Swedish MP Tells Invaders: “No Future”

Sweden Democrat (SD) party Member of Parliament Johan Nissinen and two colleagues, Jens Andersson and Linnea Cortés, have distributed thousands of flyers to nonwhite invaders on the Greek island of Lesbos, telling them that there is no future for them in Sweden.

Johan Nissinen

The leaflets, written in English, read as follows:

No money, no jobs, no homes

You might have heard positive things about our country, and the Swedish people. That we are friendly, generous and hardworking. This might be true, but our society is falling apart.

Our wealth is gone. We have to borrow money to provide education and basic healthcare for our citizens. Due to decades of mass immigration, our previously safe country is not safe anymore. Not only do we have a very high number of shootings and gang related violence, where grenade attacks in public spaces are no longer surprising, but Sweden now also demonstrates the second highest number of rape reports in the entire world.

Sweden is temporarily helping those who feel war and terror, but we can currently only offer tents and camp beds. And you will eventually be sent back home.

Sweden is a modern Western country. Here, women and men are equal. Forced marriages and polygamy will never be accepted. Halal slaughter, wearing niqab or burqa in public places will be forbidden in our country.

Sweden Democrats, SD women and the Swedish people.


The remarkable activity was spotted by hysterical leftist Swedish NGO workers on Lesbos, who took pictures and complained to the controlled media back in Sweden—who dutifully ran the required smear articles.

The leaflets contained the same information as an advertisement campaign which several newspapers refused to publish.

The reality that there are no more spaces left for the nonwhite invading hordes in Sweden has been borne out with a report in the Deutsche Welle (DW) news service, which revealed that “Sweden has reached the breaking point” and that the “country’s migration agency has said it can no longer put a roof over the heads of the high number of people requesting asylum each day.”


The DW added that Swedish authorities now expect at least 190,000 officially registered nonwhite invaders to arrive in the country before the end of December—more people than who live in Uppsala, the country’s fourth largest city.

As the DW said: “The strain is beginning to show everywhere from politics—where the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are, according to two of the country’s eight main polls, now the party with the most support—to finance, where both the central government and municipalities are struggling to find savings to cover the costs.”

The Swedish Migration Agency wants an extra 70 billion Swedish kroner (€7.5 billion) over and above what it already has.

This is, DW admitted, equivalent to Sweden’s entire annual budget for schools, universities, and scientific research.

Meanwhile, the first open fights between Swedes and the nonwhite invaders have been reported from Tärnsjö, 150km from Stockholm.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, invaders started throwing stones at passing cars for no discernable reason, causing local Swedes—already pushed to the brink by the nonwhites’ anti-social behavior, to react in kind.

Residents and invaders “have exchanged insults, thrown rocks, and set fire to cars, leaving many on both sides scared to leave the safety of their homes,” the report continued.

Local councilor Michael Ohman, an SD party man, told the Daily Mail that his constituents “have the highest tax rate in the county because we are paying for so many immigrants. Everyone who comes gets an allowance of 200 Kroner a week and free housing, and who pays for that? Us, taxpayers.”

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  1. I doubt the `refugees` will be worried by lists of Swedish do`s and dont`s.
    The invaders will quickly sort out which, if any, to abide by.
    Sadly, the Swedish people are about to learn a hard lesson ….YOU adapt to THEIR way or else!

    1. Frankly I’m astonished to see current passive attitude of Swedish people – where’s gone the famous Viking attitude of Swedes as they used to rule quite a bit of Europe in the past? Must be the result of persistent brainwashing imposed on Swedes from the early childhood over last few decades by those leftists loonies called Swedish govt. Sad!

      1. “Swedish Prime Minister announcement earlier this week that Sweden would impose stricter asylum regulations and step up ID checks brought some criticism that it’s inhumane” – that’s another example how badly brainwashed some people over there are. And that’s just after first terrorist threat in Sweden’s history!
        Anyone in Sweden who publicly criticize immigration risks persecution … even an average Joe for the same automatically loses their job – mind boggling!

  2. I believe Sweden is finished now, and I can’t see any way for the true Swedes to recover and reclaim their once great country. If I were a Swede, I would be seeking asylum somewhere else. My sympathies to all indigenous Swedish people.

