drastic, like oust the government or go to war, they deserve all they get. I didn’t know Swedes were so brain dead!!!

  12. The Norwegian prosecution wanted to prove to the court that Anders Breivik was insane, yet their neighbouring country’s government is using taxpayer’s money to train hundreds of people who really do want to kill us, exactly how to do it.!

    What’s next, beheading lessons.?

    I wish I had someone here who could slap me, bloody hard, because I’m really starting to doubt my own perspective on reality, every time we read of yet another truly insane policy from Sweden – they are starting to make Merkel look positively sane and sound of mind.!

      1. Well Kol, I know here in Britain we have endless numbers of inhuman filth who are constantly using the ECHR to change their prison conditions, receive compensation from the government etc, in fact the disgusting killer of Lee Rigby is currently taking the prison service to court because he lost his front teeth in a struggle with the guards. Now he shouldn’t have a hope in hell, because everyone saw the violence that erupted in both killers when they were found guilty, having to be retrained by about half a dozen guards each in the courtroom. They are both extremely volatile and dangerous.

        I don’t agree with nor condone what Breivik did, but understand his reasons, as I’m sure most of us ‘xenophobes’ 🙂 can.
        I do however think his conditions are in breach of his human rights if the concessions made to so many other prisoners are to serve as a precedent – they can’t choose to whom they give human rights, and to whom they deny them, they are intended to be the basis of the system and applied to all.

        1. Stu, the Breivik story is a rather complicated subject, but his current conditions are due to this:

          In the past he made a number of at least strange requests, like eg. he threatened to go on hunger strike for better video games, etc. I think he’s definitely not mentally challenged but he’s just showing (knowligly or not but besides the point) how ridiculous is the Scandinavian penitentiary system as a whole:

          IMHO prison ain’t kindergarten 🙂

          1. Fully agree Kol, prison should be prison, and it should be tough. That said, Breivik should be treated no differently to any other prisoner who has committed seriously violent and murderous acts. We have so many in the UK who get to spend their lives in a cell which really resembles a bedroom, with matching curtains and duvet sets, computers and wide screen TVs.

            My own stupid Scottish government (a former coalition one) was one of the first to give prisoners huge TVs in their cells, all the SKY channels etc, games consoles, you name it, they have it – their reasoning was this, the prisoners were much more easy to deal with, less violent, less trouble all round, if they had all these things to occupy their time.
            Now many hard working people can’t afford the things these creatures are given free of charge, so what message does that send out with regards to whether crime pays or not.?

        2. @Stu human rights are intended to be the basis of the system and applied to all

          “Human” rights are intended for humans not “sub” humans.
          No wonder the world`s so screwed up

  13. Are they mad!you could not make it up,do Swedes hate there country so much,they are handing there beautiful country over to muslims,they will turn that country into a toilet,so sad.

    1. Really isn’t about loving their country and everything to do with oil and Saudi investments. Just follow the money. Swedes are leaving their country. Where will they go? Europe is shot, America is struggling and Canada just elected the biggest nutjob of all – Trudeau the little twerp who was simply a part time drama teacher and got in on good hair and his father’s name. The father of course ruined Canada with the multi culti nonsense.

    1. Do not forget that 30% or so support SD. They’re not ALL insane.

      Plans should be made to accept the non-insane ones to a sane country that needs a boost of quality immigrants.

      The left-wing ones should be left to rot in the mess that they’ve created, OF COURSE.

      1. Swedish leftists are all doomed to a future of dhimmitude and oppression. They have brought it upon themselves throught heir insanity and self hatred. Let them rot!!

  14. For God’s sake people vote to get out of this EU Madness. If Sweden, Germany etc: want to commit cultural suicide then let them get on with it but let us isolate ourselves from this EU madness.

    1. They don’t mind, they regard Sweden with hate, probably cause they were treated badly by their parents.
      I love my country(Sweden) but seriously can’t reach most of the swedish people, they are far too brainwashed to be reasoned with. Take up arms? We aren’t there yet, I would just become a “lone nut”, start a political party? Maybe I will, but I cannot imagine anyone waking up any time soon. Holding my thumbs for Trump2016 and leaving for a any future at all.

