Swiss Christian Bishops’ Conference Urge Countrymen to Accept Nonwhite Invasion

The Swiss Bishops’ Conference has urged voters in that European nation to vote against a proposal which will, if passed, tighten the current asylum law which is causing Switzerland to be flooded with nonwhites from around the world.


The Bishops’ Conference said that the proposal—which will be voted upon in a nationwide referendum this coming Sunday—would “force people to pay intermediaries and to embark upon high-risk trips to make their way to Switzerland” and that “people in real need of assistance would be rejected.”

The revised law, which was ordered as an emergency measure by the government last October, has come about in response to a tidal wave of Third World scroungers targeting the wealthy European nation in order to exploit its generous welfare system.

There are currently about 48 000 people in the process of seeking asylum to Switzerland, including 28,631 who arrived in 2012—the highest number in a decade.

Most of them come from Eritrea, Nigeria, Tunisia, Serbia, and Afghanistan—and all of them have crossed dozens of safe countries to reach Switzerland, making a mockery of the “asylum” claim which, under international conventions, only extends as far as the next safe country adjoining the one from which a refugee is allegedly fleeing.

Counting one asylum seeker for every 332 inhabitants, Switzerland ranks as the fourth most popular host country in Europe, trailing only Malta, Swede,n and Luxembourg, and ranking far above the European average of one asylum seeker for every 625 inhabitants.

Among the changes to the Swiss asylum law last year was the decision to remove persecution due to military desertion as legal grounds for seeking asylum in Switzerland. This has been used mainly by Eritreans fleeing the disaster into which they have turned their own country.

The new asylum law also cleared the way for the creation of special centers for asylum seekers considered to be troublemakers and limits the right to family reunification to spouses and children.

In addition, the revision also removed the possibility, which had been unique in Europe, to apply for asylum in Switzerland from Swiss embassies around the world.

It was this clause in particular that angered the Christian bishops, whose twisted logic claimed that the bogus asylum seekers would now have the inconvenience of actually having to travel to Switzerland in order to claim asylum, instead of just filling out a form at their local Swiss embassy.

The vote this weekend comes after a range of opponents of the revision collected the 100,000 signatures required to call a referendum.

According to recent polls though, it appears that the leftist attempt to halt the law will fail.

A poll by public broadcaster RTS in late May showed that 57% of those questioned were in favor of the revisions, up nine percentage points from a month earlier.

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  1. I applaud what the Swiss are doing. We have to maintain Europe and all the White nations for Whites only and not for all the uncivilized people of the third world who are invading us,with the consent of our evil governments, and against the will of the people. If we don’t stop this invasion and deport millions there will be bloodshed. God has has designed Europe for Whites and no man can change it including the Bishops.

  2. If the Africans contend that Africa is for Africans, best they remain there then whilst Europe should be for the Europeans. It is sickening how Europe and Western societies who give massive aid to Third World countries (who have had ample opportunities to uplift themselves) are derided as “evil colonisers” and “imperialist dogs”, yet at the same time are seeing massive “immigration” from these same pilferers.

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