Syria: New Move to Final Peace as Kurds Agree to “Unconditional Talks”

Syria has taken another step closer to ending the US-created terrorist war with the announcement by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC)—representing the Syrian Kurd and Arab forces which controls 30 percent of the country—that it is prepared to enter into “unconditional talks” with the Syrian government.

The SDC is the largest component of the US-backed “Syrian Democratic Forces,” and holds the largest part of Syria not under government control.

According to an AFP report, the “political arm of a powerful alliance of Syrian Kurd and Arab fighters announced Sunday it was ready for unconditional peace talks with the central government in Damascus.”

The areas the Kurds control are managed by autonomous Kurdish-run administrations, who took advantage of the chaos which the US-backed terrorist groups caused to hive off into semi-autonomy.

In a statement on Sunday, the SDC said it was committed to resolving Syria’s deadly conflict through dialogue, and would not “hesitate to agree to unconditional talks”.

“It is positive to see comments about a summit for Syrians, to pave the way to start a new page,” it said.

Leading SDC member Hekmat Habib told AFP that both the council and the SDF “are serious about opening the door to dialogue” with the government.

“With the SDF’s control of 30 percent of Syria, and the regime’s control of swathes of the country, these are the only two forces who can sit at the negotiating table and formulate a solution to the Syrian crisis,” he said.

Syria’s government holds more than half of the country, and the SDF is the second most powerful force with just under a third of Syrian territory.

It is not clear where any peace agreement between the SDC and the Syrian government will leave the other US-backed terrorist groups, but given that their territory is now relatively small, it seems unlikely that they will be able to continue their insurgency for much longer.

The opening of talks between the SDC and the Syrian government—something the latter has long tried to encourage—will be a major step forward in finally stabilizing the majority of that country’s territory.

This will finally undo any claims to “asylum” which any Syrian might have in Europe or elsewhere—ignoring the fact that the parts of Syria under government control are already safe, meaning that there is in fact no reason to have fled anywhere else in the first place.

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