  15. Pretty much Sweden is a state sponsor of terror – this is no exaggeration. Their immigration minister was recently found to be an ISIS sympathiser; they’ve even been caught repatriating ISIS terrorists, rehabilitating them and sending them back out to war zones.

  16. I was really worried and upset over what was happening to Sweden and its people, but after reading this article I feel much better. This story has answered all my questions and eased my mind. You see, I was thinking that these invaders were being forced on the swedes and their government was out of control. Now I see what’s going on though. It’s natural selection! The immigrants are obviously smarter and more fit to reproduce. Therefore nature has chosen to propagate Africans, and Arabs, and let the Swedes go extinct. I guess it won’t be long until we have another country to practice our marksmanship in, and another place to drop our bombs on terrorist armies. What fun! Thanks Sweden, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  17. How to incite civil war and goad the new invaders into home invasions and the like.
    New Danish policy, to take all but a little of the “refuges” money from them, leaving them impoverished and desperate. Uhhh Why ???
    The weapons are already accumulated, usually in Mosques, as per Allah’s command…
    Qur’an 8:60 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels”

  18. This insanity could only be organised by Government employed Zionists dedicated to the destruction of Sweden. It defies belief that public servants carrying this out out could be so gullible. One is afraid to wonder whether it could be universally adopted throughout the EU. Places in need might be Cologne………. Wonder if Ordinary EU citizens can get free sniper training,,,,,,

  19. The Swedes seem hellbent on selfdestruction. This is suicidal stupidity and total madness and to top it all funded by themselves?! Unf**king believable!!!

  20. More proof that socialists are genocidal maniacs. The socialist politicians of the European nations belong to the groups of idiots who believe that Caucasians are the cause of all the bad things on Earth, and must be eliminated or diluted. The white people of Europe must fight back against both their genocidal socialist politicians, and against Muslims that are being brought in to slaughter them.
    Protesting is not going to save them.

  21. It is obvious they are being trained for the EU army. If and when there is a civil unrest with the population they will call on the nut jobs to do what they do best and the elites know they won’t need any encouragement.

  22. Taking guns away from the native populations, disarming them making them defenseless while at the same time training the mohammedan invaders in shooting & snipping, what a great idea which can only be attributed to treason on the part of the govt. & insanity for the population in large. Never in human history this kind of phenomenon has occurred.

  23. OMG Sweden has even more stupid politicians than we have! And that’s saying something isn’t it? I could understand this training being given and then sending them back to Syria to fight ISIS but that isn’t the case. God help the Swedes!

  24. mass insanity just feels hard to stomach. consider this as an alternate idea: that this might not be insanity but intentionally being done by the leaders of nations. consider the globalists who for 40 years have been placed in positions of authority around the globe. they mean to take over the whole world but are using this current global resurgence of Islamic “insanity” as a final prevocation to commence this globalized war which if and when implemented, would get very nasty, very fast. Their global plan they have been working on for a long time is not going to let Islam get in the way. Islam must be removed to get to their global one world government.

  25. In Croatia we have patriotic greeting/salutation “ZA DOM SPREMNI” that originates from 1560ies when Croats were defending their homeland from the invasion of Turks. It meant “For Home Ready (to die)” as a soldier.
    Are we ready today to defend ourselves, our families and our land and be prepared to get killed in the process?

    1. Held bast*rd turks back for over 300 years and now sold out to devil – EU and chifuts. Time to awake the former glory – Napoleon: “give me 100.000 Croats an I’ll conquer the world.

  26. For me as a Swed, I’m outmost ashamed of what my government are doing. We call them ‘The Tinfoil hats’.
    Not every citizen in Sweden approves of the government.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Johan,
      I am from Israel. I visited Your country several times and can tell to all people its absolutely beautiful.
      What I don’t understand why Your government hates Israel? But now I have feeling that Your government hates You more then us. It’s so sad

      1. Hi Zorik,

        I’m afraid we have the most incompetent government that Sweden has ever seen. There’s no hatred among the native population against Israel. Why the government wants to kill us is still a mystery.

  27. Two quotes from Einstein:

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.

    The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.