    1. they’ll turn things around. It’s in our DNA. Remember, Spain was brutally ruled by Muslims/nonwhites for 800 years, half of that time the Spaniards were waging wars against the Muslims to drive them out of Spain. Much of Europe has only been in this “multicultural” hellhole for the past generation or two now. That is starting to unravel. The true Swedes (Nordic Resistance, etc) will fight back. This will be a hard lesson for us whites to learn and never let happen again!

  3. The problem is there is no where else to go for indigenous Swedes looking to escape and find sanctuary themselves, as all decent countries have now brought in very strict conditions to which you must adhere to before you can even be considered as being eligible to be given the right to settle. Britain is only country with little or no restrictions and it is now one big crime riddled, muslim infestered shit hole, that is also heading the same way as Sweden. Germany has stated that if its own citizens don’t like the mass immigration forced on them then they can always leave, what a dam cheek, but where are these decent people supposed to go too ?
    My Husband and I are both in our late fifties and would dearly love to escape to Austrailia, New Zealand, US, Canada etc etc, but unless you have millions to invest or have a job lined up they will not allow you in. We have a good clean record of behaviour both of us, we have never even had so much as a parking ticket throughout our lives. We are both educated, we have sufficient miney to buy our own property outright, etc etc, but still that is not enough. The crunch for us is our ages and I do have life long Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis, which you have to be honest about, there is no point hiding it, and I could not do this even if I wanted to. Even if you could go to one of these nations for a holiday, have an interview and secure wmployment, would they be prepared to hold the post open for you until such time as you could move yourself and your belongings over. My Husband would most likely have to go ahead without me and live in rented property until I could sell up the home on my own and join him later. Having said that there is a problem with this idea too, it may not be a wise idea to buy a property in a foreign nation until you can guarantee you can obtain permanent residence. They may still refuse to allow you to settle and you would then be left having to sell the home and move back home. Its not easy however you look at it, but it makes me mad that as a British born citizen who has lived and worked, paying taxes etc, I now find myself like so many other people being forced to accept this mass invaision of invading parasites, of a totally different culture and religion, taking over my home country and there is nothing I can do about it. My quality of life is being destroyed to make way for millions of scrounging parasites who have no right to even be on this tiny Island. I have two Sons and four Grandchildren currently, what hope do they have, they are rightfully entitled to the same standard of living as I have enjoyed over the years, but it will be taken away from them to feed and support the fility, leeching third world immigrants and as many offspring as they care to give birth too. At the very least all immigrants should be told that they cannot have more than two children, and failure to obey this will result in automatic deportation back to their home country. Britain cannot support families eith upwards of eight children and Muslim men who can have up to four partners, each with their own large brood. We do not have sufficient housing now, how on earth are we supposed to provide for all these breeders. We will be forced to build mansions for each and every one of these parasitic families.

    1. Sadly you reinforce my point, and I have to admit it’s not only Sweden which is finished, it’s the UK, and all of Europe, only a European war can end this now.
      Personally speaking, and as I’m dying in my early 40s it no longer matters to me, but if I were a younger man, and still in good health, I’d look to Russia for a future. Russia is the last bastion of resistence against Islamification.

      1. All of Europe is finished? Wait a minute … aren’t we forgetting those 50K Polish Patriots March i Warsaw a couple of weeks ago? Aren’t we forgetting what Orban did despite these Jewish lunatics Juncker, Faynman and Schulz were throwing at him, aren’t we forgetting what president of Czech Republic said in regards of econimic migrants who should stay home. I don’t have to tell you what people from Balkan countries think of Arabs and other parasites from Africa flooding Greece or Italy. If you judge the situation only based on London, Brussels, Paris, Marseille or Malmo you end up with completely false picture – richer part of Europe lost sense of identity but it doesn’t apply to the poorer part. Looking eg. on Germany and become clearer – East doesn’t put up with Merkel’s crockshit by frequent protests and burning many place meant to house arriving “refugees”. Myself I’m Polish and I can assure you – no “refugees” will be accomodated in Poland in the forseeable future!

