Swedes Fail to Mix Invaders with Old People

In yet another astounding display of Swedish liberal madness, the mayor of the town of Vimmerby has been forced to announce that his policy of placing “unaccompanied minor” refugee-invaders in spare rooms in already occupied old-age homes is to be reversed after “serious incidents” which threatened the elderly people.

Vimarhaga / Borghaga vård- och osmrogsboende äldrevård omsorg

The announcement, made on January 12, 2016 by Mayor Tomas Peterson, reverses his grand announcement made on October 22, 2015, in which the town council said that it was opening up the spare places in the  Vimarhaga and Borg Haga old-age homes to the flood of so-called “minor refugee children.”

The October 2015 announcement, which can still be seen on the Vimmerby council website, said that there were three occupied old-age homes in the town—but as they were building a fourth, they considered it their duty to help accommodate “minors under 18” in the spare rooms one of the homes.

The expectation was, the Vimmerby council said, that once the fourth home had been built, then the “children” would move to this new home.

However, two months later, Mayor Peterson seems to have discovered the error of his ways.

According to the Vimmerbytidning newspaper, the Vimarhaga and Borg Haga nursing homes “will soon be emptied of unaccompanied refugee children.”

In an understatement of the goings-on, Mayor Peterson said there “have been a lot of incidents recently,” and so they “now want to empty these places as soon as possible.”

Their first problem was that they discovered that the “unaccompanied minors” were not “children” at all, but “men in their late teens,” he said.

In other words, the nonwhites lied about their ages because they know that “minors” get preferential accommodation treatment from the deluded liberals—who are so enamored with the invaders that they refuse to question their self-provided ages even when their real age is obvious, all for fear of being called “racist.”

Mayor Peterson and his townsfolk seemed to actually be expecting a bunch of children to arrive in the town—when in fact they got a mob of invaders in their late teens/early twenties.

“It has been generally messy, and there have been a lot of incidents,” Mayor Peterson continued.

Pressed as to what these “incidents” were, he admitted that “among other things,” they included “equipment being thrown out of the windows” and “various forms of abuse” to the elderly people.

The Vimmerbytidning added that “older people spoken to by our newspaper feel that the unaccompanied refugee children are generally disruptive and have no respect for the elderly. There is talk of sleepless nights, loud music played late into the evenings, and a general feeling of insecurity in the accommodation.”

Mayor Peterson admitted that the “children” have not “successfully mixed with old people” and that the “unaccompanied refugees” will be moved elsewhere “while we wait for them to get a permanent position elsewhere in Sweden.”

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  1. The so called “unaccompanied minors” crockshit is well know not only to Swedish peoplw but even abroad – how stupid can anybody possibly be to place this scumbags with seniors who built Sweden, paid taxes and are placed there for a reason? Madness!
    It cost Swedish taxpayers in average €100K a year to accomodate one “unaccompanied minor” – last year only over 30,000 of them arrived in Sweden. Even if it’s quite obvious for everybody involved that these “refugees” who claim to be underage are in fact in their late 20’s, no doctor in Sweden would admit that in fear of retributions – Sweden is heading fast into the self-made destruction!

    1. It’s about time we sent the bill for these vermin to the Muslim countries that dump them on us. They are all citizens of Islam and that fabulous land must pay for its own. So, give say 1 months notice and if the bill is not paid then cut off their benefits, heating & electricity as well as access to services like schools & hospitals.

      And don’t forget to tax the income at the same levels that the rest of us pay.

      1. Of course the other way of looking at it is this – if the United States, and its main poodle Britain, and also France stopped deciding who they think should be in power in these countries, none of them would be here.

        Had we not removed Gadaffi at the behest of the US, no-one would ever have been setting out in boats from any Libyan port. Then there’s the arming of the ‘rebels’ in Syria, who quickly became the Islamic State, all paid for with British taxpayer’s money whilst the British government makes its own people suffer austerity. Add to this the sum of over £1 billion so far given to the Syrian refugee camps, and we begin to look as mad as Merkel.!
        (I wonder if that one will become so well known and used that people 100 years from now will be saying “You’re as mad as Merkel!”

        We’ve been bombing the IS for long enough without any apparent results, then only when Putin starts really hurting them do we decide it’s time to up the campaign – the truth is they don’t want the IS defeated, they want this horror show to continue indefinitely.

    2. Self delusion at it’s absolute paramount. We need the military to come along and throw out these bleeding heart (and bleeding dumb) politicians and would be social engineers and start a re-patriation programme all across Europe.

      1. “We need the military to come along and throw out these [politicians]”

        I ‘m afraid there is one weak part of your plan – the very politicians you want to get rid of actually
        control the military forces 🙂
        What’s really needed is the mass social unrest which is well beyond control of the existing police forces!

  2. seems like this fat overfed pratt of a mayor should evict them old people who will not mix and change their ways!!???How stupid are the swedish people???I thought they were viking stock…more like prawns..Hang this fat idiot! how the hell did you vote for him???

