Switzerland: 60 Jihadist Cases

Switzerland—another nation being flooded with nonwhite “refugees”—currently has no less than 60 Jihadists being investigated for possible terrorist links, that country’s attorney general has announced.

Speaking to the Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Michael Lauber confirmed that the number of criminal investigations into Islamist groups in Switzerland has doubled in the past four months.

SVP poster

More than 60 Jihadists are currently facing prosecution, Lauber said, adding that last November the number of cases being handled was 33.

He said that most of the proceedings were to do with Islamist propaganda and support for terrorist organizations such as Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda.

Earlier this month a court in Ticino found three Iraqi invaders guilty of supporting ISIS.

All four had been charged with trying to create an ISIS cell in Switzerland and planning terrorist attacks. They were jailed.

“At the moment we do not have a case as serious as that of the Iraqis,” Lauber said. “But there are various groupings of people considered problematic in Switzerland.”

The majority of the cases involved internet propaganda, and the Office of the Attorney General was looking for guidance from the courts as to what constituted propaganda under Swiss law.

“We hope particular cases will show us whether our laws are sufficient or whether we need to adapt them,” Lauber said.

Cases currently under investigation include one against a member of the executive of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland who released a video supporting a jihadist organization.

Another case involves a nonwhite arrested at Zurich airport under suspicion he was headed for Syria to join the fighting.

There are so many nonwhites living in Switzerland legally—despite Swiss residence and citizenship laws being notoriously strict—that there are also increasing numbers of “returnees” coming back from fighting for ISIS in Syria.

“As part of the joint efforts with Federal Police and the Federal Intelligence Service, we assume that we have an overview of the so-called returnees in Switzerland,” Lauber said.

Switzerland took in 45,000 nonwhites posing as refugees last year alone. The government planned to admit “only” about 29,000 “asylum-seekers” that year, but along with the rest of Europe, was overwhelmed by the Angela Merkel-caused invasion.

Switzerland is however not a member of the European Union, and thus is not part of the mandatory relocation scheme for asylum applicants which most EU members now face.

* The single largest party in the Swiss parliament is the Swiss People’s Party. In multi-lingual Switzerland, this party has three names: in German, the Schweizerische Volkspartei or SVP; in French, the Union démocratique du centre; and in Italian, the Unione Democratica di Centro. Both French and Italian names translate as Democratic Union of the Center, or UCD.

Despite being the single largest party, the peculiar Swiss government system has meant that the SVP has been unable to take over the government, and is forced to share power with Social Democrats, Liberals, and Christian Democrats, all of whom are pro-invasion.

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  1. It seems that the judiciary in every country in Europe are anti white, muslim loving, traitorous lefties without spines!

  2. History-rhymes disclose worse combinations of players and games. Just pick a time and place. Too often the game-breaker was of the pandemic type. We don’t get to wait until “News at 7” any more.

  3. “we assume that we have an overview of the so-called returnees in Switzerland,” Lauber said.

    You can assume nothing when dealing with this subject.

  4. Surprise, surprise !!:


    The BBC documentary is to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Monday 4th April 2016 at 0900.

    The programme editor, interviewed on News at 1, 31.03.16, stated their research into links to terrorism and other mosques in the UK revealed that it goes much further that simply mosques in Glasgow. Surprise, surprise!!

    Of course broadcasting the programme at a time when most people are unable to listen demonstrates the low-key view the BBC has of items involving the Muslim faith in the UK……….

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