Syria Downs Israeli Missiles

Only day after announcing that it was forcibly expelling all Africans from its borders, Israel launched yet another bombing raid on anti-ISIS forces in Syria as part of the Jewish ethnostate’s ongoing efforts to spark off yet another war in the Middle East to cement Jewish supremacy in the region.

A report in the Syrian news service SANA announced that that country’s air defense had shot down two Israeli missiles during the Jewish attack on a military base near Damascus overnight.

SANA said that the “Israeli enemy launched at 12, 30 am (local time) a number of ground-to-ground (GGM) against one of the military sites in Damascus countryside.

“The Israeli aggression caused material damage to the site,” SANA said.

“The Israeli entity is closely linked to the terrorist organizations in Syria. The army has repeatedly found Israeli weapons inside the terrorists’ hideouts, particularly in Jub al-Jarrah, al-Mayadeen and Khan al-Sheeh areas,” SANA continued.

A report in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper added that Israeli chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot had siad that the strike was aimed at Iranian forces in Syria—even though those forces had been deployed to fight ISIS and Islamist terrorists in that country.

“Our demand is for Iran and its militias to retreat from Syria. We have said openly, and also quietly and secretly too, that we will not accept Iranian consolidation in Syria,”  Eisenkot said.

“We will not allow any Iranian presence, we have warned them against building factories or military bases and we will not allow it.”

The international Jewish Lobby has been agitating for a war against Iran for several years, based on the blatant lies that Iran has an “atom bomb”—even though all the US intelligence reports  and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have both shown that there is no such thing.

The ongoing attacks on the only military forces which have defeated ISIS in Syria are clearly designed to heighten tensions in the Middle East, and to try and provoke Iran or Syria—or both—into acting against the Jewish state. This would in turn allow the Jewish lobby which controls the US government—to intervene once again in a war in the region.

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