    1. Take it easy with this “hanging stuff” – all officials in Sweden are told by the Swedish Migration Office who and when they have to accept, claro? The guy said that they were expecting a bunch of children to arrive in the town when in fact they got a mob of invaders in their late teens/early twenties. I think it speaks volume how ridiculous social setup they got over there and he just has to swim in the same water as everybody else.

  3. moved where ? accommodation in Sweden for the hordes has run out and still they are taking more not withstanding the border checks

    1. Sweden like Germany and the rest of the EU is a hell pit, soon to be under sharia law or now is. A caliphate will be enacted and mass killing, destruction of monuments, churches, and invading homes, throwing out occupants. will be the norm and is already happening. Leaders have sold out their countries and Muslims will soon rule. Europeans are unable to think critically, are extremely dysfunctional for allowing their country (s) to be trashed into third world dumps, unfit for vermin. Stupidity and apathy rules. Real men don’t exist and citizens don’t care.

      1. “Sweden like Germany …” – hold it! Sweden is quite unique if it comes to social experiment their govt. perpetrated on Swedish people. We are talking about more than 40 years of a very aggressive brainwashing topped up by the absolutely ridicuoulous immigration policy!
        If not Merkel’s stubborness we wouldn’t be even talking about muslim problem in Germany, trust me 🙂

        1. “We are talking about more than 40 years of a very aggressive brainwashing” .?

          Kol, excuse my ignorance my friend, are you saying that when I was a kid of under 10, and my big sister was ABBA mad, this insanity was already being implemented in Sweden.?

          If this is true, the the Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation really did a sublime job of thought-controlling an entire generation here in the UK. I thought this Swedish insanity was as recent as our own Blair/Brown insanity here.!

          1. Yep, it was all started back in 1975!

            Stu, after my visit to Sweden I’ve read a bit about their utopian welfare state concept paid for by progressive taxation, the total failure of their immigration program, eugenic practicies including the (in)famous forced sterilization on tens of thousand of people and I came to the conclusion that amongst the reach societies perhaps only Japanese are more obedient than Swedes but that’s like comparing apples to oranges.

  4. If you talk to an average Swedish who is not even completely brainwashed with the leftist propaganda you still can hear that many of them are proud they accepted the most “refugees” per capita in Europe. I mean something which is for normal people a sign of total nonsense for an average Swedish person is a reson to be proud. That’s the result of 40 years of one of the most grotesque social experiments known to the Western civilization!

  5. This is one of the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. How dare they put these people in with ederly people . They have reached a time in their life when they need looking after they can hardly defend theirselves against these seemingly highly sex agggrevise males whom seemed to be raised by the devil himself

  6. Sweden is done for. Reading recent reports here and elsewhere, it now seems too late to turn back without serious civil trouble.

    1. There are almost 750,000 muslims in Sweden with total population circa 10 mln and next parliamentary election could be the turning point that may slow down the current suicidal trend but clearly nothing can undo the damage which had been taking place in people’s minds for over 40 years.

  7. Sign up with VOTE LEAVE I’m waiting for leaflets and car window stickers to arrive .
    We have all got to work hard at this and just hope that getting out of the eu just might save us from ending up like the rest of Europe.

  8. How is it possible that anyone would have thought this was a good idea, even if the invaders actually were children??? How can ANYONE be this ignorant and actually function?

  9. I put the Swedes’ idiocy down to being reared by the state instead of their families. A socialist dream come true: parents happily surrender their babies to the state who naturally brainwashes the tots into political correctness. I’ve seen a video of them all smiling as they sing, ‘my country is your country’ crap.

    1. I think you really tackled here the real problem, Maryanne! Norway even moved up one notch their social engineering with the (in)famous Child Welfare Services called Barnevernet known for kidnapping kids from their lawful and natural parents – freaking state sanctioned madness!

      Btw. Sweden until recently had in effect their extremely cruel and controversial compulsory sterilization program (Tvångssterilisering) which took place between 1934 and 2012! Are the Scandinavians heading for oblivion knowingly?

      1. They seem to be heading for annihilation staunchly convinced they’re in fact heading for something right, progressive,morally superior. The only hope for them, and others like them in Europe, seem the European nations from the former East Block who have the experience of life in the Soviet Communist utopia. But the multikulti “police” (you know of which sinister parasitic nation they mainly are) are aware of this and try to prevent any significant mixing with those nations. The Swedes, the British, the French, etc. are being ordered to mix with the Third World, not with “Eastern Europeans”.

  10. What a joke,…. these Swedish imbeciles are one of a kind. The most disturbed nation in the world. I know because i lived there for some +35 yrs.

    1. It’s actually really strange, because many years ago when I had my first Volvo, someone I knew told me they’d lived in Sweden (I think she was married to a Swede) for several years, and mentioned how “very cautious” a people the Swedes were (hence the Volvo and SAAB safety bias).

      She spoke of how the roads had barriers between normal lanes, just as we have on our motorways and dual carriageways, making it near impossible to have a head on collision.

      How can such a cautious people have watched as their successive governments turned their once beautiful country into a Muslim ghetto, and the rape capital of Europe.?
      I really don’t get it.!

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