Switzerland: 1,000s of Invaders “Holidaying Back Home”

Tens of thousands of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Switzerland are using their welfare payments to fund extended holidays back home in the countries from which they supposedly “fled in fear of their lives,” it has emerged.

An investigation carried out by the Basler Zeitung (BAZ) newspaper revealed that more than 45,000 invaders pretending to be refugees have traveled back home in the past few years.
Currently, the paper said, at least 50 Eritreans fly out of the city’s airport every day, taking flights to countries bordering Eritrea.
From there, the nonwhites take connecting flights or buses back home, using the welfare money they have collected by parasiting off the Swiss taxpayer-funded welfare system.
All of the invaders, the BAZ reported, have been given travel vouchers by the authorities which allow them to travel in and out of Switzerland.
These travel vouchers are issued upon request so as to explain absences from their taxpayer-provided accommodation.
The BAZ revealed that “thousands of permits” had been issued for travel abroad, and between 2010 and 2014, a total of 46,213 such “permission to travel” applications were submitted for travel abroad by so-called refugees. Of that number, the BAZ added, 45,080 were granted. 2016 has been no exception to this rule.
The Eritrean invaders came under particular focus during the BAZ investigation, which inspected numerous leave applications and travel plans.
Most often, the flights they take are from Zurich to Istanbul. From there they take connecting flights to Khartoum in Sudan, or to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
“The Eritreans take buses from the Sudan or Ethiopia, which take them home in a few days,” the BAZ report continued. The trip costs them between 600 and 650 Swiss Francs, the paper added, saying that this money comes from the welfare payments they receive in Switzerland.
In fact, the paper said, “refugee money is a major source of income for Eritrea.”
This is because four out of five Eritreans in Switzerland are on welfare, and a large amount of this is going back to Eritrea through wire transfers or with the holidaying invaders.
The Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) said that although it was aware of the problem, it was “difficult to prove” because they could only track locally-issued, that is Swiss-issued, travel documents being used by the invaders.
The BAZ pointed out that the Eritreans, who, during their “asylum applications,” are unable to produce any identification documents, “suddenly are in possession of passports when they go home on holiday.” This subterfuge complicates the government’s task in preventing the abuse.
The SEM had earlier (in 2014) appointed a “migrant attaché” to the Swiss consulate in Khartoum, with instructions to obtain passenger data from airlines flying into the city.
Airlines however refused to provide the data, and as a result the SEM is now preparing legislation which will force airlines flying from Switzerland to provide full passenger details and ultimate destination plans.
Meanwhile, the fake refugee invasion continues unabated.

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