        1. Point taken Kol, I stand corrected. I just hope you’re right and the Eastern European countries aren’t forced by threat of sanctions to comply with the madness.
          Best of luck from the UK, I wish we had leaders with balls!

          1. Stu, I kind of understand where you are coming from in your assessment about Europe, though. It’s enough to visit some parts of SE London to get a pretty good idea where UK is heading in the future. I heard stories about Northern UK which only reinforce that impression.

          2. True, Kol. This defeatist talk needs to stop, especially among our own people. I’m losing patience listening to it frankly. Even Western Europeans (Swedes, Germans, Norwegians, Denmark) are starting to slowly push back,even if it’s not as strong as Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, etc. We are also forgetting that there are countries like Hungary and even Denmark that closed their borders, and other countries that said ‘no’ to taking them in, like Northern Italy. The Slavic people have NO patience for any nonwhites in their midst, which is why they don’t stay long in countries such as Russia or Bulgaria or Hungary or Ukraine or Poland. Few, if any black or brown people, are in Slavic countries, nor are the Tyrones or Jammals or Achmeds of this world going to dare hit on white women in Poland or Russia or Bulgaria or Croatia,etc. They’d be dead before they even could blink.

            But getting back to Western Europe, even France or the UK, they eventually will turn things around. I always say look at Spain under Muslim rule for 800 years,or look at the Slavic people that endure centuries-long occupation of Ottoman Turkish rule.

        2. BRAVO! ANd it’s not only Poland. Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, all are refusing to be conquered in their own lands. Godspeed them all!

    2. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The US southern border is wide open. It may be more difficult to enter through Canada, but by no means impossible. And this is a vast country. And the authorities would have no interest in looking for you–and no money to do so even if they did. I’m not saying–as you know–that you can simply waltz in, but that is because you are white and speak English and have money and skills. But there are Americans who would be glad to help you to resettle here. You’ll just have to take the time and put forth the effort t make contacts, do research, travel here for a visit perhaps, and then take the plunge when your bases are covered. It CAN be done. But you have to WANT it.

      1. “The US southern border is wide open”
        Mr D. – the total length of the continental US-Mexico border is circa 2,000 miles. However, during Bush Jr. administration they started to construct so called border fence. It stretches along from California to roughly half the border with New Mexico, so far.
        I have a better suggestion thou: you go to Canada as a tourist, and then you have quite a few better options.

        1. Canada is a hell-hole, too. They are flooded with muslims and blacks and it is now getting worse with the young, totally incapable ultra-liberal Trudeau offspring. He must hate white people like the plague.

    3. Sadly, Australia is in the same position. They are being invaded, too. When I was there, people on Christmas Island were complaining that the invaders were being given better accommodation than the islanders could afford. Plus the invaders were getting $100 per week without having to earn it.

      Over the last few years, the invaders were arrriving by the boat load nearly every day. Julia Gillard’s Labor govt. doing nothing to stop it.

    1. I just don’t understand the mindset of these people. It’s like watching your house burn, and instead of calling the fire service, you ask for some petrol to help it along. It’s national assisted suicide.

      1. Stu, here is another one: Swedish Deputy Prime Minister, Åsa Romson, breaks into tears as she announces shut down of Sweden’s open-door immigration policy. Brainwashed to death or just a good actress?
        That lady is from Green Party and should be rather protecting trees, but since they have in Sweden 50/50 parity everywhere, so she found a job in the government – quite pathetic!


  4. My god I feel sorry for us brits. But my heart goes out to Sweden. But you have to stop them touching your girls. Some sort of armed body guards maybe with a collective all donating some money for a wage. I am impressed with those young people getting the leaflets together.WELL DONE.

  5. It seems there is a war coming, undoubtedly, and once weapons are used, the Europeans will turn on the immigrants with a vengeance. I just cannot see the national police forces and military supporting the immigrants once that happens and it is then just a matter of time before they are forced out again.

  6. Swedish citizens. It is time for another Swedish diaspora. Move to North America or Australia. Go where Swedes are appreciated.Let the Swedish government tax the migrants to pay for support of the migrants.

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