Swedish TV Finally Admits: Majority of Rapes Carried out by “Non-Swedes”

The far left-controlled Sveriges Television AB (SVT), Sweden’s national public TV broadcaster, has been finally forced to admit that the vast majority of rapes in that country are carried out by criminals “born abroad”—although they still won’t specify their race.

According to a SVT documentary—probably set up with the intention of trying to disprove the oft-repeated allegations that the nonwhite invasion of Sweden has resulted in a rape plague—at least 58 percent of all those convicted of rape “are born abroad.”

The figures produced showed that almost 40 per cent of those convicted were born in the Middle East or Africa.

The rest were all allegedly born in Sweden—and, as all the anecdotal evidence has shown, almost all these rapists are also nonwhite immigrants.

Researchers examined all convictions in district courts across Sweden for rape and attempted rape in the last five years. Their findings revealed that where the victim did not know the offender 97 out of 129 convicted were born outside Europe.

The figures produced showed that almost 40 per cent of those convicted were born in the Middle East or Africa.

The most common nationality of appearing in court were “asylum seekers” from Afghanistan with 45 men either jailed or sent to a juvenile detention center because they were under the age of 18.

The documentary also revealed that the number of reported rape cases has increased by 35 per cent in the last ten years, but has not had a conviction rate to match. In 2016 there were 6,175 rapes reported to police but just 142 men convicted.

As part of the documentary a rape victim who was assaulted by three nonwhite invaders—in two separate incidents the same night—waived her right to anonymity.

Sofia Naslund was attacked in 2015 in her home town of Strangnas, about 60 miles  from the capital Stockholm. Police arrested two of her attackers, while a third has yet to be captured.

Both men – an Algerian and Syrian – denied carrying out the assault but were convicted with the help of DNA evidence.

The Algerian was jailed for two and half years while the Syrian national was given a five year sentence. Both qill be deported after completing their sentence.

Naslund said the attack changed her life. ‘In order to try to survive, one tries to shut down those memories. I ended up in a complete chaos of feelings and the body reacted, ‘she said.

‘I’m still thinking about it and that’s one of the reasons I chose to move from my home town Strängnäs.

‘Before I had a social life, I would go out with my friends. I don’t do that today.’

The documentary has caused a storm in Sweden where immigration and integration are key issues in the forthcoming election which takes places on September 9th. Voters have said immigration is their biggest concerns in next month’s election followed by healthcare and law and order.

The anti-invasion populist Swedish Democrats (SD) party seem set to become the single biggest party, but if that happens, the conservatives, socialists, Greens  and communists are likely to join together in an alliance to keep them out of government.

* The SVT documentary  report “Dömda för våldtäkt” is available to watch at SVT Play.

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  1. ‘ … Sveriges Television AB (SVT), Sweden’s national public TV broadcaster …’
    I’m guessing SVT is in fact (((SVT))) owned by another alien group. Maybe in 250 years it’ll be admitted.

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