Syria and Gaza: Contrasting Reactions of Western States Reveals Jewish Lobby’s Control

The completely different reactions by Western governments to events in Syria and Gaza conclusively reveal the international Jewish lobby’s control: in Syria, fake reports of “chemical weapons” attacks causes US airstrikes, but in Gaza, Jews can massacre hundreds of Palestinians while enjoying the unreserved support of the West.

Gaza protest in front of an Israeli military bunker on the border.

The latest massacres along the Gaza strip border with Israel have seen 111 Palestinians gunned down by Israeli snipers and at least 12,000 wounded—so far—in a murderous rampage that, if carried out by any other group, would have resulted in instant condemnation, sanctions and even military intervention by America, Britain, and many other western states.

Throughout the past seven weeks, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been protesting as part of a weeks-long movement calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees to the homes and villages they were forcibly expelled from by the Jews in 1948.

Two-thirds of Gaza’s 2 million people are descendants of refugees who either fled or were forced from their homes.

Last night, Israeli air force jets even bombed the defenceless Gaza Strip, with the Jewish state claiming that it was bombing “military infrastructure” in the region.

In actual fact, the Gaza strip is only 25 miles long and 3.7 miles wide (reaching 7.5 miles wide at the Egyptian border), which means that it is hardly a place for any major “military base” as the Jewish propagandists keep on claiming.

While the Jews claim that the Israeli Defence Force is shooting the Palestinians to “stop them invading Israel,” the reality is that none of the protestors have even breached the border fence, and all have been shot while demonstrating on the Gaza Strip side of the border.

Palestinians protest at the border. The burning tires are there to obscure the line of sight of the Jewish snipers.

For example, a Palestinian doctor trained in Canada,  Dr. Tarek Loubani, was shot in the legs by an Israeli sniper and one of his paramedics was killed on the Gaza border earlier this week—while wearing a green surgeon’s outfit and standing with several orange-vested paramedics about 80 feet from the protests at the border when he was hit.

“I am very seasoned about not being shot at. I know where to stand. I know where to be. I know how not to get shot,” he told The Globe and Mail in a telephone interview from Gaza where he recuperating.

“Snipers don’t reach me because of mistakes. I did everything right. We were all huddled. We were high visibility. It was quiet at the exact moment I got shot. The bullet went through my left leg, through my right leg out and hit the ground.”

Had he been closer to the border area, Dr. Loubani, 37, said he believes it would have “cost me my legs.” The leg wounds will require months of rehabilitation but he said he feels “incredibly lucky.”

Dr. Loubani, who is part of a medical team funded by the South African-based Shuttleworth Foundation that is field testing 3D-printed medical tourniquets, was helped by Palestinian paramedics on the scene, including 36-year old Musa Abuhassanin.

“I remember looking at my shoes and I remember thinking, ‘My god, how did so much blood get there so fast’,” he said. “One of them grabbed one of the last tourniquets. We were down to our last 10 tourniquets. I said ‘No, no leave it for someone else. Try to pressure bandage me.’ ’’

About an hour later, Abuhassanin was shot by a sniper while providing medical help to protesters north of where Dr. Loubani was shot.

“There was relatively heavy fire that was going on. He was wearing a high visibility jacket. It was clearly marked. He was shot in the chest,” Dr. Loubani said.

“They couldn’t remove him. They couldn’t recover him for about 30 minutes until finally they dragged him to a blind spot and then dragged him down a hill and took him to the hospital in a civilian vehicle. He died before he got to the hospital.”

A photograph from Dr. Tarek Loubani’s Twitter feed, with the caption: “A haunting photo, Friday, May 11. Left: Mohammed Migdad, shot in the right ankle. Hassan Abusaada. Tarek Loubani, shot in left leg and right knee. Moumin Silmi. Youssef Almamlouk. Musa Abuhassanin, shot in the thorax and killed. Volunteer unknown. Photographer: shot and wounded.”

The US government—certainly the most strongly Jewish lobby-controlled country on earth—has refused to even condemn the slaughter, with Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, defending the mass murders by claiming that no country in the entire United Nations would “act with more restraint than Israel has.”

Haley went on to repeat a claim made by the Trump White House which even blamed the Palestinians for the deaths.

In Britain, another nation firmly under the heel of the international Jewish lobby, its Jewish Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush and President-Elect Marie van der Zyl said that “No state could allow its borders to be breached by those who openly wish harm to its civilians.  Israel is defending its people from repeated violent attempts at mass invasion.”

The West’s reaction to the ongoing massacres in Gaza contrasts vividly with its immediate military response to allegations—not facts—that the Syrian government had used “chemical weapons” on civilians.

In that case, the Jewish lobby puppet regime in Washington DC ordered missiles and bombs to dropped on Syrian government positions, even though the “chemical” claims were all later to be proven lies.

In fact, at exactly the same time that Jews were murdering Palestinians in Gaza, Trump and the Jewish lobby in America were celebrating the official opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

While Trump addressed a crowd via a live TV link in Jerusalem, even his left wing Jewish lobby foes in America could not restrain themselves from thanking him.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which spends all its time whining about “white racism” but ignores murderous Jewish racism in Israel, issued a statement saying that it had “long has advocated” for the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

“We express our deep appreciation to the Trump Administration and the U.S. Government for making and implementing this long overdue move,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt added.

The contrasting reactions to events in Syria and Gaza prove beyond question who is pulling the strings of western governments—and why there will never be peace until the international Jewish lobby’s power is broken.

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  1. Just imagine, for a moment, that the Italian government decided to tow back – only tow back, mind you, and not using ‘armed force’ – those aggressive, hostile invader landing craft currently trying to launch the conquest and displacement of the Italians from their native land.

    Imagine the furore from the usual quarters. Imagine the histrionics from the EU dictators, imagine the harsh sanctions slapped in Italy, imagine the warrants put out by the Hague court to arrest and extradite the Italian politician brave enough to approve the action.

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