Swiss Court: Eritrean “Asylum Seekers” are All Fake

A Swiss court has struck a lethal blow against the fake “asylum” claims by Eritrean invaders in that country by ruling that being drafted into military service in that country is no grounds for “asylum.”

According to Switzerland’s Federal Administrative Court, rejected Eritrean “asylum seekers” may still be deported to their home country even if they face being called up for compulsory national service.

All Eritreans—both men and women—must complete national military service, which can last between five and ten years, and it is this rule which is most commonly used by Eritrean invaders seeking to invade Europe.

The court ruled that the deportation of asylum seekers whose application was rejected is “both legal and reasonable.”

The decision was made in response to an Eritrean’s appeal against the decision to deport him, which was submitted on the grounds that he would be forced to enlist in national service if he was returned to Eritrea.

The ruling is another legal blow to Eritreans whose “asylum requests” have been rejected after the same court ruled last August that Eritreans who had left the country after completing national service could be forcibly removed because there was no general danger in Eritrea.

The court stated that although conditions in the Eritrean military service were difficult, they were not so severe as to prohibit the deportation of Eritreans to their country.

About 9,400 Eritreans have temporary residency permits in Switzerland

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) only forbids deportation if there are reasonable grounds to believe that there is a real risk of a flagrant breach of the prohibition of forced labor, the court pointed out.

It also added that cases of abuse and sexual assault were not widespread enough to influence the assessment.

The court said in general that it does not believe anyone returning to Eritrea voluntarily faces a real risk of detention or related inhumane treatment.

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  1. Eritrea & Ethiopia just signed a peace treaty too, no reason for either of them to be applying for asylum.

  2. How did Switzerland end up with 9400 Eritreans I thought they were smarter than that, their biggest problem will be deporting them all, best of luck with that.

  3. Naturally the Jew World Order is allowing Switzerland more peace and protection from anti-christian, anti-white invaders than is allowed most other white christian nations. That’s because the Bank of International Settlements and most vital bankster institutions are located in Switzerland.

    The banksters use Swtizerland as a safe haven. They keep Switzerland out of the wars that the Zionist Jews instigate. The Jews use Swiss banks to deal with nations on both sides of a war. The Jews have reasons for why Switzerland isn’t being invaded and destroyed along with rest of Europe.

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