  28. I guess they saw that the terrorists in San Bernardino wasted some rounds so western political leaders want to make certain that never happens again. On this side of the pond Obama is trying to disarm as many people as possible so if there is a terrorists attack there is absolutely not danger of innocent, law abiding citizens shooting back.

    Don’t you wish I was kidding?

    The leaders of the west appear to have taken bribes from jihadists and wahabists to wipe us all out. I can conceive no other reason for their behavior.

  29. Anyone looked at the date of original article? June 2013…

    Editorial note: Did you read the article? It clearly says this program started two years ago. The date when this madness started is actually irrelevant, as is the fact that these are “only” .22 target rifles. The point is *why* are Swedish taxpayers giving Muslim “migrants” weapons-training–in the light of all that has happened? No amount of petty quibbling over dates, gun types etc. can detract from that basic fact.

    1. “Liberal self loathing” which justifies unrelenting immigration of hostile 3rd worlders is clearly a suicidal social concept.
      Suicidal individuals not having the heart ti kill themselves often die in a “Death by Cop” standoff.
      Sweden it appears is creating the scenario for “Mass Death by (Swedish Trained) Jihadist”.
      Trained by the suicidal Swedes just so no Swede suffers – how humane is that?
      Indeed a novel way to eradicates the vessels of Liberal Loathing and White Guilt and Create a new Sweden occupied by new Swedes. .

  30. Charged for sniping

    The real article.. translate from Swedish.

    It began on a small scale in the fall. But in the spring, interest exploded. Now shoot more than 50 immigrant youths dot on the biathlon course in Sollefteå.
    Clarifications Regarding cited “sniper training” article
    Maria Ibrahim loading rifle and lies down on the green rubber mat. She is aiming carefully and long before she pushes against the classical target of five black dots.
    The white caps fall into place one by one. Five hits out of five possible.
    – I think this is a good activity, she says.
    – It’s fun to learn how to shoot, and we have fun together. We laugh a lot. If this continues into the fall, I will certainly be with!
    Over 50 young immigrants have found the biathlon track at Hallstaberget. His Nauclér, which holds the course together with Björn Lindblom and Birgit Höglin, very satisfied.
    – Already the sample meeting in March, more than 50 young people from all over the world – Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, South America. And it has persisted. They are interested and very talented, and some come from war-torn areas has never been a problem.
    All the young people go to the individual program in upper secondary school, focusing languages. Teacher Birgit Höglin points out several advantages.
    – It’s much more than the sport itself, she says.
    – Here they talk Swedish in other social contexts, meet new people and hang out in other forms. It is good especially for the vocabulary. Moreover, it is sure discipline and security, is also a useful experience.
    His Nauclér agree.
    – Very safety is very important. The inches we do not!

  31. This is just unbelievable….This is so stupid that…must be kind of horrible plot…..It’s not possible someone can be so stupid.

  32. Why does Sweden not simply drop a nuke on itself, or get some country to do it for them? But oh, you’d kill those holy third worlders with you — the goal obviously being to get native Swedes killed so that a pure third world population is left in Sweden.

    With third world immigrants having a mean IQ of about 75-84, I guess it’s the best they can do, though.

  33. The common denominator in many of the problems that we did not have before, is Islam and Muslims. No matter how badly Muslims behave in accordance with their faith, they are always excused by the media and political elite, that are mostly left-wing. They do not want to discriminate or offend “moderate” muslims, and cannot seem to grasp the fact that Islam is in no way moderate. Those that follow its fundamental ideology are hell-bent on destroying everything and everyone that does not conform to the true version of Islam, the one that discriminates and rewards murder.

  34. I don’t know why everyone says “Swedes” as if they are all in favor of what’s going on. Its the Marxist govt in charge of all this. Did you know there’s no middle class in Islam? Wouldn’t that make them the perfect mercenaries for the Reds to bring into the west?

  35. One…..Two…..Three…….Four……What are we fight for? Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn!!!!! Next stop is __________ [Rotterdam, Birmingham, Buckingham]!

    1. Yeah, same in UK. Unfortunately, TPTB had prior knowledge of what was planned years ago so they took our guns away. Still, seeing how all the police seem to protect those that commit crimes against humanity, I’ll probably have to arm myself by eliminating a copper when the SHTF.


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